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Welcome to our class. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls!. A garden of poems. Unit4 Revision. . Life is hard Being without you is sad You are angle in my heart I hope you never to be hurt I love you nearly mad. I saw some money And I was so happy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Boys and girls!

  • A garden of poems

  • Life is hardBeing without you is sadYou are angle in my heartI hope you never to be hurtI love you nearly madI saw some moneyAnd I was so happySo I picked it upA person came upAnd took it away

  • Can you say some features about poetry?Poetry _________ sounds, words and grammar. Poetry _______all the colours, feelings, experiences and curious _____ of a dream world. The ____ is very important: the number of _____ and the number of __________in each line. Poetry often _______ special patterns of _______and_______.plays withcalls upimagesformlinescharactersfollowsrhythmrhyme

  • Whose poem is your favorite?The poem written by________ is my favorite,because once __________ (), it will become popular.published

  • What do you know about poets and their works?Modern English started around the time of_______ ___________, who is most famous for his plays. However, his sonnets ________ the best English Poetry.Chinese readers admire John Donnes works because of his use of surprising images that _______them_____the works of poets such as Su Dongpo.Once published, John Miltons work became famous for the _______ of rhyme at the end of each line.Greatly loved in China are the English ________ poets, such as John Keats, William Wordsworth. And George Gordon Byron. The style and _________ in their poems have often led to _________ with poets such as Du Fu and Li Bai.Modern poets have their special ________ because they stand _______ to us both in the language and images they use. Among them we find the American poet Robert Frost.William Shakespearebelong toreminds ofabsenceRomanticatmospherecomparisonsattractionclosest

  • 1 It was hot, so he sat in the ____ of a tree.2 She is _________() beautiful. Everyone admires her.3 He didnt know much English, so he had to read Shakespeares play in ________.4 All these changes will l_____ to a stronger and more powerful China.5 I love listening to his _____()of life at sea.6 The books were all covered with ______()7 A p_____ is a text expressing great power, beauty and imagination by the use of language.8 LiBai, Dufu and Bai Juyi are among the most famous ancient p_____ in China.shadeextraordinarilytranslationeadtalesoemdust oets

  • 9 Rubbish can easily be seperated and _______() into plastics, glass and paper. 10 The ______________of new advanced techniques in the factory is under discussion today.()

    11 There is a large school _____() near the park.12 I think learning English _______() is not so difficult.13 Youd better remember this sentence _______().14 A good friend will share your happiness as well as your ______().15 If you have a lot of friends around you, youll not have a feeling of _______(). sortedintroductiondistrictgrammarpatternsadnessloneliness

  • 5.________________ 6.light up __________________ 7._________________ 8.express oneself________________9. ________________being 10.________________ 11. ________________ 12.________________ sthto sb13.____________________

    lead to , get through come into send for by the light of recommend 1.________________2. ________________ 3.________________4._______________call upstand outbelong tocontribute to

    have no intention of doing

  • .,.,.,.,.,.

  • Grammar Once published, his work became famous for the absence of rhyme at the end of each line. Seen from the top, it looks as if the stadium is covered by a grey net of steel , and it looks just like a birds nest made of tree branches.The programme has been designed like this: once begun, it can never be stopped.

  • Past Participle used as Adverbial__________ by two policemen, the man returned home.(follow)Compare:_________ the students, the teacher came in.(follow)______ in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him.(lose)If _________in a burning building, you should send for help.(trap)FollowedFollowingLosttrapped

  • Experienced editors and reporters make informed decisions about what events to report and how to report them.It will lead to a future world where people from all countries are respected and different views and opinions are tolerated.Every great culture in the past had its own ideas of beauty expressed in art and architecture.Once published, his work became famous for the absence of rhyme at the end of each line.

  • 1. _____ in the mountain for a week, the two students were finally saved by the local police.05 A. Having lost B. Lost C. Being lost D. Losing 2. ______ in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. 05 A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed

  • 3. When _______ help, one often says Thank you. or Its kind of you. 05 A. offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. offered4______ into use in April 2000, the hotline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns. 05 A. Put B. Putting C. Having put D. Being put

    5 .The prize of the game show is $30,000 and an all expenses _________ vacation to China. (05) A. paying B. paid C. to be paid D. being paid

  • Can you translate it?After hunted for several weeks, the wounded escaping criminal() was found starved dead in a mountain cave., Just for fun

  • Homework:Revise the whole unit.Translate the passage about.Revise the grammar rules and find more exercises to practice.