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David P. Reed Andy Lippman May, 2007. Viral Comms WG: The Viral Community. What does it mean for humans to be able to construct networks shaped by their natural communities?. Challenge:. Viral Networks. Scalable Incremental Value-Enabling Socially-Constructed, User-driven. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Viral Comms WG:The Viral CommunityDavid P. ReedAndy LippmanMay, 2007

  • Challenge:What does it mean for humans to be able to construct networks shaped by their natural communities?

  • Viral Networks




    Socially-Constructed, User-driven

  • Viral Technologies Explored

    Radio Magic radio networks that cooperate by sensing and adapting to their physical environment and user needs software-defined physical layer radio

    Peer Multicast exploit gossip

    Multiconnectivity every device has many interfaces

    Viral Overlay build on what's already there

    Contributory infrastructure to share the answer

  • Radio MagicMelange a wireless LAN protocol that exploits the capabilities of GNU software radio platform, more scalable and adaptable than WiFi.

    Multiple Identity user-controlled RFID, allowing users to negotiate with their institutional environment

  • Peer MulticastTV Rewired peer-to-peer, real-time content distribution without servers, providing resilient and scalable distribution for communities of any size and scale

    Snap and Share asynchronous multicast of information based on opportunities to connect

    Fluid Voice - pull to listen - put the receivers in control of conferencing and collaboration

    Xcast peer-to-peer local content production and distribution

  • Contributory InfrastructureXO Mesh exploiting and scaling the mesh network built into the $100 laptop, to meet the needs of kids

    Community Storage serverless storage that packs 10 lbs of books in a 3 lb laptop

    UniPlug community contributes the means to construct multi-device systems

  • ThemesIntelligence is cheap and fast and portable(sense, adapt, evolve)The network context exists everywhere(context can be presumed)Can put the user or endpoint back in charge

  • Viral OverlayVirtual Mobile Internet - proto LTFVirtualize heterogeneous transportVirtualize locationPeers: Overlay peer-to-peer stream distributionLoops: Overlay distributed event and sensor data distribution

  • A Viral Proto-LTFCampusCarrierVirtual Mobile Internet; Peers; Loops; Unified Sensors; Unified Identity & AuthCarrier interface; portable platforms; development envCarrier integration; MIT-MVNO;MIT gatewayWiMax testbed;accessible processing;Spot beamCooperative SDRPCS Data

  • Liquidity of connectionMIT InternetMIT MVNOWiMax/Mesh to Boston/CambridgeSpot beams

  • Liquidity of identity

    Personal routerInitially embodied in AmuletUser-controlled identity and interaction

  • Liquid context & environmentUniPlug adapts legacy technologyContributory everyone in community helps

  • Looking forward: MulticonnectivityLaptops, phones have multiple radiosEnvironment has multiple access modesSDR coming into its ownTussle for control of/by the individualExplore: how to choose mode based on context and goal