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Welcome to our class. Unit 2 Topic 1 I have a small nose. Period 4 . DUTY REPORT. Teaching aims and demands. 1. 1 Learn the phonetics: 2 Learn some useful words and expressions. photo, clothes, cool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit 2 Topic 1 I have a small nose.Period 4

  • Teaching aims and demands 1.1 Learn the phonetics: 2 Learn some useful words and expressions.photo, clothes, cool2. Review What color is/are ?3. Review some useful expressions.

  • Review Words competition.1A required answer. T: Boys and girls. Lets have words competition as usual. First required answer. Each student two words. Ill give you Chinese meaning. You say them in English. Are you ready? Group 1, please.4T: S1: Color. T: S1: Red and green.

  • A quick response. ()2.1S2: OK, look at me. My shirt is white. My pants are blue. My cap is yellow. My shoes are black. S3:S2S4What color is his shirt?S4: Its white.

  • S3: What color is his cap?S2S4: Its yellow. S3: What color are his pants?S2S4: Theyre blue.

  • Ask and answerT: Whats this?S5: It is T: What color is this?S5: Its T: Is this your ?S5: No, its not my T: Where is your ?S5: My is over there. T: Bring it here, please. S5: OK.

  • Ask and answerT: What color is ?Ss: Its T: What color are ?Ss: They are T: Which one do you like?Ss: I like the one. T: Who is that girl?Ss: Which girl?T: The girl in

  • Describe T: What color is the flag?Ss: Its and T: Which one is our national flag?Ss: The one.

  • Project 1.1red orange white yellow blue black pink green S1: Look! That T-shirt is very nice. S2: Which one?S1: The red one. Its over there. My favorite color is red. What color do you like?S2: I like blue. Blue is my favorite color.

  • ExamplesExample: Please give the English book to Kangkang. Please give this shirt to Bill. Please give this letter to Maria. give sth. to sb.

  • Exercise. Do ____ have a pen ? Yes , I do A. he B. she C. they D. you

    . Do you have an egg? No, I _____. A. do B. does C. dont D. doesnt

    . Whats wrong with my sons ______? He cant see things clearly.() A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose. I have big nose. _______________. A.I, too. B. I havent, too. C. My, too D. Me, too

    .His ______ arent big. A. foot B. feet C. hair D. eye6. Look, she ______ a big, long nose.

    A. have B. has C. is D. lookDCADBB

  • 7. His face is round means _________________________.

    A. His face is not round. B. He has a round face. C. His face likes round D. He have a round face.

    8. ______ he ______ a toy ? No, he doesnt.

    A. Do, have B. Does, has C. Does, have D. Do, has

    9. They ______ students. They are teachers.

    A. dont B. doesnt C. isnt D. arent

    10. He has _____black hair and dark skin.

    A. a B. an C. the D. /BCDD

  • Who, What , Where , How , How old

    1. A: ________ is your name, please?B: My name is Kumiko.2. A: ________is Liu Lili?B:I dont know. I think she is eleven.3. A: ______is Miss Chen? Is she at school today?B: Sorry, I dont know. I think she is not at school.4. A: _____ are you?B: Fine, thank you. And you?5. A: _____ isnt here today?B: Sam and Jane.6. A: ______ is that in English?B: Its a cell phone.1. What 2. How old 3. Where 4. How 5. Who 6. What

  • 7. A: _____ is that woman?B: Sorry, I dont know. Its a secret() .8. A: ______classes are you in?B: Im in Class 1, Grade 2.9. A: _____is that man?B: I think hes Mr. Green.10. A: Good afternoon. Im Bill.B: ______ do you do? Nice to meet you, Bill.

    7. How old 8. What 9. Who 10. How

  • 1. I have short hair.( )_____ _______ _______ short hair?2.He has small mouth.______ ______ small ______.3. She is in Class 5. She ______ in ______ 5.4.Maria is in my class._____ _____ Maria?5.She has a happy family. ( ) _______ _______ _____ a happy family? 1. Do you have 2. They, have, mouths 3. isnt. Class 4. Where is 5. Does she have

  • 1 ________________________________________________2 20 _______________________________________________3 _______________________________________________4 _______________________________________________5 _______________________________________________1. This boy has a long face, big eyes and a small nose. 2. Her brother is twenty years old. 3. He and his brother are in different grades. 4. What does she look like? 5. He has short black hair.

  • Jack is an English boy in our class. He is tall and handsome(). He has a big nose and two big blue eyes. His hair is light brown. He likes music. He likes to play basketball. He is on our school basketball team(). He can speak some Chinese, but he cant write( )it. We help him with his Chinese. He helps us with our English. We are good friends.

  • ( ) 1. Jack has a big nose and big blue eyes.( ) 2. Jacks hair is light yellow.( ) 3. Jack likes to play football.( ) 4. Jack can speak some Chinese.( ) 5. Jack help us with our Japanese. 15 T T F T F

  • DickDongdong. Dick DongdongDick50 I have two carton pictures. One is Dick, and the other is Dongdong, Dick has_____________________________________________________________

  • Hello! My name is Bill. Im eleven. Im in Class 6, Grade 1. My father is a teacher. We are in the same school. He is 40. My mother is a doctor, she is 40, too. Im not fat but tall. I have a sister, Emma. She is six. She isnt tall but fat. Thank you!

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  • Now,its time for Thank you and Goodbye!