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Welcome to our class!. Unit 14 Whose clothes are these? Lesson 53 Lesson Fifty-three. Step 1 Make up a sentence. This is Mr. Green. Whats that?. Its a car. Its a red car. Whose car is it?. I think. Whats that?. What colour is it?. Whose cap is it?. I am Jim. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to our class!

  • Unit 14 Whose clothes are these? Lesson 53 Lesson Fifty-three

  • Step 1 Make up a sentence

    This is Mr. Green.Its a car. Its a red car.Whats that?Whose car is it?I think

  • Whats that?What colour is it?Whose cap is it?I am Jim

  • They are bagsWhat are these?What colour are they?Whose bags are they?One is and one isThe one is and the one is

  • Whose ?Tom Jim What are these?What colour?

  • New wordssweater/ swet/

  • New wordshat/ht/

  • New wordsshoes/uz/

  • New wordstrousers/'trz/

  • New wordsblouse/bl z/

  • New wordsshirt/t/

  • New wordsskirt/skt/

  • New wordsdress/dres/

  • New wordsclothes/kl/

  • New words

    clothes /kl/

    line /l/ clothes line whose /huz/ dark /dak/

    dress /dres/skirt /skt/

    blouse /bl z/shirt /t/

    trousers /'trz/

  • Look at the picture of the Green family.How many people are there ?Who are they?What colours are their clothes?

  • Look at the clothes on Mrs Greensclothes line. Whose clothes do youthink they are?

  • A: _______ me, _______ this?B: _______ you see? Its ___ clothes line.A: Whats ____ it?B: ______, a hat.A: What _________ _________ it?B: ________ brown.A: ________ ________ see it?B: Yes, look ______ it, please.

    Excuse whats CantaonLook colourisItsCan I at

  • Classwork Finish Ex. 1 on Page 159.Homework Finish off the exercises of L53.

  • It is never too late to learn.