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Welcome to our class!. Guo Li. Sunqius home. This a photo of Sunqius family. Game!. Guess the words. teacher. doctor. farmer. driver. Student. Office worker. nurse. cook. NEW LESSON:. Where does he /she work?. +. Where do es he work?. He work s in a. hospital. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Guo LiSunqius homeThis a photo of Sunqius family.Guess the words.teacherdoctorfarmerdriverStudentOffice workernursecookNEW LESSON:Where does he work?He works in a +-- Where does She work?-- She worksWhere do they work?They study Where does he work?He works on aWhere does he work?He works in an .Where does he work?He works in a hotel.Guess.She works in a hospital. But she isnt a doctor.She studies in a school.He works on a farm.She works in an office.He drives a bus.She is a nurse.She is a student.He is a farm.She is an office worker.He is a driver.She is a nurse.She works in a school. But she isnt student.She is an office worker.He is a farmer.He is a cook.She works in a hospital.She is a teacher.She works in an office.He works on a farm.He works in a hotel.Summary:words: teacher / student / doctor /nurse / farmer /worker / cook / driver / police school/ hospital/ farm/ office / hotel drive/ work / on2. sentences: What does he / she do? He / She is a / an Where does he work? He / She works P64 -5 Work alone (, ), eg. This is a photo of my familyGOOD-BYE!