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Welcome to our class!. UNIT 4:. SPECIAL EDUCATION. LISTENING. LESSON:22. Activity 1 : Fill each of the blanks with one word from the box. photograph photographer photography photogenic photographic. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • UNIT 4:LESSON:22

  • Activity 1: Fill each of the blanks with one word from the box.photograph photographer photographyphotogenic photographicI join a (1)......................club when I was at secondary school and I have been fascinated by (2) ................. ever since. However, I have decided not to become a professional (3) .................... I once took a (4)................... of my girl-friend and she did not look as beautiful in the picture as she was. I tried to calm her down by saying, You are not very (5)......................, honey.photographicphotographyphotographerphotographphotogenic

  • Vocabulary1. Surroundings 2. Sorrow 3. Passion4. (to)stimulate5. Photogenic6. Photography7. Labourer

    mi trng xung quanhni bunnim say mkhuyn khch, thc yn nh, ln nh pnhip nhngi lao ng(n)(n)(n)(n)(adj)(n)Activity 2:

  • 1. The Vang Trang Khuyet Clubs membersare all disabled children.2. The clubs members are now teachingphotography to other children.3. The clubs members are exhibiting theirphotographs for the first time in Hanoi.4. The subject of their photos is the sorrow of being disabled.5. The passion for taking photographs hashelped them escape their sorrow. TFTFTActivity 3 : Listen to some information about a photography club and decide whether the statements are True (T) or false (F).

  • The six-month-old(1)...............club, whichcomprises(2).deaf, mute or mentally retardedchildren, is now having its first(3).......in Hanoi.More than(4).colour photos are on display at theexhibition room featuring the(5)of daily lifeseen through the eyes of these disabled children. Thesubjects are(6)and (7)...:old menreading books on the sides of Hoan Kiem Lake, labourershard at work, or(8)looking for food.The childrens passion for taking pictures has(9).....them and helped them(10)...their sorrow. photography19exhibition50beauty simplepeacefulchickensstimulated escapeActivity 4: Listen again and fill each blank with a suitable word to complete the following passage.

  • Activity 5: Retell the story about Vang Trang Khuyet Photography Club by answering the following questions.

    1. How many members are there in Vang TrangKhuyet Club and who are they?2. What do they enjoy doing most? 3. Are there more than 50 colour photos ondisplay at the exhibition in Hanoi now?4. What are their photographs about?5. What does their passion of taking photographs help them?

  • Homework- Rewrite the story about the Vang Trang Khuyet Photography Club. - Do exercise in textbook part Listening (page 48).