getting fit and wondering what is clenbuterol

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  1. 1. Issue These days, gaining weight is an issue for everyone When you get involved in fitness, muscle training, and cardio health, you, like many turn to the world of supplements for added support to meet your goals You hear certain key phrases and supplements again and again
  2. 2. What is Clenbuterol It is traditionally used in different locales around the world as a broncho-dilator or decongestant For those suffering from asthma to a stuffed up nose It is approved and legal in many EU nations Commonly bodybuilders use Clenbuterol during their cutting cycle, which is basically to increase fat-free, lean muscle mass.
  3. 3. Olympians Clenbuterol is banned by the International Olympic Committee for use by Olympians It has a half-life of 48 hours before clearing the body's system The FDA has not approved this steroid, but allows feeding of clen to livestock to increase lean muscle mass In short, you cannot legally take Clen in the U.S.,why you can read in this post, but could unknowingly and legally be ingesting it via a lean steak that was fed Clen as a cow.