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Gozo is unlike anywhere else on the planet, the island of Gozo needs to be the next stop on the itinerary. With everything from water sports to religious sites to museums, there's something for everyone on Gozo.


  • 1. Tourist Attractions in Gozo That You Don't Want to Miss gozovillageholidays.com /gozo-blog/tourist-attractions-in-gozo-that-you-dont-want-to-miss For travellers who want adventure and excitement in a place that is unlike anywhere else on the planet, the island of Gozo needs to be the next stop on the itinerary. With everything from water sports to religious sites to museums, there's something for everyone on Gozo. Gozo Tourist Attractions Scuba Diving With the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean surrounding the island, Gozo is a diver's paradise. Because there are no tides to stir the water and reduce visibility, divers often see forty to fifty meters in front of them. The Azure Window in Dwejra, created when two limestone sea caves collapsed, offers divers the chance to explore multiple caves and drop-off points and view octopi, grouper, and other sea life. See: Coastal Villages Festas During the summer months, each village on Gozo celebrates its patron saint with a festa. These religious celebrations bring out Gozo's competitive spirit as the villages vie for the best fireworks and show. To prepare for a festa, each village will string hundreds of lights on the church and the surrounding streets. Villagers don their best clothes as brass bands play along the avenues. Fireworks, a saint's processional, and a horse and donkey race are among the traditional events during a festa. If you visit Gozo from the end of May to the middle of September, make time to be a part of these festivals--they are one of Gozo's most popular attractions.

2. A Historic City The Citadel A piece of Gozo history that dates to the early 17th century, the Citadel is a fortified city in Gozo's capital city of Victoria. While the walk to the top is steep, the views from the Citadel's walls are breathtaking. The Citadel includes a cathedral, the courts of law, the old prisons, and four museums. The cathedral is of particular interest to most tourists, as it houses beautiful statues of the Madonna and of Santa Marija. Visitors also can explore the cathedral's unique interior that includes a trompe l'oeil of a ceiling dome. Only a close examination by visitors shows that the ceiling is actually flat. According to recent archaeological finds, a temple to Juno existed in the same spot as the current cathedral, and the area was reconsecrated by early Christians into a church dedicated to the Blessed Mary. Additional archaeological digs are ongoing in the Citadel, and there are plans to excavate the remaining untouched half of the area. 3. The Gozitan Culture Museums For visitors looking to delve more deeply into the history and culture of Gozo, multiple museums await. The Museum of Archaeology is located inside the Citadel and is housed in what was once the town hall. The museum showcases Gozo's cultural history from prehistoric times to modern day and includes Roman, Punic, and Phoenician artifacts. The Old Prisons, also found inside the walls of the Citadel, allows visitors to see how accused criminals were housed during from the 1550s to the early 1900s. Step inside one of the well- preserved six holding cells or learn more about the island's fortifications in the entrance hall exhibition. The Natural Science Museum is located in an old house inside the Citadel; this building was also used as an inn in the 17th and 18th centuries. Visitors will learn about the geology, marine biology, and minerals native to Gozo. One popular exhibit includes a moon rock and a small Maltese flag; after the Apollo II crew brought the rock back from the moon, President Nixon gifted it to Malta. The Folklore Museum, the last of the four museums located in the Citadel, teaches visitors about traditional life in Gozo. Exhibits include information on lace-making, weaving, agriculture, religious traditions, and carpentry. 4. The Island Life Beaches No trip to Gozo would be complete without a trip to at least one of its beautiful beaches and bays. At Ir-Ramla il-Hamra, dig your toes into the naturally red sand, and stay for an entire day of fun. This family friendly beach offers warm, gentle, and shallow waters. San Blas also has a red sand beach and is often uncrowded. Many of the beaches, including Xlendi and Hondoq ir-Rummien are great for divers, as the waters allow for an easy, walk-in entrance. The crystal clear waters at these sites are ideal for night dives or for beginning divers. The beach at Mgarr ix-Xini is situated near a steep cliff and is great for night diving. 5. Book a Holiday Farmhouse in Gozo Gozo Village Holidays offers guests a selection of farmhouse style properties: village houses, modern villas and renovated farmhouses. Each holiday farmhouse provides a relaxing environment with one, two, three or four bedrooms, private facilities, a fully equipped kitchen, living/dining area, and ceiling fans and a sparkling private pool, barbecue, and patio furniture are available at each property. Come experience deep blue seas, village charm and delicious foods on the island of Gozo! Find & Book Holiday Farmhouses in Gozo