Welcome to Class 9

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Welcome to Class 9. Project Management is the buzzword for today!. Why Project Management?. I taught Microsoft Project for years. It helps me get big projects completed if I think of my Project Management principles. Im hoping it will help you at some point!. Phases of Project Management. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to Class 9

Welcome to Class 9Project Management is the buzzword for today!Why Project Management?I taught Microsoft Project for years.It helps me get big projects completed if I think of my Project Management principles.Im hoping it will help you at some point!Phases of Project ManagementInitiationPlanningImplementationClose-outThe Project Triangle

Decisions:Are you working backwards from an End Date? Or are you starting on a date and working forwards?The Calendar should be discussed: how many hours in a work day, days off, then you can truly estimate how long things will take.Think of what major Milestones you are trying to achieve along the way.The Task List Summary Tasks are biggerSub Tasks break down the summary tasksCreate a Work Breakdown Structure. Use Words Outline tool to do this.Enter Task Duration EstimatesDuration=Work/Units (units are Resources where 2 resources work twice as fast as one this is the default assumption (Fixed Units, also: Fixed Duration)

More to think about:Come up with a list of Deliverables (tangible things that need to be produced along the way, like Outlines, Print proofs, Web Pages, etc.)Figure out any Constraints: like the inspector is only available on Thursdays or the shop is only open M-F or things like that.Are there any external Deadlines, set by others?Last bitsConsider the order in which things need to happen. This is where a Gantt chart or PERT chart can really help to visualize.This is what a Gantt chart looks like

Henry Gantt was a real person!

Photo From WikipediaA History of Project Management on microsoft.comPERT chartsInvented by the U.S. NavyIt stands for Program (or Project Evaluation Review Technique)For more info click here to WikipediaI made an imitation of a PERT chart on the following slide. (Real PERT charts involve more math!)5 Year-Tech-Plan PlanPlan Finished June 1stSurvey taken by April 7th (realistically by 14th)(Teac hers and Principals)Survey questions developed (Tim, Marianne, CrissyEmail sent to principals re: survey - SalahSurvey developed onlineSalah and MarianneData-gatheringFinding other tech plans and state benchmarksFinding old Billerica plan and related docsOutliningFirst draft writingProofing and RefiningRefining done by author by May 15thAuthor refines vision & missionBeryl is mapping curriculum to state standardsTim disaggregates results of Survey Apr 14thWe all meet on April 15th to Analyze results and write Goals and ObjectivesFirst outline draft March 23rd, Salah, Tim, Tracy, Crissy, Marianne Subcommittees suggestedBy May 1st, Sub-Committees will have written paragraphs based on DOE Benchmarks docInventory taken by MarkBudget and staff count gathered by SalahProofing by May 22nd12More resources:Project management software resources described on WikipediaA free trial of Microsoft Project (you will have to get someone with admin rights to install it) It costs $1,000.Dec 25thChristmas DayChristmas Eve Church and in-laws houseDec 23rd Wrapping DayDec 21st and 22nd Cookie Baking weekendDec 21st and 22nd prep-cooking my dishesBeginning of a project plan to get my Christmas chores done (just 1 example).Buy ingredientsBuy dress for myself and girlsMake sure there are matching shoes and hoseLay out outfits with jewelryBuy gifts onlineBuy gifts at storesBuy phaseLast Min phasePrep phase