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Are you in the market for a new website? Do you know where to start? This helpful guide gives you insight into the features every good website should have. You can also learn which features you should ensure your prospective design firm offers.


  • 1.Elements of an Eective WebsiteIf youre ready to purchase a new website, there are some things you need to know before diving in. Keep the following points in mind when searching for the perfect website provider. Hosting Think of hosting as the virtual storage container for your website. Hosting fees vary depending on storage and security. What level of security does your host provide? Is technical support included? Is customer service included? Cross-Platform Design With the growing popularity of mobile devices, its important to provide on-the-go users with an optimal viewing experience. Is the website mobile-compatible? Will the website render on every device (smartphones, tablets, etc.)? Does the website have Click-To-Call and Click-To-Map functionality? Design Decide whether your practice needs a pre-design, custom wireframe, or fully custom website, and make sure the option you choose entices visitors to contact your practice. What design options are offered? Can you easily change your website design? When designing a custom website, how many revisions are allowed? Content Content is a vital part of your website and should be optimized to suit your audience. Does your website include content, or do you have to write your own? If content is included, is it professionally written? Is there a limit to how many pages of content your site can have? Domain Your domain should be short, memorable, and representative of the services you offer. Will you have to manage and renew your own domain? Are renewal costs included with your hosting fees? Do you retain ownership of the domain name if you choose to cancel your website? W e b s i t e D e s i g n a n d I n t e r n e t M a r k e t i n g WHAT TO ASK WHAT TO ASK WHAT TO ASK WHAT TO ASK WHAT TO ASK Visit or Call (888) 932-3644