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Welcome To Our Class. Welcome Class 10A10. Unit 8 CELEBRATIONS. speaking. Task 1. Mai is talking with Anna, her new English friend , about Tet holiday in Vietnam. Work in pairs . Practise reading the dialogue. Mai: Do you know that Tet holiday is next month ? Anna : What is Tet? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit 8 CELEBRATIONS speaking

  • Task 1.Mai is talking with Anna, her new English friend , aboutTet holiday in Vietnam. Work in pairs. Practise reading the dialogue.

    Mai: Do you know that Tet holiday is next month ?Anna: What is Tet?Mai: Its the time when Vietnamese people celebrate the beginning of spring. Its also the start of the lunar new year.Anna: When is it exactly ? Mai: Well, this year its on the ninth of February.Anna: What do you usually do at Tet ?Mai: Well, we eat a lot of special foods, we dress up and visit friends and relatives, and we also play some traditional games.Anna: Oh, that sounds really interesting.

  • Game : Tam Sao That Bang

  • Game : Nhin Nhanh Noi Khe

  • 1.Christmas Tree2. Mid- Autumn3.Thanksgiving 4.Teachers Day5.Lunar New Year6.Valentines Day

  • New Words:Thanksgiving (n) /`ks,givi /Express (v) / ikspres /Eg: He is expressing his love to her.

    Mask (n) /ma:sk /Parade (n) / preid /roast turkey

  • New Words:Thanksgiving (n) /`ks,givi /Express (v) / ikspres /Mask (n) /ma:sk /Parade (n) / preid /Harvest (n) /`ha:vist /roast turkey (n)

  • Task 2. Below are some popular holidays and celebrations in Vietnam and in the world. Work in pairs. Match the holidays with its main purpose and activities.

  • 1.Mid Autumn Festival2.Valentines Day3.Thanksgiving

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  • Example:A: Do you know when Thanksgiving is celebrated? B: Its the time when people celebrate the harvest.A: When is it exactly ? B: Well, its on the third Thursday in November.A: What do they usually do?B: Well, Family members get together. They prepare a large meal with roast turkey.A: Oh, that sounds really interesting.

    Task 3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer about the holidays above, using the dialogue in Task 1 as the model.

  • Home Work*Practise speaking more at home.*Learn by heart the dialogue in Task 1.* Prepare the next lesson Listening with new words and read Tasks.* Do more exercise at homeFamily members who live apart try to get together.Tet.A. in B.at C.onD.duringOn Christmas Eve children go to bed full..excitement.A.of B. with C. upD. inThere is a.mood everywhere on New Years Day.A. popular B. good C.optimistic D. festiveChildren are always..about Tet.A.excited B. interested C. keen D.concernedIn Britain and America, its.for everybody to singAuld Lang Syne on New Years Eve.A.tradition B. traditional C.traditionally D.traditionalism

  • Thank you for listening!