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  • Amman, Jordan | November 2015 John Mueller

    Startup Ecosystems

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  • Entrepreneurship: Levels of Analysis

    Environment (local, country, global)


    Org / Firm



  • Leaders and feeders / Boulder Thesis / Density

    1. Entrepreneurs must lead the startup community. 2. The leaders must have a long-term

    commitment. 3. The startup community must be inclusive of

    anyone who wants to participate in it. 4. The startup community must have continual

    activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack.

  • Building a Rainforest, not a Farm

  • Technology, Talent, & Tolerance

  • Common Goal

  • Instead of changing the world through revolution, we can change the world through #innovation Former Minister of Economy, Juan Andrs Fontaine

    Supported by the Chilean Government (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs.)

    - with the selection panel from the private sector -

    Started in 2010 Over 750 startups

  • Fueled by the notion that the next Facebook wont come from Silicon Valley

  • Overview of the Course

    The purpose of the course is to provide students with exposure to communities that have allowed high technology startup companies (new firms) to thrive in recent decades. This is accomplished by traveling to various cities in the USA: Austin, Boulder, Chicago, and Detroit. During the trip, students will be able to engage with individuals in various organizations that have fostered a culture that allows entrepreneurial and innovative activities to happen. We will meet with entrepreneurs (founders of startups), employees of startups, investors in startups (venture capitalists, angel investors), as well as owners of and administrators in accelerators, incubators, and government agencies. By meeting the people and experiencing the environment in Austin, Boulder, Chicago, and Detroit, as well as experiencing the culture in each of the organizations visited, students will be able to have a better understanding of what makes startup communities thrive. In addition, students will be able to compare the startup communities they visit with Kalamazoos startup community.

    Note: Space is limited. Students are required to apply for the course. Applications and questions should be directed to John Mueller (

    This course entails activities in Kalamazoo before the trip, including readings and meetings with individuals in the Kalamazoo startup community.

    WMU: Lee Honors College: Study in the States March 2015

    Austin, Boulder, Chicago, & Detroit

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP: UNDERSTANDING STARTUP COMMUNITIES Learn AND experience what cities are doing to foster startups in their environment. Compare those environments with Kalamazoos startup scene.


    Tentative Travel Schedule

    March 6-10: Boulder March 11-15: Austin

    Traveling to:

    Select 1 of the following 3 books to read. Reading to be done prior to traveling.

    In February 2015, we will meet on Fridays. During that time we will have discussions about startup

    communities and visit Chicago & Detroit.

    Then we will fly to Boulder & Austin during Spring Break.

  • Vibrancy full of energy and life

    Merriam-Webster dictionary

  • Curious and intrinsically motivated to solve a problem

    [ not to necessarily build a company; creative segment ]

  • Pride; love where you live [ e.g. Austin, Boulder, Kalamazoo, Detroit, etc. ]

  • Educated doers [ using talent ]

  • The positive crowds out the negative [ focus on the positive; newspaper headlines ]

  • High propensity for risk

  • Failure is not a blacklist offense [ failure is learning leads to success; resources are put back into the ecosystem ]

  • Inclusive and open [ cohesiveness / density, pay-it-forward ]

  • Not competing with one another [ competitors are not other entrepreneurs / startups in local area ]

  • Balance of power [ e.g. Austin: conservatives are not more powerful than liberals and vice versa ]

  • Younger crowd / new people from outside [ younger crowd isnt hindered with the past; allow new people move in / bring new ideas ]

  • Funders that bridge the gap [ .bridge with old money; from hero companies / entrepreneurs ]

  • Dogs in the office [ tolerance; openmindedness ]

  • Cranes [ vertical construction, because infrastructure is already strong ]

  • Laws that dont hinder and are stable [ e.g. customs / tariffs; tax for a good view ]

  • Long period of time; persistence [ e.g. Austin, Boulder, Silicon Valley ]

  • 36

    Have Fun and Learn (Be Curious / Be Creative to Create)

  • Contact Info

    John Mueller E: E: Twitter: @golfmomo Facebook: