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1. Wedding is one of the most important and special day for ever couple. Although, considered a significantly important day for the bride, it is as special for the groom as for the bride. A surprise gift from the bride to the groom will be a great way to start a new life. Here are top personalized wedding gifts every groom will love to have. 2. Wedding Plaque: A wedding plaque is a great way to surprise your groom and mark this special day. It can be be customized with your message or vows. Another great idea would be to print a rare photo of couple together. This is one of the few gifts that will last forever, and a reminder that this relationship is meant to last till eternity. You can ask designers to design a romantic theme for the plaque. 3. Sports and Hobbies: Show your appreciation for your groom's love for sports. Print a couple of sports jersey with his and your name on his favorite team's jersey. Or, you could simply buy him two tickets to the game. If your groom has other hobbies like painting, playing guitar or fishing you could gift an item to show your appreciation. You could buy a collectible item or something he never had. Moreover, engraving your gift is always a good idea. 4. Perfume and Men's Grooming Products: This could be the perfect gift for your groom. Buy the kind of perfume you would want your man to smell like. Even if he is not into perfume and cologne, you could help him figure out his signature scent. You could also buy him a set of men's grooming products like shower gels, peel-offs, scrubs, moisturizers and others. You should look into brands like Kiehl, Clinique, Armani, Tom Ford and other men focused brands. 5. Gadgets: Every man crave for gadgets. It is more likely that he will be having a lot of them. So, give him something that will complete his collection. If you really want to surprise him, give him a virtual realty headset or buy him a 3-D printer. 6. Clothing and Fashion Accessories: Clothing and Fashion accessories are definitely a great idea. Things like cuff-links, money clip, tie pin or card holders can be customized with engraved name and message. You could buy him a pair of tie, a leather jacket, some pocket squares or a pair of sunglasses. 7. If you're still not sure what to get; it is always safe to get him a watch or a wallet. Every man loves watches and wallets; they just can't get enough of it. To make it a customized anniversary gift, engrave it with your wedding date and message. Include a hand-written letter in the box. Furthermore, if you could buy him an album from his favorite band or book couple of tickets to a concert. He will be surprised! Author's Bio: Gitanjali awards is the largest manufacturer of gifts, mementos, awards, trophies, and corporate name plates. You can get your selective gift items at right prices and can also personalized it. 8. Regd. Office Gitanjali Gifts & Greetings, 401, Ground floor GGP Colony Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar- 751 025 Odisha, India ph: 0674 2370479, +91 9437195749, E-mail id: 9. Thank You ! Visit Again