top issues and challenged facing cpas, cfos, controllers, auditors and accountants

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  • Town Hall Summary

    Spring 2016 Fall 2015

  • Spring 2016

  • Thanks to our Sponsors

  • 53% 23 Yrs # of years as CPA CGMA Credential Holders

  • Fall 2015

  • Town Hall Demographics Reached 1,639 members - 17% of membership

    Generational Breakdown Segment Breakdown

  • Member Top Challenges We asked: What are you biggest challenges - Pick the top 5

  • Member Top Skills Needed We asked: What are the top skills you need to be successful?

  • Reasons for Membership Participants were asked why they were MACPA Members

    32% mentioned CPE, 20% mentioned community, 40% mentioned staying informed, 9% mentioned advocacy and 7% mentioned the MACPA team

  • MACPA members are 2X Future Ready 16% identified themselves as future ready. 38% said they are getting stuck in the day to day and 46% said they are spending more time on future and strategic work.

    The CPA.COM 2015 Study found only 8% of CPAs are future ready.

    Future Ready is the capacity to be aware, predictive, and adaptive of emerging challenges, tech innovations, and trends and changes in business, population, and social environment.

  • MACPA Net Promoter Score

    +8.0 A small handful of companies have achieved a Net Promoter Score of at least +5 , which Reichheld defines as "World Class." Not surprisingly, companies with a World Class Net Promoter Score are the growth stories of the economy: Apple, Google and Harley-Davidson.1

    1 Credit to Warrillow, John. "One Question Can Predict the Future of Your Company." Inc. Web.

  • Social Amplification as of 3/28/16

    Spring PIU 453 Views

    Fall PIU 1,894 Views

    Annual Meeting 2,204 views

    MACPA B&I PIU 5,858 views

    Survey Results

    CFO, Controllers 2,227 views

    Total 12,636 views