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Ace the interview and get the job offer. Learn the four questions you must answer for the interviewer (and that he won't ask), how to sell yourself for the job, and to communicate your value. Career Coach Peggy McKee provides tips for success.


  • 1. Perfect Interview Answers: What to Say to Get the Job You WantSpeaker: Peggy McKee

2. How to Sell Yourself for the Job Communicate with the Hiring Manager Give Perfect Answers ONE Question that Can Put You Over the Top 3. Interview Communication TipsThere are certain words, phrases, and concepts the hiring manager is looking for.If they hear enough of those magic words, theyll offer you the job. 4. These Words Allow You to Communicate Important Concepts: Im going to be a good hire for you. I can solve your problems. You wont regret this decision. Youre going to love having me on your team. 5. Dont Just Tell the Hiring Manager What They Want to Hear Package Yourself in an Attractive Way Find Out What the Hiring Manager Needs Be Strategically Conscious of Your Overall Mission Know How to Answer Interview QuestionsKnow the right thing to say to close the deal. 6. Do you pose a risk to his or her own continued employment? They Are Judged on Who They Hire The Hiring Managers Job Is on the LineMinimize the risk and show that youre a great bet. 7. 4 Questions You Must Answer Well 1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Why should we hire you? 3. Why do you want to join this company? 4. Whats your greatest weakness?These questions are all excellent opportunities to sell yourself for the job. 8. Tell me about yourself. What the Hiring Manager really wants to know is Tell me something that will matter to me as I consider you for this job.This is a golden opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the other candidates. 9. Put Yourself in That Hiring Managers Shoes What is the hiring manager going to be the most impressed by? What is going to get the hiring managers attention? 10. Start with Your Education Then Go Into Your Background I received a degree in X from Y University. From there, I took my first role as an ABC in XYZ company. I progressed there in receiving two X awards / promotions, and then was recruited by XYZs competition for another role, where again, I achieved 2 more X and was recognized for X, which led me to you.This is the general language you should use to tell your story. 11. Plan Your Answer in Advance Tailor Your Answer Before You Give ItWhat parts of my story would be on this hiring managers list of reasons to hire me?Thats what being strategic in the interview is all about. 12. You dont need to talk longer than a minute or so just deliver a very targeted message that says to that hiring manager: I am skilled, I have accomplished some great things, and I can bring that to work here for you. 13. Would you like to seem more? How To Answer Interview Questions (50 Question FREE #book) To Answer Interview Questions (101 Question Ebook) Numbers: 800.691.2562 or 972.382.3139 14. Would you like to see more? How To Answer Interview Questions (50 Question FREE #book) How To Answer Interview Questions (101 Question Ebook) Training Webinars Page Below are all the webinars provided. We change the schedule weekly. Weekly and Daily Webinars Cover Letter Resume Review Perfect Interview Answers The Fastest Way To Find A Job How To Get Into Medical SalesWhy Online Applications Are Killing Your Job Search 5 Tips To Overcome Age Discrimination How To Answer Interview Questions 15. Best of Luck!