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This is a class I give for CPAs for CPE credit at Kennesaw State University.


  • 1. Lifecycle Marketing: 7 Steps to Small Business Prosperity How to Start 2014 Strong

2. Who We Are Desiree Scales CEO, Bella Web Design, Inc. p: 770 509 8797 @desireescales 3. Agenda Intro 3 Black Holes in Many Small Businesses Lifecycle Marketing (& examples) Lifecycle Marketing & Payoff 4. 451% 5. 50% 6. 6 7. Three Questions 1. Why do so many businesses fail? 2. Why do some businesses thrive? 3. What tools can we offer to help more succeed? 8. Why do so many businesses fail? 9. Three Black Holes1 MULTI-SYSTEM MADNESS23ALL FLAWED STRATEGY SURVIVAL MARKETING 10. #1: Multiple-System MadnessDisjointed systems. Manual work. Lost opportunities. 11. #2: Flawed Strategic ApproachCHAOS 12. #3: All Survival Marketing 13. Survival Marketing in Action 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Generate interest Sell to hot leads Get new customers Sigh in relief START OVER 14. Lost Opportunity 1. Lost traffic 2. Lost leads 3. Lost customers 15. Hunting Transactional Feast or Famine Reactive Chaos Habit PointHarvesting Self-Sustaining Predictable Systematic Confidence System All-in-One 16. Problems With Survival Marketing 1. We are frequently chasing the next deal (The market is in control) 2. Our marketing is often disjointed (on again, off again) 3. We dont have confidence that our marketing plan will bring a surplus of customers [Weve been there] 17. Its what makes businesses thrive. 18. a 10 year experiment 19. LIFECYCLE MARKETINGWhy Some Businesses Thrive (And Others Just Survive)9:07 20. Two Foundations of Lifecycle Marketing1. Prospects Are People. 2. Systems Scale Relationships. 21. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 There arePhases 22. The 7 Phases ofThe Customer LifecycleVisitorsOpt-InsHot ProspectsSalesCustomer SatisfactionLifetime Customer ValueReferrals 23. Lifecycle Marketing Planner 24. et) a rg (t ^Know thy customer Basic Characteristics Pains, Problems and Challenges Benefits They Seek Why They Buy From You Most common Objections Who is not your target customer 25. Exercise: Clarify your Target Customer. 26. le cyc eting Life ark MAttract TrafficOnline ADOffline9:20 27. Human Healthy Vending Started as pure hunters Created targeted lead magnets Grew prospect database by 10x 28. Exercise: Pick a topic for your educational magnet 29. Gut Check:How many more visitors could you attract with the right magnets? 30. Questions? 31. e ycl ting c Life arke MCapture LeadsOnline ADOffline9:30 32. Lead Capture: Examples Join Our Newsletter When was the last time you woke up and said: Today I need to join another newsletter...? (Answer: 1998) 33. Lead Capture Gaps Web Traffic that leaves your site Walk-ins that walk out Networking contacts that leave Inbound phone calls Tradeshow visitors who walk by 34. Gut Check:How many visitors are coming to you without you capturing their information? 35. Questions? 36. But remember:Just because youve captured a lead doesnt mean youve earned the rightTO SELL 9:37 37. And itsabout: NOTsetting up a 42-step auto-responder to hammer people 38. Its about being TargetedBuilding a relationshipRelevant TimelyPersonalizedTo establish trust, educate,and convert. 39. e ycl ting c Life arke MNurture ProspectsSEO AD++ 40. The Why Behind Nurturing 81% of sales happen after __ or more contacts 585% of the time we stop after __ or __ contacts12*As referenced from a study of the Sales and Marketing Executive Club of Los Angeles 41. The Cost of Not Nurturing 10,000 (audience)And the Other 90 Prospects? Fall through the cracks 100 (prospects) ZERO follow-up They'll go to your competitor! Its all about TIMING!10 (customers) 42. Gleason Tax1. Spent thousands on marketing and were getting poor results. 