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  • 1. Where true love and charity are found, God is there.Therefore, when we gather as one.Let us be as one in the lord.May careless thought, action, or deed not divide us;Let Christ, our God, dwell among us, in our hearts.Latin office hymn

2. WEDDING PARTYBride:NameGroom:NameBridesmaids:NameNameNameBest Man: NameGroomsmen:NameNameFlower Girl:NamePage Boy: NameCelebrant:NameConcelebrant: NameMusic:Name 3. THE INTRODUCTORY RITESymbol of LightBride and Groom each light a candle as a sign of their individuallives which will soon become one in the bond of marriage.ENTRANCE ANTIPHONSong The GreetingP. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the HolySpirit.All AmenP. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.All And also with you.THE PENITENTIAL RITEP. My brothers and sisters, to prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred mysteries, let us call to mind our sins.All I confess to Almighty God,and to you my brothers and sistersthat I have sinned through my own fault,in my thoughts and in my words,in what I have doneand in what I failed to do,and I ask blessed Mary, ever Virgin,all the angels and saints,and you my brothers and sisters,to pray for me to the Lord our God.P. May almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins and bring us to everlasting life.All Amen 4. P.Lord, have mercyAll Lord, have mercyP.Christ, have mercyAll Christ, have mercyP. Lord, have mercy All Lord, have mercy GLORIAAll Glory to God in the highest,and peace to his people on earth.Lord God, Heavenly King,almighty God and Father,we worship you, we give you thanks,we praise you for your glory,Lord Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father,Lord God, Lamb of Godyou take away the sins of the world:have mercy on us,you are seated at the right hand of the Father,receive our prayer.For you alone are the Holy One,you alone are the Lord,you alone are the Most High,Jesus Christ,with the Holy Spiritin the Glory of God the Father. Amen OPENING PRAYERP. Let us Pray. Father, hear our prayers for Bride and Groom, who today are united in marriage before your altar. Give them your blessing, and strengthen their love for each other. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.All Amen 5. LITURGY OF THE WORDFirst Reading: A reading from the book of TobitOn the evening of their marriage, Tobias said to Sarah, Youand I must pray and petition our Lord to win his grace andprotection. They began praying for protection, and this washow he began: You are blessed, O God of our fathers;blessed, too, is your name for ever and ever. Let the heavensbless you and all things you have made for evermore.It was you who created Adam, you who created Eve his wifeto be his help and support; and from these two the humanrace was born.It was you who said,It is not good that the mane should be alone; let us makehim a helpmate like himself.And so I do not take my sister for any lustful motive; I do itin singleness of heart. Be kind enough to have pity on her andon me and bring us to old age together.And together they said, Amen, Amen.This is the word of the Lord.All Thanks Be to God.RESPONSORIAL PSALMResponse:- The love of the Lord is everlasting upon those whohold him in fear.My soul, give thanks to the Lord,all my being, bless his holy name.My soul, give thanks to the Lordand never forget all his blessings. ( R )The Lord is compassion and love,slow to anger and rich in mercy.As a father has compassion on his sons,the Lord has pity on those who fear him. ( R ) 6. The love of the Lord is everlastingupon those who hold him in fear;his justice reaches out to childrens childrenwhen they keep his covenant in truth. ( R )Second Reading: A reading from the first letter of St John My children, our love is not to words, or mere talk, but something real and active; only by this can we be certain that we are children of the truth and be able to quieten our conscience in his presence, whatever accusations it may raise against us, because God is greater than our conscience and he knows everything. My dear people, we need not be afraid in Gods presence, and whatever we ask him, we shall receive, because we keep his commandments and live the kind of life that he wants. His commandments are these: that we believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and that we love one another as he told us to. Whoever keeps his commandments lives in God and Gods lives in us by Spirit that he has given us. This is the word of the Lord.All Thanks be to God. GOSPEL ACCLAMATION Alleluia, alleluia!Everyone who lovesis begotten by God,and knows God.Alleluia! 