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Welcome to our class!. C o l o r :. Red yellow blue green Pink purple brown tan ( 棕黄色 ) Gold( 金黄色 ) silver ( 银色 ) black white. What color is/ are … ? It is … / They are …. What color is the apple? It is green. What color are these cherries? They are red. flower. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to our class!

  • Color:Red yellow blue greenPink purple brown tan ()Gold() silver () black white

  • What color is/are?It is / They areWhat color is the apple?It is green.What color are these cherries?They are red.

  • flower

    Grapes /geips/


  • Who is he?He is YaoMing.What does he look like?He has short black hair, small eyes, a big nose and a wide mouth.

  • Who is the man?Which one?The one with small eyes and big ears.Oh, he is Pan Changjiang.

  • Yaoming is very tall!Pan Changjiang is very short!

  • Unit 2 Topic 3Is he tall or short ?

  • Yao Ming is tall .

    He has a long face .

    Yao Ming is tall with a long face .

    / :c /tall ()long()short(/)

  • Pan Changjiang is short .He has a round face .

    Pan Changjiang is short with a round face .

  • Zhou Xun is young .

    She has big eyes .

    Zhou Xun is young with big eyes .

    / /\ /youngold

  • Is he tall ?Is he short ?Is he tall or short ?He is tall ./ :c /Yes, he is .No, he isnt .

  • Is this a cat?Is this a dog? Is this a cat or a dog?It is a cat.Is this a man ?Is this a woman? Is this a man or a woman?It is a woman.

  • Exercises:The man is old.He has white hair. The man is old with white hair.

    The boy is short.He has a big nose. The boy is short with a big nose.

    The girl is young.She has long hair. The girl is young with long hair.

  • A: Is this an apple ( ) or an orange ( )?B: Its an apple.( )

    A: Is this a man ( ) or a woman?( )B: Its a man.( )

    A: Are these buses( ) or trucks?()B: Theyre buses.()

  • cat / tigerapple / orangeboy / girl trucks / busesTV sets / computersdoctors / nurses/ae//taIg/:e/v//d kt / ce/:e //e//k mp ju: t /ee

  • A: Look ! Is that a cat or a tiger ?B: Its a .C: No, I think its a .B: Yes , thats right .A: What color is it ?B: Its and ./ I /Group workcattigerblackyellow D: Are those computers or TV sets ?A: Are they ?C: No , they arent . They are .TV sets computers

  • cat / tiger

    apple / orangeboy / girl trucks / buses

    doctors / nursesTV sets / computers

  • Consolidation1.Or questions:Is this /that a (an) or a (an)? Its a (an) Are these/those or? They are

    2.General questions: Is this/that a computer? Yes, it is. Are these/those computers? No, they arent.

  • Homework Do Section A in the exercises book.Recite 1a after school .Recite the words of section A.

  • Guess the famous persons . ()

  • 2.New words:tall cat TV=television tigeror set young computermanmen doctorwomanwomen nursetruck think

  • TV= television/telIvI n/a TV set

  • Is this a man or a woman ?Its a man .Man