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The first instalment of TLM Magazine.


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    Chief Editor - Kevon McCarthyCreative Editor - Ikenna DouglasPhotography - Anthony Joseph Ikenna Douglas Kevon McCarthy J.Hamilton

    Special thanks- Stacy Nurse-Joshua Christian Lawrence-Shay Parker- Williams-Annelise Gilliyne


    Editors letter pg4Lil Bits / Go4wd ENT pg 5-9Battle of the sexes (male) pg11Battle of the sexes (female) pg12D Madd company review pg14Madd company pics pg15J.Hamilton photography feature pg17Centerfold model (Tesha) pg18-19Anthony j photography pg20Public submissions-Soe article pg 21Public submissions - Poem pg22What is Tlm pg23Sleep is overated pg24-25Sobeit pg28-29GFX|studios GLOW-vert coverage pg30

    Machel/Swappi @FULLJOYpg.31

    GOT MUSIC ii ?pg.26+27

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  • Firstly I just want to say Thank you, Thank You Thank you. Thank you God, Thank you Mom and Thank you to our closest friends and supports. You all gave us the drive to keep pushing and making this dream a reality. After two years of ups and downs and at the age of 22 years, I am proud to say that I have accomplished my dream. This would not have been possible without my support system ranging from my personal relationship with God to my family and friends who supported me. There are so many people to name that I rather not name any at the risk of forgetting someone. However I would like to thank the team that helped me put this issue together because with out you this truly would not have been possible. To persons reading this and have a dream in your mind, I recommend to you that you stop, pray, analyze then charge with full force and always be ready to dust yourself off and start over. This magazine took me two years, in which time I passed through several ideas, concepts, names business partners and friends. I have lost many friends in this pursuit and even relation-ships but what I am most proud to say is that one thing I can safely say now is that people in my life after these few years are people I trust and appreciate very much. So to my friends if you see me and just get a random hug dont worry be happy. There is so much more I can say but thats for a later date. Again I say thank you all for your support and I really do hope for your continued support in making the TLM brand an international brand synonymous with Truth, Loyalty and Motivation in the entertainment and cultural forums starting from Trinidad and Tobago and spreading to the Caribbean and onwards.

    I thank you and God Bless.

    Kevon W. McCarthy

  • You may know Lil Bitts the entertainer, with hits like Bump, Sweetness and Careful. Every Carnival she has enthralled you with her performances. Now meet Shivonne Churche the businesswoman. Spearheading the company Go 4ward Entertainment along with her brother Sherrard, the Churche siblings seek to pass on their knowledge to the upcoming artistes new to the Soca industry. Go4ward Entertainment is strictly a family affair and was christened by their mother Emerita Sam-brano-Churche who was Lil Bitts original man-ager. The baton is now passed to her brother and they describe the establishment as a world class entertainment outfit. Initially the company was started to manage the

    burgeoning career of Lil Bitts but it has ex-panded to take on the careers of any young artist willing accept the tutelage of the Churche siblings. Lil Bitts says they take the opportunity to teach raw talent how to command the stage from vocal training to song writing and refining their perfor-mances. Sherrard has even had composi-tions make it to the semis and finals of the Junior Soca Monarch Competition. It does not stop there as junior Soca Monarchs and Synergy Soca Stars have also passed through the doors of Go4ward and they ensure that anyone booking an artiste from Go4ward Entertainment is getting their moneys worth. In 2013, Sherrard hopes to add performer to his long resume as he intends to join his sister on stage for Carnival. As for this year, the duo stays focus on Lil Bitts ca-reer which may be expanding further as Lil Bitts is currently studying classical, jazz, and musical theatre genres so many surprises are in store. As for Go4ward en-tertainment she says everyday is a learning process. Lil Bitts says they see improve-

  • ments they see improvements all the time with the company and themselves. Hearing their music on the radio or signing contracts with major companies or making it to the finals to competitions Lil Bitts says is testimony that they are doing something. The secret to their success they say is Be yourself, keep God close at all times!

