user-centered ux: bringing the user into the design process

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During every design project, everyone involved loves to talk about users. But how often are users actually involved in the design process? In this presentation, we look at practical steps for involving users in the design process and how to employ tried and true user-centric techniques to inform and evaluate our designs.


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2. User Experience 3. If users are not a part of yourprocess, youre not doing UX. 4. Grammenos, Dimitris. Stupidity, Ignorance, and Nonsense as Tools for Creative Thinking in interactions, September-October 2014 (volume xxi.5): pp. 5659. 5. Einstellung Effect 6. Expert 7. Be curious.Listen. Watch. Think.Involve users. 8. So lets talk research. 9. Choose the Right Method Each has its strengths & weaknesses Qualitative for rich descriptive data Quantitative for numerical data They work best when combined 10. Indirect User ResearchContent InventoryCustomer SupportWeb AnalyticsCognitive WalkthroughCompetitor ReviewHeuristic EvaluationContextual Observation 11. Direct User ResearchSurveysInterviewsFocus Groups / PanelsWorkshopsContextual InquiryShadowingCard SortsProduct Reaction CardsDiary StudyImage CollagingPrototype TestingUsability TestingEyetrackingCo-design Sessions 12. Research ContinuaIn-personLab SettingSmall SampleQualitativeRemoteContextual StudyLarge SampleQuantitative 13. A Very Good Place to StartContent InventoryCustomer SupportWeb AnalyticsCompetitor ReviewSurveysInterviewsContextual InquiryCard Sorts 14. Study Deliverables Consent Form Recruiting Screener Test Plan Test Guide / Script Testing Schedule Study Artifacts Study Checklist 15. Consent Form1. Date & Location2. Reason for the Study3. Compensation4. Confidentiality5. Usage of Recordings 16. Test Plan1. Goal2. Focus Areas3. Methodology4. Timeline5. Location6. Participants7. Findings & Recommendations 17. Get the Right People Formalize the recruitment process Create a recruiting screener Consider recruitment methods carefully Start recruiting early 18. Recruitment MethodsEmail ListsCustomer PanelsMarket Research FirmsContextual SolicitationOnline InterceptCraigslistRedditMechanical Turk 19. Ask the Right Questions Focus on behavior, not opinion Use the users language Keep questions simple Dont ask a question when you can observe 20. Use What You Have Use deliverables you already produce Leverage existing proceses Enlist members of your team / the client Find & use current user connections 21. Communicate Results Get stakeholders to attend sessions Share the users pain (videos & quotes) Socialize findings with design team Schedule your research activities 22. There is no one right method. 23. Small. Repeated. Frequent. 24. The User-centered UX challenge 25. 1. Stop designing for a bit andwatch your users 26. 2. Change one of your routinedesign practices 27. 3. Talk to someone in your shopyouve never spoken to before 28. 4. Do a bit of indirect researchand share the results 29. 5. Do a quick user test 30. This aint science. 31. Its user-centered serExperience. 32. Thank You.This presentation can be found