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Presentation to religious educators regarding the importance of re-framing the process and the language we use when reflecting/discussing a story with young children. Why does wonder VS asking open more possibilities


  • 1. The Joy of Wonder

2. Wondering makes spacefor growing in the light 3. Wondering infuses ourquestioning and our thinkingwith a spiritual aspect. Childrenlearn there isnt one right orwrong answer. Life is filled withreally big questions. 4. I wonderwonderwonderwonder 5. Wondering is about entertaining andexploring possibilities 6. Wonder is in the flower thatreturns after a cold winter 7. The infinite depth of the night sky 8. the incredible soul filling joy atfinding a friend. 9. The practice of wondering withchildren makes space for childrento explore the ideas and images,words and characters in a storyfrom the particular perspective ofthat moment in their lives. 10. I wonder what part youlike best?I wonder what is mostimportant to you, today? 11. If we are capable ofwondering, our mindtakes flight and daresto dream. 12. I how the girl feels. 13. I wonder what the camel is doing 14. I what theyre looking at 15. I what the dog issearching for. 16. I how many stars are in the sky 17. I how this was made.. 18. I what this is a picture of 19. If that door could talk what itwould say. 20. When we ask children towonder about a story, avideo, a discussion, werenot asking them for afactual answer to aquestion. 21. To wonder can also mean to speculate, to doubt,to question, to be unsure. 22. To wonder is to be in awe or to marvel 23. If young ones can maintain a senseof wonder as they pass throughearly childhood into adolescenceand early adulthood, thatinclination may inspire much oftheir questioning and searching. 24. They may become stronger in theirquestioning, testing the edges, andboundaries of conventional reasoning,pushing into new territory, demandingfresh truths and answers.Wondering is not a simple joy ride.It has a dark side.. 25. .Satisfying, authenticanswers are oftenelusive. 26. As they yearn tounderstand and make thebest of life, a sense ofwonder tilts their thinkingforward. They growbolder. 27. How do we shift from asking to. 28. starts when youthe teacher engage in theprocess with your children.You are the mirror. 29. When you finish a book, are engaged inconversation with a story or with an artproject begin to ask the wonderingquestions. Make sure your posture,face, and voice are open andwelcoming. Your questions will soundmore genuine and inviting to thechildren if you are wondering withthem! 30. about their art 31. When we wonder, were sharing whatwe think, feel, or know about thestory today. There isnt one right orwrong answer. Lets listen in ourhearts and listen to our friends.Wondering takes practice for all ofus. 32. If a child asks a question thatyou cannot answer, or youdont feel comfortableinserting your ideas, you cansimply state, I wonder. Thissimple response is a cue to thechildren that you, too, are on ajourney of discovery. 33. Dont be discouraged if children donot respond verbally to eachwondering question, or if they dontrespond to any of them. Beingcomfortable with silence is anotherpractice we can model, and it is avaluable lesson for our youngest. 34. ActivityLook at each of the followingimages.Create wondering questions in yourmind for each image.Do this independently, jot downyour thoughts. 35. Notice the bodylanguage and facialexpressions of thechildren todetermine if theyare wondering andthinking, or if theyare unsure about thequestion, or if theyare ready foranother question. 36. As children grow used towondering questions, theymay begin to create theirown during the responsetime. Honor and exploretheir questionsAllow them space to wonderinwardly. 37. If a child is to keepalive his inbornsense of wonder, heneeds thecompanionship of atleast one adult whocan share it,rediscovering withhim the joy,excitement, andmystery of theworld we live in.Rachel Carson 38. Direct experience of that transcendingmystery and wonder, affirmed in allcultures, which moves us to a renewalof the spirit and an openness to theforces which create and uphold life. 39. Because we arespiritual beings on ahuman journey