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  1. 1. The Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony
  2. 2. In my opinion, the Hawaiian ceremony, complete with the kahuna pule or kahu (holy man), makes the whole exchanging-of-the-vows process much more interesting, meaningful, and beautiful (those colors!)
  3. 3. After all, the bride & groom did decide to make Hawaii, of all wedding destinations in the world, theirs, so why not do it the Hawaiian way?!
  4. 4. The bride & groom then exchange leis, hers of white flowers & his of green leaves, which serve as a symbol of their eternal love.
  5. 5. Finally, a ukelele player will play the Hawaiian Wedding Song while the kahu leads the couple in reciting their vows, the rings are exchanged after a blessing, and again the pu signals the end of the ceremony with a deep, resounding close.
  6. 6. So that's what the traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony looks like!
  7. 7. Thank YOU!


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