7. GOSPELP. The Lord be with you.All And also with you.P. A reading from the holy Gospel according to Matthew.All Glory to you Lord.P. Some Pharisees approached Jesus, and to test him them said,Is it against the Law for a man to divorce his wife on anypretext whatever? He answered, Have you not read that thecreator from the beginning made them male and female andthat he said: This is why a man must leave father and mother,and cling to his wife, and the two become one body?There are no longer two, what God has united, man must notdivide.This is the word of the Lord.All Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ. RITE OF MARRIAGE P. Dear children of God, you have come to this Church so thatthe Lord may seal your love in the presence of the priest, andthis community. Christ blesses this love. He has alreadyconsecrated you in baptism; now by a special sacrament Hestrengthens you to fulfil the duties of your married life. Bride and Groom, you are about to celebrate this sacrament. Have you come here of your own free will and choice and without compulsion to marry each other?Both:We haveP. Will you love and honour each other in marriage all the days of your life?Both: We will 8. P. Are you willing to accept with love the children God may send you and bring them up on accordance with the law of Christ and His Church?Both: We are DECLARATION OF CONSENTP. I invite you then to declare before God and His Church your consent to become husband and wife.Groom: I Groom take you Bride as my wife, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,in sickness and in health, all the days of our life.Bride: I Bride take you Groom as my husband, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,in sickness and in health, all the days of our life.P. What God joins together, man must not separate. May the Lord confirm the consent that you have given and enrich you with his blessings. BLESSING OF THE RINGSP. Lord, bless Bride and Groom, and consecrate their married life. May these rings be a symbol of their faith in each other and a reminder of their love. We ask this through Christ our Lord.All Amen. 9. Groom:Bride wear this ring as a sign of our love andfidelity.In the name of the Father and of the Son and of theHoly Spirit.Bride:Groom wear this ring as a sign of our love andfidelity.In the name of the Father and of the Son and of theHoly Spirit.EXCHANGE OF GIFTSGroom: I give you this gift, as a token of all I possess.Bride: I give you this gift, as a token of all I possess. PRAYER OF NEWLY MARRIED COUPLEBoth: We thank you, Lord and we praise you for bringingus to this happy day. You have given us to eachother. Now, together we give ourselves to you. Weask you Lord; make us one in love; keep us in yourpeace.Protect our marriage. Bless our home. Make usgentle. Keep us faithful and when life is overunite us again where parting is no more in thekingdom of your love. There we will praise you inthe happinessand peace of our eternal home -AmenCANDLE CEREMONYBride and Groom now light a single candle from their individualcandles to signify their new life together as a couple. 10. PRAYER OF THE FAITHFULP. Inviting people to pray1.Let us pray for Bride and Groom who are now united inmarriage. May God keep them in his care and may Heblesstheir world with health and happiness. Lord hear usAll Lord graciously hear us.2. Jesus we pray for our friends and relations who havedied Lord keep them close to You, and grant that they sharein the joy we celebrate today. Lord hear usAll Lord graciously hear us.3.Jesus we pray for our friends who are far away and unable tojoin in our celebration. Lord protect, guide and bless themwherever they are. Lord hear usAll Lord graciously hear us.4.Jesus we pray for all couples experiencing difficulties intheir marriage. Lord be with them, help them sort out theirdifficulties and protect them from the forces that attacktheir love. Lord hear usAll Lord graciously hear us.5. Jesus we pray for marriage. Lord grant that all whogovern do all they can to protect the lifetime commitmentof marriage. Lord hear usAll Lord graciously hear us.P. Priest concludes with a prayer.All Amen 11. LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST Offertory ProcessionP. Blessed are you Lord, God of all creation.Through your goodness we have this bread to offer,which earth has given and human hands have made.It will become for us the bread of life.All Blessed be God forever.P.By the mystery of this water and wine may we come to sharein the divinity of Christ, who humbled himself to share in ourhumanity.Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation,Through your goodness we have this wine to offer,fruit of the vine and work of human hands.It will become our spiritual drink.All Blessed be God forever. PRAYER OVER THE GIFTSP.Pray brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice may beacceptable to God the Almighty Father.All May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your handsfor the praise and glory of His name, for our good, andthe good of all His Church.P. Lord, accept our offering for this newly married couple, Bride and Groom. By your love and providence you have broughtthem together; now bless them all the days of their married life. We ask this through Christ our Lord.AllAmen. 12. THE EUCHARISTIC PRAYERP. The Lord be with you.AllAnd also with you.P. Lift u


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