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2. Welcoming of the bridegroom: The bride's father and other membersof the family ceremoniously welcome the bridegroom to the marriagehall. At the entrance to the wedding hall, which represents the bride'sresidence, her parents welcome the groom with the flower garland. 3. Two ladies representing the bride and the groom perform Aarathi to clear theaura with banana-wick lamps on a tray. Thereafter, to the accompaniment ofNathswaram ( a wind music instrument) and Thavil ( a percussion instrument)the Tholan and the bride's parents lead the groom to the Manavarai, the flowerfestooned nuptial seat, where the priest awaits to perform the ceremony. 4. The Tholan wets the groom's feetwith the Chempu (a bronze vessel)of water, a gesture lavished on anhonoured guest, and he in inreturn rewarded with a gold ringfor his good grace. 5. The bride is then performs patha poojai for her parents. She isgiven dress from the grooms house to wear for the wedding. Oncethe bride is taken away to be dressed up the groom is brought tothe mantap near the holy pyre after being given a pathapooja bythe brides brother. 6. TYING THALIThe most important part.Legend has it that the thaali wasoriginally a tigers claw or tooth,and if look at the thaali in thepicture can see the stylized toothshape. The groom gifted his bridewith this token of his bravery(apparently he was supposed tohave killed the tiger himself, quite afeat in the days before huntingrifles!) and as a symbol that he wasbrave enough and strong enough toprotect and provide for her 7. SAPTAPADI ( 7 STEPS)May this couple be blessed with an abundance of resources andcomforts, and be helpful to one another in all ways.May this couple be strong and complement one another.May this couple be blessed with prosperity and riches on alllevels.May this couple be eternally happy.May this couple be blessed with a happy family life.May this couple live in perfect harmony true to their personalvalues and their joint promisesMay this couple always be the best of friends. 8. After which the groom takes the right foot of his bride and places it ona granite stone, Ammi Mithithal, and slips a Minji, a silver ring, on hersecond toe, indicating she be as strong and steadfast as the stone inthe face of adversity.On completing the second round the groom slips asecond Minji on the second toe of her left foot. Arunthathi Paarthai atthis stage is the groom showing the bride the star Arunthathi. It issignificant that Arunthathi, wife of the referred sage Vashistar, virtuous,chaste and devoted, was placed among the stars to be a model for all,both man and woman, to emulate. 9. The priest first blesses the couple, showering them with rice, asymbol of happiness, prosperity and fertility, followed by theparents of the groom, the bride, their close relatives and theguests. The wedding ceremony ends with an Arathi as thenewlyweds stand at the Manavarai.