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You'll likely be asked difficult questions during the interview. Preparing the list of likely questions in advance will help you easily transition from question to question.


  • 1. Top 20 ssis interview questions andanswersIf you need top 7 free ebooks below for your job interview, please Free ebook: 75 interview questions and answers Top 12 secrets to win every job interviews 13 types of interview quesitons and how to face them Top 8 interview thank you letter samples Top 7 cover letter samples Top 8 resume samples Top 15 ways to search new jobsInterview questions and answers free pdf download Page 1 of 30

2. Tell me about yourself?This is probably the most askedquestion in ssis interview. It breaks theice and gets you to talk aboutsomething you should be fairlycomfortable with. Have somethingprepared that doesn't sound rehearsed.It's not about you telling your life storyand quite frankly, the interviewer justisn't interested. Unless asked to do so,stick to your education, career andcurrent situation. Work through itchronologically from the furthest backto the present.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 2 of 30 3. What is a breakpoint in SSIS? How is it setup?How do you disable it?A breakpoint is a stopping point in thecode. The breakpoint can give theDeveloperDBA anopportunity to review the status of thedata, variables and the overall status ofthe SSIS package.10 unique conditions exist for eachbreakpoint.Breakpoints are setup in BIDS. InBIDS, navigate to the control flowinterface. Right click on theobject where you want to set thebreakpoint and select the EditBreakpoints option.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 3 of 30 4. What Can You Do for Us That Other CandidatesCan't?What makes you unique? Thiswill take an assessment ofyour experiences, skills andtraits. Summarize concisely:"I have a unique combinationof strong technical skills, andthe ability to build strongcustomer relationships. Thisallows me to use myknowledge and break downinformation to be more user-friendly."Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 4 of 30 5. Can you name 5 or more of the native SSISconnection managers?1) OLEDB connection Used to connect to any datasource requiring an OLEDB connection (i.e.,SQL Server 2000)2) Flat file connection Used to make a connection toa single file in the File System. Required for readinginformation from a File System flat file3) ADO.Net connection Uses the .Net Provider tomake a connection to SQL Server 2005 or otherconnection exposed through managed code (like C#)in a custom task4) Analysis Services connection Used to make aconnection to an Analysis Services database orproject. Required for the Analysis Services DDL Taskand Analysis Services Processing Task5) File connection Used to reference a file or folder.The options are to either use or create a file or folder6) ExcelInterview questions and answers free pdf download Page 5 of 30 6. What is Conditional Split transformation inSSIS?This is just like IF condition whichchecks for the given condition andbased on the condition evaluation,the output will be sent to theappropriate OUTPUT path. It hasONE input and MANY outputs.Conditional Split transformation isused to send paths to differentoutputs based on some conditions.For example, we can organize thetransform for the students in a classwho have marks greater than 40 toone path and the students who scoreless than 40 to another path.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 6 of 30 7. What are the different values you can set forCheckpointUsage property ?There are three values, which describehow a checkpoint file is used duringpackage execution:1) Never: The package will not use acheckpoint file and therefore willnever restart.2) If Exists: If a checkpoint file existsin the place you specified for theCheckpointFilename property, then itwill be used, and the package willrestart according to the checkpointswritten.3) Always: The package will alwaysuse a checkpoint file to restart, and ifone does not exist, the package willfail.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 7 of 30 8. What is the use of Percentage Samplingtransformation in SSIS?Percentage Sampling transformationis generally used for data mining.This transformation builds a randomsample of set of output rows bychoosing specified percentage ofinput rows. For example if the inputhas 1000 rows and if I specify 10 aspercentage sample then thetransformation returns 10% of theRANDOM records from the inputdata.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 8 of 30 9. What is the use of Term Extractiontransformation in SSIS?Term Extraction transformation is usedto extract nouns or noun phrases or bothnoun and noun phrases only fromEnglish text. It extracts terms from textin a transformation input column andthen writes the terms to a transformationoutput column. It can be also used tofind out the content of a dataset.