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WELCOME 1Welcome thank you for traveling to be with us today. We are here to celebrate the union of these two amazing people and join them in matrimony. My name is Taylor Peck, and I am a long time friend of Cassie, and will be o ciating this ceremony at the request of both Cassie and Matt. I'm joined by Sarah Nelson, Cassie's Maid of Honor, who has made the trip from Los Angeles and has advised Cassie on all matters of life, love, and style. I'm also joined by Robin Deacon, Matthew's Best Man, who has traveled from London to be with us today. Again a con dant of all things life, love, and technology.

INTRO 2Over the past few months in preparation for today, we've spent many evenings together discussing this ceremony. Re ecting on where both Cassie and Matt have come fromto arrive at this spot on this day, as well as discussing where they plan to grow from here. While re ecting, inevitably our conversations would turn to our history with one another. Only this week did Cassie and I take a pause to determine actually how long we have known one another, surprising ourselves to learn it exceeds two decades, swiftly approaching our third. Cassie has always maintained an uncanny knack for visualizing her life and scenarios, and manifesting them to a tee. You will be amused to learn that Cassie informed me in the 1990's that I'd be standing here today, and that I better be prepared. Every year and 1/2 Cassie would remind me of this impending privilege. Often strung among conversations of current love interests or prospects. Cassie was always the rst to admit whether she saw strong potential in the person at the time and guided me toward what level of ceremony readiness I needed to be.

INTRO 3When Cassie rst brought to my attention of the existence of a man named Matt Petty, still thousands of miles away and across a vast ocean. She said it with such conviction I didn't need to be told to begin the process of getting ordained. It was simply so. With all of the forsight that Cassie has initiated to bring us all here today in a fashion that has been a quarter century in the making. I have also gotten a deeper understanding of the plan Cassie and Matt have visualized as their combined future, and it is strong, beautiful, and based on track records, more likely to be realized than not. And as I've grown to know Matt, he has increasingly proven to be a supremely upstanding, sensitive, intelectual, and creative man. A match that is bothworthy of Cassie's love and commitment as well as a worthy partner in their combined master plan. Although Cassie and Matt have been operating as a unit for several years, today they would like to deepen their commitment to each other, as well as in the eyes of their closest friends and family.

STATEMENTS 4Cassie and Matt have prepared statements to share with one another for the rst time here today. Matt, please share with Cassie.

MATT SHARES 5Cassie. In the four years we've been together, you have turned my life upside down and thats why I'm head over heels in love with you. You have made me a better, more con dent person. You have encouraged me to make changes in my life, and not to be afraid of making those changes. The course of our relationship has been a series of steps that have brought us closer together rst my visits to you in Los Angeles, then my moving to San Diego, then us moving together to San Francisco - all these steps were leading to this moment. And throughout them all I have never had any doubt that I wanted to be with you. I remember when we were up at Gri th Park Observatory in LA, watching the sun go down over the city. You were next to me and I remember thinking that I wanted to keep you next to me. It was at dinner later that night that we looked at each other and asked the same question how do we do this? How can we be together? The fact that we are standing here now shows that we found the answer to that question. It always seemed obvious to us. So obvious that a few months ago, we realised that we'd already started planning our wedding without either of us having proposed! I love waking up with you. I love coming home to you. I love our evenings out, and our evenings in with our beautiful dog Gordon. I love your wisdom, your kindness, your humour, your drive and your perspective on life. I love you, and I love my life with you

Matthew I can think of many words to describe you: kind, funny, intelligent, generous, handsome, and sweet. But when I try to describe myself theres only one word that comes to mind: lucky. I am lucky that out of all the boys in all the pubs in London I met you that fateful night. I am lucky that we were both unavailable to each other at the time so that we were able to form a real and solid friendship. I am lucky that you saw something in me that kept you in communication with me over the miles and through the years. I am lucky that you had the courage to leave your life in London to start a new one with me. And I am lucky that that life is rich with love and laughter. The 7 years Ive known you and the 4 years weve been together have been the most important of my life for many reasons. You have inspired me to be a better person one worthy of a man like you. You keep me focused on our goals and accountable for my choices. Youve shown me that compromise is not a bad thing and that disagreeing is not to be feared because it often leads to tremendous emotional growth and bonding in our relationship. I am not weak-kneed and full of butter ies at the concept of sharing my life with you. Rather, I am strong, steadfast and sure that you are the person I want to be standing here with today. You are the person I want to build my life with. You accept me for my craziness you indulge me in my silliness and you love me for the person that I have become since being with you.


VOWS MATT 7Re ecting on the beautiful words you have both shared I will now lead you in your vows... Matthew, please repeat after me.

Cassie, I will support your dreams, aspirations and goals as though they were my own. I will listen to you with an open heart and an open mind. If you are feeling blue I will do whatever I can to cheer you up. I will split my savory breakfast item with you when you decide to order something sweet. I will take the dog out in the rain on a Saturday morning when you want to sleep in. In closing, I will always have your back.

VOWS CASSIE 8Cassie, now it's your turn. Please repeat after me.

Matt, I will support your dreams, aspirations and goals as though they were my own. I will listen to you with an open heart and an open mind. If you are feeling blue I will do whatever I can to cheer you up. I will split my sweet breakfast item with you when you decide to order something savory. I will take your musical taste into consideration when making playlists for roadtrips. Whatever the future brings I will endeavor to be the best partner I can for you. And Finally, I will always have your back.

RINGS 9To symbolize their vows, Cassie and Matt have chosen to exchange rings... the tradition of the ring maintains a long a suprisingly consistent history dating all the way back to ancient Egypt. Unions performed then were sancti ed by the exchange of rings braided from Papyrus and placed on the second nger of the left hand, as we still do today. That nger was originally selected based upon a belief that there was a vein that ran from there directly to the heart. The circular shape of the ring has always represented in nity, our pasts and futures, a shape with no beginning and no end. The hole in the center of the ring serves as a symbol of the gateway, or door; leading to things and events both known and unknown. As time went on, rings were fashioned from wood, bone, or antler, to give longevity to the symbol involved in this tradition. Adding strength, Romans were known for the exchange of rings cast of iron. Cassie and Matt have chosen to exchange rings of platinum as a physical and visual manifestation of their marriage.

RING EXCHANGE 10...Robin, as Best Man, you have been charged with keeping the bride's ring. Please give it to Matthew. Matt, can you now place this ring on Cassie's nger, with your expression of what it represents.

Cassie, I give you this ring to symbolize my love. May it serve as a constant reminder of our commitment. ...Sarah, as Maid of Honor, you have been charged with keeping the groom's ring. Please give it to Cassie. Cassie, can you now place this ring on Matt's nger, with your expression of what it represents.

Matthew, I give you this ring to symbolize my love. May it serve as a constant reminder of our commitment.

KISSING CONCLUSION 11There are many ways to get married. Cassie and Matt have chosen to start their marriage in front of you, the people they love most in the world. In a moment I will pronounce them married and I encourage you to support them as their closest community, and accept and embrace them as the family they are about to become. Cassie and Matt, after witnessing the vows you have made here today, by the powers vested in me by the Universal Life Church, Clark County, Nevada, and by the both of you, it is my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. Cassie, you may kiss the groom.


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