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  • 5/23/2014 Rishikesh Attractions and Sightseeing, Rishikesh Tourist Attractions

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    Rishikesh Attractions and Sightseeing

    Rishikesh is one of the most holy cities in India. It is to be found in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand.Rishikesh sightseeing includes visiting famous the places in and around Rishikesh.

    Holy city of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is home to various tourist attractions. A place where divinity andnature combine and give the choicest of experiences, it seeks to be a perfect abode for people seeking piety,tranquility and wisdom. Rishikesh is the ideal base camp for exploring the majesty of the mountains andconquering the torrents of the river. Spiritual pursuits and adventurous quests form an important part of itstraveler influx. Listed below are some places to be included in sightseeing tours of Rishikesh.

    There is no dearth of things to do and places to see in Rishikesh. One can opt for an action packed holidayor select to do nothing. Rishikesh is a magnificent place for those who want to learn yoga. Adventure seekerslove it for the rafting and trekking breaks that the destination offers

    Following are the Tourist Attractions of Rishikesh

    Triveni Ghat

    To be found in the heart of town, is the most famous bathing ghat, where most pilgrims take a holy dip earlier than they visitthe various temples. This is done generally in the early mornings, with the pilgrims offering prayers and milk at the Ghat andfeeding the fish in the water. An amazing sight here is the evening arati, a ceremony accompanied by lights, drums andchanting, with the entire ghat lit with lamps glowing from a distance.

    Bharat Mandir

    Near the Ghat, is the temple known as Bharat Mandir said to be the oldest temple here built by the Adi Shankaracharya. This9th century temple has the deity of Lord Vishnu carved out of a single black stone popular as Saligram, and is placed in theinner chambers of the temple. The original temple was said to have been destroyed in 1398 AD. If you are lucky, catch thespring festival also called Basant Panchami celebrated here.


    Close to the Triveni Ghat is the very old place of Rishikund where the Saint Kubz is said to have been blessed by theGoddess Yamuna, who filled the pond with her water. The temple of Raghunath dedicated to Lord Rama and his wife Sita issited here.

    Lakshman Jhula

    2 kilometers from Swarg Ashram, is the well-known Lakshman Jhula a suspension bridge 450 feet long and built in 1939.Named after Lord Ram's younger brother Lakshman, it has temples dotting its either side, including the famed LakshmanTemple at Tapovan. One more noteworthy ashram is the 13 storeyed Kailashananda Ashram, with each storey beingdedicated to a different deity.


  • 5/23/2014 Rishikesh Attractions and Sightseeing, Rishikesh Tourist Attractions

    http://www.haridwarrishikeshtourism.com/rishikesh-attractions-and-sightseeing.html 2/2

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    Ram Jhula

    Ramjhula is situated 3Km north of Rishikesh. It's a very popular place amongst people coming for religious purposes becauseit has very known Ashrams. Most known is Geeta Bhavan & Swarg Ashram and these temples are very important in Hindusociety and you will see much more commotion here then in Lakshmanjhula.

    Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

    To be found at a distance of 12 km from Rishikesh, this temple stands at a height of 926m on top of a hill across the riverGanga. It derives its name from Lord Shiva. According to mythological belief; the cosmic churning of the oceans (SagarManthan) for the potion of immortality (amrit) by the Gods and the Demons; produced a venomous liquid, which wasconsumed by Lord Shiva at this place. As a result, his throat became blue in color, which in Hindi literally means 'Neelkanth'(blue throat). The place is a favorite among the religious tourists.

    Swarga Ashram

    There is a cluster of ashrams on the eastern bank of the Ganges, and the place is popularly known as 'Swarga Ashram'. Mostof these ashrams provide courses on yoga and spiritual studies, and are well-known among the tourists. Some ancienttemples with beautifully carved statues are also located in the place. There are a few vegetarian food joints that servevarious Ayurvedic food and refreshments. A few shops are also found, that sell various trinkets and souvenirs in the form ofreligious tapes, books, beads, beaded garlands, shells and clothe

    Gita Bhavan

    Near the Lakshaman Jhula, is the newly constructed building of Gita Bhavan. It runs a free Ayurvedic dispensary and also hasa branch of the Gita Press, Gorakhpur. There are more than a hundred rooms for visitors and this edifice houses variousstriking paintings and statues of ancient mythological characters. The stories of the ancient epics- the Ramayana and theMahabharata are beautifully illustrated on its walls. The place is also popular among the tourists.

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