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 9 of 30 10. What is Data Viewer and what are the differenttypes of Data Viewers in SSIS?A Data Viewer allows viewing data ata point of time at runtime. If dataviewer is placed before and after theAggregate transform, we can see dataflowing to the transformation at theruntime and how it looks like after thetransformation occurred. The differenttypes of data viewers are:1. Grid2. Histogram3. Scatter Plot4. Column Chart.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 10 of 30 11. What is Ignore Failure option in SSIS?In Ignore Failure option, the error will beignored and the data row will be directedto continue on the next transformation.Lets say you have some JUNKdata(wrong type of data or JUNK data)flowing from source, then using thisoption in SSIS we can REDIRECT thejunk data records to anothertransformation instead of FAILING thepackage. This helps to MOVE only validdata to destination and JUNK can becaptured into separate file.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 11 of 30 12. Explain Audit Transformation ?It allows you to add auditing informationas required in auditing world specifiedby HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).Auditing options that you can add totransformed data through thistransformation are :1. Execution of Instance GUID : ID ofexecution instance of the package2. PackageID : ID of the package3. PackageName4. VersionID : GUID version of thepackage5. Execution StartTime6. MachineName7. UserName8. TaskName9. TaskID : uniqueidentifier type of thedata flow task that contains audittransformation.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 12 of 30 13. Explain Character Map Transformation?It transforms some character. Itgives options whether outputresult will override the existingcolumn or add to new column. Ifyou define it as new column,specify new column name.Operations available here are:1. Uppercase2. Lowercase3. Byte reversal : such as from01234 to 043214. Full width5. Half width6. Hiragana/katakana/traditionalChinese/simplified Chinese7. Linguistic casingInterview questions and answers free pdf download Page 13 of 30 14. Explain Conditional split Transformation ?It functions as ifthenelse construct. Itenables send input data to a satisfiedconditional branch. For example you want tosplit product quantity between less than 500and greater or equal to 500. You can give theconditional a name that easily identifies itspurpose. Else section will be covered inDefault Output Column name.After you configure the component, itconnect to subsequenttransformation/destination, when connected,it pops up dialog box to let you choosewhich conditional options will apply to thedestination transformation/destination.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 14 of 30 15. Explain Data Mining query Transformation?This component does prediction on the dataor fills gap on it. Some good scenarios usesthis component is:1. Take some input columns as number ofchildren, domestic income, and maritalincome to predict whether someone owns ahouse or not.2. Take prediction what a customer wouldbuy based analysis buying pattern on theirshopping cart.3. Filling blank data or default values whencustomer doesnt fill some items in thequestionnaire.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 15 of 30 16. Explain Merge Transformation?Merge transformation merges two pathsinto single path. It is useful when youwant to break out data into path thathandles errors after the errors arehandled, the data are merge back intodownstream or you want to merge 2data sources. It is similar with UnionAll transformation, but Merge has somerestrictions :1. Data should be in sorted order2. Data type , data length and othermeta data attribute must be similarbefore merged.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 16 of 30 17. Explain Percentage and row samplingTransformations?This transformation will take data fromsource and randomly sampling data. Itgives you 2 outputs. First is selecteddata and second one is unselected data.It is used in situation where you traindata mining model. These two are usedto take the SAMPLE of data from theinput data.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 17 of 30 18. What is the diff between control flow Items anddata flow Items?The control flow is the highest levelcontrol process. It allows you tomanage the run-time process activitiesof data flow and other processes withina package.When we want to extract, transform andload data within a package. You add anSSIS dataflow task to the packagecontrol flow.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 18 of 30 19. What is environment variable in SSIS?An environment variable configurationsets a package property equal to thevalue in an environment variable.Environmental configurations areuseful for configuring properties thatare dependent on the computer that isexecuting the package.Interview questions and answers free pdf download Page 19 of 30 20. What is Design time Deployment in SSIS ?When you run a package from with inBIDS,it is built a