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What is a force?. Pick up 2 sheets in the back. Watch the book What am I doing in all of these demonstrations? I am applying a force Definition of FORCE Any push or pull that causes an object to change its current state of motion or shape. Can forces be seen? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • What is a force?Pick up 2 sheets in the back

  • Watch the book

    What am I doing in all of these demonstrations?I am applying a forceDefinition of FORCEAny push or pull that causes an object to change its current state of motion or shape

  • Can forces be seen?No only the result of the application of the force can be seen.Watch the ball:You cant see the force I apply to the ball. You can only see the result of the forcethe ball moves

  • What is the unit of force?A Newton- named after Sir Isaac NewtonAbbreviation capital NWhat does it mean?A force of 1 N gives an acceleration of 1 m/s/s to a 1kg mass.

  • Forces can be used to change the state of motion of an object or change the shape of the object. Can start objects movingCan stop moving objectsCan change the direction of an objects motionCan change the shape of an objectCrumpling a piece of paperForces can result in ACCELERATIONS

  • Sometimes you can exert a force on an object and no change in motion or shape occurs.These types of forces are called.balanced forcesDefinition of balanced force:A force that produces no change.A force that has an equal and opposing force.Equal in size and opposite in direction

  • Example: A person sitting in a chair. (Force arrow diagram)100 N100 N

  • Arrows symbolize forces. These arrows have both size (scientists call it magnitude) and direction. Therefore, force is a vector quantity.The forces we spoke of earlier, the ones that changed the state of motion of an object or the shape of the object are called UNBALANCED FORCES. This is the type of force needed to produce motion.

  • Example : A person who breaks a chair by sitting on it.

  • Unbalanced forces produce a net force. A net force causes a change in the current state of motion of an object. It can also cause the shape of an object to change.Example: Tug of war (Force arrow diagram)Net force = 5 N to the left

  • Before we go any further we need to talk about types of forces. There are many types of forces but we will only touch on seven in detail. There are two others Id like to mention:Nuclear force: The strong nuclear force is the force that holds the protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of atoms.Molecular force: The attraction of molecules for each other results in two kinds of forces.Cohesion-force of attraction between like molecules (ever do a belly flop?)Adhesion-force of attraction between unlike molecules (tape, glue-adhesives)

  • Applied Force

  • Gravity Force weight

  • Normal ForceBalanced forces- no change in current state of motion

  • Frictional ForceFriction opposes motionMust be contact between two surfaces

  • Air ResistanceUnbalanced forcesobject accelerates

  • Air Resistance #2Piece of paper falling to the groundBalanced forcesObject falls at a constant speed

  • Tensional ForceTeachers Win!

  • Spring ForceMass hanging on springStretched springSpring wants to return to rest position

  • Spring Force #2Compressed SpringSpring wants to return to rest position

  • Free Body DiagramsDivide the front side into 6 equal boxesDivide the back into 4 boxesCreate the 10 diagrams for homework.Follow the directionsRead the descriptions carefully.


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