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MOTHER NATURE NEEDS US. Azza Moh . Bara Moza Al Marzooqi Mariam Al Romaithi Mahra Al Romaithi Al Ittihad National Private School Abu Dhabi. Our Logo. Our Purpose. To emphasize on ways to stop the misuse of energy everyday . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mother nature needs us campaign


Azza Moh. Bara Moza Al MarzooqiMariam Al Romaithi Mahra Al Romaithi Al Ittihad National Private School Abu DhabiOur Logo

Our Purpose To emphasize on ways to stop the misuse of energy everyday .

To stop depleting our energy resources as to enjoy the same life standard after 50 years. Date and TimeWe visited Masdar City on 6/ 3/ 2013

Conducted the Campaign on 7 / 3 / 2013

We presented our campaign to grade 6 , it took 2 hours.

The campaign had more than one aspect.

Our IdeaWe explored many ideas for energy saving companies ,Till we asked ourselves who reduces energy ? and the first thing that came on our mind was Masdar City.

We had a lot of obstacles visiting Masdar City . BUT FINALLY WE DID !

The idea was to find out how they pursue saving energy and convey this Knowledge to our younger friends.

What did we preparePowerPoint presentationTagsChartsGiftsQuestions

Before going to Masdar, we brainstormed many ideas to reduce energy at home . Switch off air conditioners and lights when we leave the room as well as during daytime , switch off laptop rather than hibernate or sleep mode, wastage of water consumes energy ,dont keep the cars motor running while waiting also recommendation of car-polling.

How did we present the material

Visiting Masdar was an eye opening experience.In Class ,we began with the PowerPoint presentation and slowly explained each point . The girls understood the importance of saving energy and wanted enthusiastically to play their role in saving energy.After asking questions which they answered eagerly, reward were given.We engaged them in activities , and prepared some posters . They wrote advantages and disadvantages of consuming energy.They gave examples how to reduce energy from their daily life.Photos

This picture shows how we presented our ppt to grade 6.

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ResultsAt the end, we learned some clever tips which we taught grade 6 , hoping theyll extend this knowledge to their community . We were amazed learning some facts about energy consumption . They wanted to know more about what weve seen in Masdar and the badly wanted to visit Masdar City. We told them that saving energy is a great way to teach people about environmental issues. It was memorable activity!

Oil and natural gas are the main sources of energy in the UAE. Maximum energy is consumed to generate power and electricity for our homes, schools, shopping malls, recreational areas, workplaces, etc. Over consumption of water or wastage of water depletes our energy resources. This is because most of our water is supplied by desalination plants. These are plants that use lots of energy to convert sea water into fresh water. Nearly 30% of energy is used by desalination plants and so we need to try and avoid the building of new plants if possible. Transportation is the second most important sector that consumes a lot of energy. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of cars in the UAE. Even though modern cars are fuel efficient, the increase in the number of cars outweighs the efficiency. Using public transport, car-pooling, switching off ACs and lights when not in use, and using water wisely are some of the ways in which we can save energy.



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