Vlerick HRday 2013: Change Management - Philippe Persyn & Marc Verbruggen

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  1. 1. 0Vlerick HR Day - June 12thPhilippe PersynMarc VerbruggenThe road to the future...when nothing is certain,all is possible
  2. 2. This is not...A story of heroesTHE success storyThe perfect road towards the future
  3. 3. Our journey Our hopes and fears Collaboration Personal learning & leadership Understanding and misunderstanding Managing the paradoxIt is about...
  4. 4. Reorganization:Dead Endor Investment in the Future?
  5. 5. 2009: No more certainties?!4Liquids & CreamsProductionQC LabsWarehouseParenterals ProductionTransdermalsProduction
  6. 6. Announce: Nov 2009Implementation : 2012/13CAMPUSR&DStaffFunctionsBeerseManufacturingLiquids &CreamsTransdermalsSteriles SupportingKey complexitiesTime: friend or enemy? RetentionOne big family? Different realities
  7. 7. One truth: multiple realities Different chains limitview on the truth Acknowledge it,respect it, embrace itEmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  8. 8. Employees: keep distance ... ?(*)(*) you might need to fire someoneEmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  9. 9. Our primarytask asdepartmentCare for ouremployeesNew positionswithin JSCGood workingenvironment alsoin tough timesTransparentcommunicationHighest productQualitySafe environmentReliable supply contractEmployees: keep distance ... ?EmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  10. 10. Handle with priorityOn or off the boat?Retention! Hope is a dangerous strategyProvide the toolsClear who decides(*) they might have a different opinionLeadership team: limit involvement ...? (*)EmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  11. 11. Your key sponsors No delegating up THEY need YOU Ask what YOU need26 positions were re-createdStrong Campus support: Operator- & Flex Pool(*) they might think it is out of controlSenior Management : Tell them all is undercontrol...?(*)EmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  12. 12. - We all have our roles- Unilaterally stop negotiations- Helping our employees- Thinking outside of the box- Mutual respect(*) Their opinion is different anyhow?Unions : Involve when strictly necessary...?(*)EmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  13. 13. - Implementor > Execution- Avoid Business as Usualphenomenon- HR Business partnership- Be the face of the change- Sometimes you just dontknow and stay awake at night...(*) you might be seen as a weak leader/personOurselves : Be strong...? (*)EmployeesLeadershipteamSeniorManagementUnions Ourselves
  14. 14. Where it has led us to ... Employees: Employee impact: significantlyreduced Leadership team: no regrettablelosses Sr. Management: Beerse siterecognized as key manufacturing site Unions: we each have our roles,mutual respect Ourselves: ... Some people liked our approach,others didnt
  15. 15. Key take awaysYou are onlyhuman Lookfor partnershipsBrand your re-organizationImplementation> ExecutionStay open tohowenvironmentevolves[Connect]A bit of naivitymight help
  16. 16. 15The road to the future...when nothing is certain,all is possibleThank you!