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Win Startup Weekend. How to make $25,000 of startup funding in 54 hours. Who do you think you are, buddy?!?. Robert Aylesworth Project Manager by day Founder of Mole Shopper, a mystery shopping mobile app company ( ). Yeah, so what?. All we did was win 1 st Place finish - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Win Startup WeekendHow to make $25,000 of startup funding in 54 hours

]Who do you think you are, buddy?!?Robert AylesworthProject Manager by dayFounder of Mole Shopper, a mystery shopping mobile app company (


]Yeah, so what?All we did was win1st Place finishAll 5 judges top pickWhat we won$5,000 funding from Startup Orange CountyChance to compete for another $10,000 in fundingAccess to the UCF Venture Lab$10,000 web development and social media management from Pro2Go Designs2 months of legal services from the Entrepreneurship Law Firm$500 Credit from VoiceBunnySubscription to Startup Threads]Startup Weekend FormatPitchfireVoteBuild a teamExecuteFinal Pitch

]Pitchfire60 seconds to sell your ideaCome with an idea ready to pitchDo what you knowWrite out and practice your pitch before you get to the event60 seconds goes by fast, so dont try to say everythingHook emDescribe the ideaAsk for help from people you need]Get the best teamYou have to sell the best people in the room on why they want to join youThe person pitching should have significant experience in the industry The scope must be reasonable to accomplish steps within the weekendPotential team members must be given a picture of what your potential product/business might look like at the end of the weekend and in the near futureDesigning/developing the product should sound like funPotential Team Members = Votes!

]Win the Vote, Win the WeekendAttendees vote on their favorites during 30 minutes of networkingMix with the crowd and find out what they can doLook for people who you need on your teamPay attention to the votes and do what it takes to make it through (beg if you have to!)]Get to Work!As soon as you have a team, start building!Decide on roles quicklyGet your tech setup out of the way Friday night.Use MentorsGrab them when you get stuckShow them what youve got, Ask them for inputRemember, they know more than you doTake a break if you are getting too much inputStay on scheduleDecide and move onAll of your effort should be focused on the judging criteria

]Final Pitch4 minutes + 1 minute of Q&AThe hook whats the problem?Brief product descriptionWhats the opportunity?How are you different?How do you make money?Know the judges and pitch to themPractice, practice, practiceAt least 2 hours (lunch - dinner Sunday)Make sure your slides & demo work completely offlinePromptr - iPad teleprompting app (

]Startup Weekend in the Real WorldStartup Weekend is as real as it getsThe mentors do this for a living.The pitch is a shortened version of what you would show to a VC firm.VCs dont care about how great you think your idea is or how cool your tech is, they care how you will make them money.Our mentors told us we sucked many times (politely!). We had to take criticism and adapt, but above all keep moving.]Upcoming EventsVenturePitch OrlandoMay 22ndventurepitchorlando.comStartup Weekend AtlantaApril 20thatlanta.startupweekend.orgStartup Weekend Orlando6 12

]Team ThanksRobert & Alicia Aylesworth, Mole Shopper ( Mohnacky, Marketing LordOwner (check out Promptr in the App Store!)Craig Finch, Documentation WizardResearch Associate - Stokes Advanced Research Computing Center at the Institute for Simulation and Training at UCFTrevor Meyer, Development Evil GeniusDevelopment ConsultantMike Soule, Database FiendProduct Development Manager EZYieldMario MusilAttorney The Musil Law Firm

]Contactrobert.w.aylesworth@gmail.comSlides at