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Welcome to our class. modal verbs. . 1.To talk about ability. can, could, be able to * be able to can / could * was / were able to : managed to do sth. succeeded in doing sth. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • modal verbs

  • can, could, be able to *be able to can / could *was / were able to : managed to do sth. succeeded in doing sth.

    1.To talk about ability

  • 2. To talk about obligationought to/should have to must

    *have to ,. ought to ought not to/oughtnt to

  • 3. To talk about uncertaintymight may should ought to will must

  • may / might, can / could

    * might, could , .* can, may .* could, might can, may.4. To talk about permission

  • will can could would 5. To make requests6. To make suggestionsShall we do some exercise this morning?7. To make offers

    8. To give adviceShall I get a ticket for you?You should not/ought not to eat a lot before swimming.

  • 1. A computer ______ think for itself; it must be told what to do. A. cant B. couldnt C. may not D. might not2. The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone ______ get out. A. had to B. would C. could D. was able toA D

  • 3. They will ______ run this machine on theirown in three months.A. can B. could C. may D. be able to


  • 4. Could I borrow your dictionary? Yes, of course you _______. A. might B. will C. can D. should5. Might I watch TV after supper? Yes, you ________. A. may B. must C. might D. can

    C A

  • .

    must may, mightcould cant, couldntcan, could + V. + V. + have donemust be + be doing + V. + V. + have done + be doing +V. + V. + have done + be doing+ V. + V. + have done + be doing

  • 1. I don't know where she is, she _______ be in Wuhan. 2. At this moment, our teacher ________________ our exam papers. 3. The road is wet. It ________________ last night. . 4. Your mother ______________________ for you. maymust be markingmust have rainedmust have been looking

  • 5. Philip ________________________ seriously in the car accident. .6. ---Linda has gone to work, but her bicycle is still here.---She _____________________ (go) by bus.7. Mike ________________ his car, for he came to work by bus this morning.

    may (might) have been hurtmay (might) have gonecant have found

  • 1.shall, will : shall / will+ : * shall . * will .* should, would.

  • 1. He ______ be punished if he disobeys. , .2. We are not going to quarrel at all if you ____ only let me speak. , .3. --Sir, ____ he go or stay? --Let him go. A. will B. shall C. might D. couldshallwillB

  • 4. The door _______ open. .5. Ronald ______ stay in his small garden for a long time every day in the past. A. could B. might C. should D. would6. You _____ have the book after I read it. .wontD shall

  • 2. :

    mustnt , neednt ( = dont have to )cant ; may not ; shouldnt ( = ought not to )

  • 3. + have done

    12 Must have done You must have worked hard for a long time, for your performance is wonderfulcant / couldnt have doneYour brother couldnt have gone abroad, for I saw him last night

  • 1. I could have called you for help, but I didnt remember your number.

    2. His illness was too serious; otherwise he could have been saved.

    3. I might have given you more help, but I was too busy

  • 4. dare / needdare to do / need to do dont dare (to) do / dont need to do ()dare do / need dodare not do / need not do ()//

  • (Voice) (Passive Voice) be + V-ed

  • ?1..2. be +be.3.by.

  • When do we use the passive voice?Many houses will be built here.1. The song The East is Red was written by a poor peasant.2.

  • The plan was supported by those who wished to have more chances to speak English.3. You are requested to attend the meeting.4. ,

  • Summary:do/doesare/is doneam/is/are doinghas/have doneam/is/are being donehave/has been done

  • be going to/will dodidwas/were doinghad donebe going to/will be donewas/were donewas/were being donehad been done

  • Fill in the blanks with the right form of the words given:I __________ (give) a new book by my father on my birthday.English __________ (find) very useful.3. The work ___________________ (finish) tomorrow.4. The flowers ____________________ (water) by them now.was given is foundwill be finished are being watered

  • 5. The railway ______________ (build) this time last year.6. The new way ____ already _________ (build).7. The new railway ________________ (build) by the end of last year.8. He told me the sports meeting _____________ (hold) the next month.9. Rice ________ (grow) in the south of the States.was being builthas been builthad been builtwould be held is grown

  • 1.feel,taste,sound,smell,lookThis material feels very soft.

    2. sell,read, write,wash,wear,lastThe pen writes smoothly

    3. be worth doingThis book is well worth reading

  • + be done+ have been done+ be being done

  • 1. The viewer can touch the objects in the film.2. The viewer may feel a real sense of achievement and happiness.The objects in the film can be touched.A real sense of achievement and happiness may be felt..

  • 3. Film-makers should use RealCine for all films.4. The viewer must wear special gloves.RealCine should be used for all films.Special gloves must be worn.

  • 1. Town Hall is the tallest building in the city. ______ from here? A. Can it see B. Can it be seen C. Can be seen it D. Can see Exercise B Town Hall () BC B

  • 2. The ceremony has already started. Look! The flag is ______ now. A. being raised B. risen C. being rose D. raising A rise vi. B, C raise vt. D being raised

  • 3. The assassinationattempt ______ millions, because the speech was on television. A. was seen by B. was saw by C. seen by D. was seen for AassassinationA

  • 4. The things talked about in this report ______ over ayear ago. A. had taken place B. took place C. have taken place D. were taken place B (take place, occur, happen) ()

  • 5. The Anti-Japanese War ___in 1937 and it _____eight years. A. was broken out; lasted B. broke out; lasted C. break out; lasts D. broke out; was lasted B break out, last

  • 6. Come and sit down by the fire. Your hand ______. A. feels so cold B. is felt so coldly C. feels so coldlyD. feel so cold A feelseem, sound, look

  • 7. I need one more stamp before my collection______. A. has completed B. completes C. has been completed D. is completed Dbeforecollection complete

  • 8. In some parts of the world, tea ___ with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served BBCserve

  • 9. If city noises ___ from increasing, people ___shout to be heard even at the dinner table 20 yearsfrom now. A. are not kept; will have to B. are not kept; have to C. do not keep; will have to D. do not keep; have to AIfABA