2. Discovered gold with educational marketing 3. Benefits of Magnet: Decreased marketing spend by more than 50% At the same time, increased leads by 120% 43. Gleason Tax (Jeanette and Joe) 44. Lifecycle Marketing Before and After 45. Original Runner CompanyJulie Goldman 46. Example: Original Runner Company From Shoebox to customer database Today: 20 different lead nurture follow up systems Sample swatch + follow up Based on wedding date Results: Increased Conversion by 60%!Julie Goldman 47. Example: Minutes MatterUsed lead nurture campaign to follow up with Free Trial prospects: Day 1: Fast Track Plan (sets expectations and preps them for success coach) Day 3: Welcome Day 6: Meet success coach Day 14: Series of how-tos and Studio tips Day 20: Four-day special 20 percent off Day 30: Last day of trial Day 45: We havent heard from youIncreased conversion by 30%! 48. Gut Check:How many prospects do you drop each month because they arent ready to buy today?9:45 49. e ycl ting c Life arke MSEO ADPPCConvert Sales++9:53 50. Earn the rightHELPFUL VERSUS PUSHY [Eliminate the Salesman Stigma] 51. Human Healthy Vending Were spending 8-10 hours per prospect Changed model so reps only talked with qualified, educated prospects (magnets) Decreased time spent selling by 75% They operate like a 20-person marketing department Grew from 0 to $5M+ in 3 years 52. Private Counsel (Attorney) Problems: Impatient shoppers, Client frustration Solution: use content, videos, reports & emails, free value to the prospect/client Breaks mold & pre-empts questions Closes 100% of his appointmentsDavid Hierskorn 53. Gut Check:How many additional prospects would buy each month with great follow-up?9:56 54. Questions? 55. e ycl ting c Life arke MSEO ADPPCDeliver and Satisfy++$++10:05 56. GIVE 57. Ultimate Marketer of the Year Jermaine Griggs 58. Ultimate Marketer of the Year Jermaine GriggsThe Result: Increased Lifetime Customer Value from $90 to $375 59. Customer Service As Marketing 60. Book Recommendation 61. Colorado Example: RARE 62. 5 Reasons Wowing Customers is Important Affirms buying decision. Excites customer about spending money with you and your company. Is an extension of your marketing. Creates opportunities to upsell (more touches). Leads to referrals, gives you a platform to ask for them. 63. Customer Wow Strategies 1. Lottery ticket stapled to invoice. 2. CD/DVD telling company story, and what they are to expect as a customer. 3. Starbucks welcome to the family gift card. 4. Gift Card to 64. The Customer WOW ChallengeWhat could you do to WOW every new customer? 10:13 65. Gut Check:How many customers decide to stop doing business with you each month because you failed to WOW them? 66. e ycl ting c Life arke MSEO ADPPCUpsell Customers++$++10:15 67. Buying Mode 68. What Company Does Upsells Masterfully (for years) 69. What Are Your Fries?? 70. Avg. Transaction Size 27% Increased by ____ Small Business Beat Attract Recession Nurture the Capture Kit TrafficLeadsProspectsConvert SalesDeliver Get Upsell & Satisfy Customers Referrals$400 Upsell$400.00 Upsell 71. Gut Check:How many past customers should be buying again this month but arent (because of poor follow-up/targeted upsells)? 10:20 72. e ycl ting c Life arke MSEO ADPPCGet Referrals++$++10:22 73. Gleason Tax (Jeanette and Joe) Launched customer referral program ($10 gas card) Tax clients automatically got an email. Doubled referrals 74. Gut Check:How many referrals do we lose each month because we dont ask? 10:25 75. Questions? 76. Exercise: Adding Things UpHow Could LCM Benefit Your Business? 77. e ycl ting c Life arke MSEO ADPPCWhat Now? Map out the plan++$++10:32 78. Maps Help You Create A Fluid Strategy Attract. Capture. Nurture. Convert. 79. What tools can we offer to help businesses grow? 80. All-In-One Sales and Marketing Attract and Capture Leads Nurture Prospects Close Sales Wow and Upsell Your Customers Get Referrals 10:42 81. Text the word: CPA 706 432 2355 706 432 2355 706 432 2355 82. THANK YOU! @desireescales @desireescales @desireescales