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Welcome to our class!. Unit 14 Whose clothes are these? Lesson 53 Lesson Fifty-three. Step 1 Make up a sentence. This is Mr. Green. Whats that?. Its a car. Its a red car. Whose car is it?. I think. Whats that?. What colour is it?. Whose cap is it?. I am Jim. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to our class! Unit 14 Whose clothes are these? Lesson 53 Lesson Fifty-threeStep 1 Make up a sentenceThis is Mr. Green.Its a car. Its a red car.Whats that?Whose car is it?I thinkWhats that?What colour is it?Whose cap is it?I am JimThey are bagsWhat are these?What colour are they?Whose bags are they?One is and one isThe one is and the one is Whose ?Tom Jim What are these?What colour?New wordssweater/ swet/New wordshat/ht/New wordsshoes/uz/New wordstrousers/'trz/New wordsblouse/bl z/New wordsshirt/t/New wordsskirt/skt/New wordsdress/dres/New wordsclothes/kl/ New words clothes /kl/ line /l/ clothes line whose /huz/ dark /dak/dress /dres/skirt /skt/blouse /bl z/shirt /t/trousers /'trz/Look at the picture of the Green family.How many people are there ?Who are they?What colours are their clothes?Look at the clothes on Mrs Greensclothes line. Whose clothes do youthink they are?A: _______ me, _______ this?B: _______ you see? Its ___ clothes line.A: Whats ____ it?B: ______, a hat.A: What _________ _________ it?B: ________ brown.A: ________ ________ see it?B: Yes, look ______ it, please.Excuse whats CantaonLook colourisItsCan I atClasswork Finish Ex. 1 on Page 159.Homework Finish off the exercises of L53.It is never too late to learn.