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Startup Kindness is a space for entrepreneurs to help each other. No price tags, no transactions, just pure love to help the startup community. This is a presentation on Startup Kindness that was made at Startup Weekend, Hyderabad on July 15, 2012. A few slides were added after the presentation to make things self-explanatory.


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2. 3. * Confession: The word engine is used to impress the technologists :-) It basically means makinginnovative use of technology & social media to enable more and more acts of generosity. 4. 5. Extracted from an email sent by Unmesh 6. Extracted from an email sent by Sahil 7. There are many stories of startup kindness and pay it forward magic. Weve just shared two stories here, more to come on our website 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Sukhi Lala Chor Hai!Landlords were considered to be extremely greedy and exploitative. 13.