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Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is one of the largest cities in Africa and the Middle East. With a population in excess of 16 million people it is among the world's most densely populated cities.


  • 1. Cairo - EgyptSlideshow Prepared by SA Flights |

2. Cairo Skyline 3. Cairo Airport Cairo MuseumCairo Opera House Cairo Railway Station 4. Cairo UniversityEmpain PalaceMohammad Ali Mosque 5. Giza Pyramids 6. HieroglyphicsHieroglyphics Nile River 7. Roma TowerSphinx & PyramidSt. George Church Statues of Memnon 8. Temple of Nefertari Temple of Rameses II 9. Flickr Credits:The photos in this presentation was published on Flickr under the CreativeCommons license which allows commercial use.Images used were provided by the following users: martin_vmorris | David BerkowitzChrispitality | bastiqueStartAgain | gallagher.michaelseanMichel Colin | gloria_euyoque Classic Glass | marviikad jtriefen | Ed YourdonBakar_88 For more information on Cairo, Egypt visit