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SproutHub Startup Weekend. Sunday, September 16 th 2012. Problem. Local Farmers markets have limited reach to potential consumers . # of Markets open on Saturday. 11. 2. 1. 1+. 8-11. 11-1. Farmers markets operating hours are not always convenient - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Startup Weekend Team SproutHub

SproutHubStartup WeekendSunday, September 16th 2012

Startup Weekend#ProblemLocal Farmers markets have limited reach to potential consumers Farmers markets operating hours are not always convenient

Locations of markets is sparse & fragmented across Louisville

Limited awareness of product availability, locations & time# of Markets open on Saturday8-1111-11+OtherLocationTimeReasons for not shopping at Markets11217118Startup Weekend#Genius, amazing, hilarious #SWLOU @ZacharyCohn

Startup Weekend#Market OverviewWhere to find customers?

Marketing StrategyInitially, leveraging traditional, mobile & social platformsMarketing via traditional media once business is expanding & scalable$/UnitsCAGR%# of markets5,2748%Market Revenues$1.2B8%CSA offering farms1,40015%

National MarketDirect to consumer model for farming showing steady growth over last 10 yrsCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSAs) growing double-digit per yearStartup Weekend#Financial OverviewSegment / DataStrategy / AssumptionsEBITDARev1315~50%CAGRMargin %ROIPilot starting in Louisville, KY expansion to 3 nearby cities by 15 Total initial investment 10k ~75-100K incremental needed per expansionInvestigating low-cost methods to acquire customers leveraging new & old technologies0.2~20x0.4~9x$s in millions0.51.73621Sale / Unit$3.50Cost / Unit$1.50Lab & OH / Unit$0.40Gross Profit %54%Unit EconomicsStartup Weekend#SproutHub TeamJeremy Gray Sprout MasterFinance & IT Management

Brandon Kobel Chief Fertilizer.Software Engineer

Daniel VanderMeer Master GardenerSoftware Architecture & Design

Harry Talamini Compost OfficerBusiness Development

Mark Mintman Cool CucumberFinance and Investor Relations

Startup Weekend#