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INTRODUCTIONMandi,formerly known asMandav Nagar,also known asSahoris a majorcityand amunicipal councilinMandi Districtin theIndianstateofHimachal Pradesh. It is situated 153 kilometres north of state capital,Shimla.Located in the north-westHimalayasat an average altitude of 1,044 metres (3,425ft)the city of Mandi, experiences pleasant summers and cold winters. Mandi is connected to thePathankotthroughNational Highway 20which is almost 220km(140mi) long and toManaliandChandigarhthroughNational Highway 21which is 323km(201mi) long. Mandi is approximately 184.6km (114.7mi) from Chandigarhthe nearest major city, and 440.9km (273.9mi) from New Delhithe national capital. According to the 2011 Indian census, Mandi city has a population of 192,370.It is one of the largest city ofHimachal Pradeshwith a total area of 23km2.City is currently the2nd largest economy in the state next to Kangra. Mandi is the third-largest by population in state, next to Shimla and Solan. Mandi, in the state is having second highest sex ratio of 1013 females per thousand males.

It serves as the headquarters ofMandi Districtand Zonal Headquarters of central zone including Districts namelyKullu,Bilaspur, andHamirpur.As a tourist place, Mandi is often referred to as "Varanasi of Hills"or "Choti Kashi"or "Kashi of Himachal". People of Mandi proudly boast that whileBenaras(Kashi) has 80 temples, Mandi has 81.

Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) is a premier institute located in the city.This one time capital of the princely state of Mandi is a fast developing city that still retains much of its original charm and character. The city was established in 1527 by Ajbar Senas the seat of theMandi State, aprincely statetill 1948. Foundation of the city was laid on the establishment of Himachal Pradesh in early 1948. Today, it is widely known for the InternationalMandi Shivaratri Fair. The city also has the remains of old palaces and notable examples of colonial architecture. The city had one of the oldest buildings ofHimachal Pradesh. FAST FACTS Country : India State : Himachal Pradesh District : Mandi Established : 1527 Founded by : Ajber Sen Area : 23 sq km Elevation : 1044 m (3,425 ft ) Population (2011) : 192,370 Avg. annual temp. : 230 C Avg. summer temp. : 290C Avg. winter temp. : 170C Major Highway : NH 21 HOW TO REACHDistances to Mandi By Road from major Cities Delhi-Karnal-Chandigarh-Ropar-Kiratpur-Bilaspur-Sunder Nagar-Mandi 460 km

Chandigarh-Ropar-Kiratpur-Bilaspur-Mandi 210 km

Shimla-Tattapani-Alsindi-Churag- Rohanda-Chail Chowk-Baggi- Nerchowk-Mandi 179 km

Distances of Nearest Railway Stations

Joginder Nagar (Narrow Gauge Track) 50 kmKiratpur (Broad Gauge Track) 130 kmShimla (Narrow Gauge Track) 150 km

Nearest Airports

Bhuntar Airport in District Kullu

60 km

Gaggal Airport Kangara 110 km Jubber Hatti Airport Shimla 170 km

ANCIENT TEMPLES IN MANDI TOWN 1.BhutnathTemple:The temple, located in the heart of the town was buit by Raja Ajber Sen in 1527 AD.The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and was built at the time when State Capital was shifted from Bhiuli to present place.There is tradition of Raj Madhav Rao, the deity who ruled the Mandi state, visiting the temple and offer prayers before starting the procession of Shivratri Fair along with all the visiting hill deities

2.TrilokNathTemple:The temple of Triloknath was built by Sultan Devi, queen of Raja Ajber Sen in 1520 AD. Temple houses the three-faced image of Lord Shiva and is located in Purani Mandi across Victoria Bridge on Mandi Pathankot National Highway.Trilokinath temple is one of the oldest temples in the town with typical architecture and sculptural artistry Idols of Narda and Sharda and many Hindu gods are also worshipped alongwith the main deity Trilokinath. 3.PanchVaktraTemple:Situated at the confluence of Beas and Suketi rivers the Panchvaktra temple houses the five-faced image of Lord Shiva.Built in Shikhara style of architecture the temple has been taken over by Archeological Survey of India and declared as national heritage monument . 4.MahamritunjyaTemple:Situated in the heart of the town, this temple houses the image of Lord Shiva with his third eye and the lotus posture in meditative contemplation. The four arms of Shiva with usual symbols and right lower hand in 'Bhumisparsha mudra',lower left hand holding 'Kamandal' right upper hand raised in benediction and upper left hand holding 'amritkalasha' - all create the mystique of the rare charm and beauty of Mahamritunjaya Shiva.

5.TarnaMata Temple:Built by king Shyam Sen at the top of hill named as Tarna Hill, at an altitude of 300 feet above sea level. Temple house the image of Godess Kaali, Lord Shiva and others.There about 305 stairs path to the temple from main bazar.

6. BhimaKaali Temple:This temple is located on the bank of Beas river near Beas Sadan on Mandi Pathankot National highway.

Other Temples: Besides many temples in Mandi town there are few more prominent temples worth visiting such as, Magru Mahadev in Chhatri, 155 kms. MahuNag, 130 kms., Mamleshwar Mahadev, 132 kms., Kamaksha Devi,136 kms., Balak Rupi- 63 kms., besides Naina Devi - 33 kms., Padama Sambhava Cave and Gurudwara at Rewalsar and Kamru Nag. PLACES OF INTREST1.PRASHAR LAKE AND TEMPLE :Prashar Lakelies 49km north ofMandi,Himachal Pradesh,India, with a three storiedpagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage Prashar. The temple was built in the thirteenth century and legend has it was built by a baby from a single tree. The lake has a floating island in it and it is said to be unclear how deep it is, with a diver not being able to determine its depth.

2.REWALSAR :About 25km from Mandi, 14km fromNer Chowkis theRewalsar lake, famous for its floating islands of reed. It was from this place that the sage Padma Sambhava, a zealous teacher of Buddhism, left as a missionary to preach the doctrine of "the enlightened" in Tibet. Lying in a mountain hollow, the lake is held sacred to all three communities; boating facilities are available. Tourist inn maintained by HPTDC provide accommodation and Indian cuisine.

3. SHIKARI DEVI TEMPLE: Shikari Devi temple is near toKarsog Valley,Janjelhi valley,Bagsaid Valleyin the Himalayas in Distt mandi Of Himachal Pradesh with beautiful view of pine, deodar woods and apple orchards. The Shikari Devi Temple is positioned at a height of 2850 meters above sea level in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is extremely difficult to trek up to the Shikari Devi Temple from Janjheli, Bagsaid, Kandha or Karsog vally. You can enjoy a beautiful trip with different routes to reach upto ancient shrine of the Shikari Devi Temple located at the peak of the hill. 4.KAMRUNAG LAKE AND TEMPLE: Kamru Nag Lakeis situated at a height of 3,334 meters above sea level on the Mandi Karsog road. The lake has enormous religious significance in the region as the temple of one of most revered deities in Mandi, known as Kamrunag Dev is situated on the banks of lake. Kamrunag is a famous weather-god of Seraj valley. People often pray to the weather God in the temple for favourable weather conditions. Pilgrims take holy bath during Kamrunag jatar in the lake. A fair is held here on 14th of June every year5.BAROT VALLEY :Barot is a picnic spot and tourist location in Mandi district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated 40 km from Jogindernagar and 66 km from Mandi, the district headquarters. The road to Barot branches off at Jogindernagar-Mandi high ways and from Jogindernagar the distance is 40 km.


1.Lohardi (Chotta Bhangal) - Dena Sar (Chuhar) return via Lohardi or Thaltu Khod (Chuhar)50 kms.3 days

2.Thaltu Khod - Denasar - Lohardi50 kms.3 days

3.Tinnu Nallah-Kadaun (Kullu) via Sudhar - Silh Badhani - Burang Narayan - Bhuvu Jot70 kms.4 days

4.Baggi-Prashar-Jawalapur30 kms.2 days

5.Hanogi-PrasharviaBahandior Hanogi - Bahanda - Kandha - Jawalapur40 kms.3 days

6.Thatta - Prashar - Baggi or Jawalapur30 kms.2 days

7.Rohanda -KamruNag -Shikari-Janjehli80 kms.4 days

8.Pandoh - Kalhani - Sarachi - Bhatki Dhar - Paga Chanogi - Shilhi Baggi - Lamba Thach80 kms.4 days

9.Janjehli-Shikari-Sanarli-Karsog50 kms.2 days

10.Slappar - Seri Kothi - Balg - Doghri - Haraboi - Sojha -Sarour-Tattapani80 kms4 days

11.Marhi-KamlahGarh-Saklana- Dharampur40 kms2 days

12.Beer Ahju - Billing - Chhota Bhangal -Pallachak - Panikartu - Thamsarjot - Bara Bhangal70 kms4 days

13.Janjehli-MagruGala - Chhatri - Ran