  • Mikhail

    In every relationship there is a domi-nant and submissive partner, society has taught that the man should always be the dominant partner and the wom-an the submissive. Feminism as well as an increased number of women be-coming educated beyond the primary level has caused a shift in womans roles in society. Women have grown virtually independent of men they no longer need us to provide for them as they often now make more money than their partners. Single parenthood has also caused women to assert themselves and forced them to adopt both male and female roles in the family. As a result gender roles have also shifted to al-

    low for a near total participation of the woman in the running of the household. This translates into an uphill battle for most men who ac-tually do their jobs. Our women use the cover of equal rights to bully and badger us into a subservient role where men no longer have a voice in their rela-tionships, they are now trying to do to us what was done to them by our forefathers. Men are now made to feel as if we have no rights in our relationships. Its as if our birthrights are being taken away from us. The saying A mans home is his castle holds true even to this day, however a king who can com-mand no respect is no king and a man whos woman constantly challenges him can never feel like a real man.


  • SoniaIn every relationship there is a dominant and submissive what? What statistics highlighted that fact? Men usually hide behind society and cultural differences to defend their egotistical need to be in con-trol. However, with great power comes an even greater responsibility and some mens inability to accept such a task defi-nitely blurs the gender roles.The question of who wears the pants? is a figure of speech from olden days when womens roles were to run the home, a herculean task that was reduced to images of barefoot and pregnant, It was a time when women were not allowed to wear the literal pair of pants. Today however, women not only wear pants, we wear po-lice badges and stethoscopes, women fight fires in burning buildings, in the court-room, at work and in the bedroom. We are mothers, sisters, wives, lovers, teachers,

    breadwinners and leaders. So to trivial-ize the strides that women have made over the years to mere feminism, a word most men cant spell is an insult and a clear indication of why our soci-ety deals with issues with such aggres-sion and ignorance.Women now have greater access to education, which al-lows them to make a significant con-tribution financially to the household, FACT! My question however, do men equate their role as strictly financial. Who says that providing for me is lim-ited to money! I have mental, physical and spiritual needs as well. A mans home is STILL his castle, but any true king deserves an equally yoked queen. If men truly feel so emotional about women taking away their birthright, man up, have a discussion with us, lets communicate and iron out all these misunderstandings we BOTH have from the geriatric teachings of our fore parents. We wont bite. at least not unless you want us to. ;)

  • I had so much to say about my views on D MAD Company that I literally wrote 4 ver-sions of this review. In the end I decided to just say what came to mind and not be too technical. The following is my opinion both positive and negative about D MAD Compa-ny.Before we even get into this firstly on be-half of the entire Inter-Local Marketing and TLM Family I would like to say congratula-tions to D MAD Company on winning the NYAC (National Youth Action Commit-tee) award for Excellence & Outstanding achievement in Community Service. It is great to know that these hard working in-dividuals are being recognized for their ef-forts. I wish that they keep up the effort and keep producing this great quality of work.Politics, crime rate, kidnappings, floods, S.O.E.... these are the primary things that come to mind when you think of reviewing 2011. This however was not the case at D MAD Companys 2011 in Review improv show held at UWI in December. This show was my second exposure to the styling of D MAD Company and I must say they never cease to amaze.From the moment you enter the building you can just feel an atmospheric change in terms of the there is always at least two par-ties greeting you at every turn simply say-ing welcome and thank you. Myself being someone involved in customer service found this admirable and it should be maintained. At first I thought that they knew my intent on doing this review because at first it seemed as though I got special treatment because not one cast member passed me with out a smile or a good afternoon. However on looking

    around I noticed that this was the treatment given to all persons attending, from the little child who was playing during the intermis-sion to my former secondary school princi-pal from Queens Royal College.The show in an of itself was extremely enjoyable as it followed the format of one I previously attended however their were some tweaks which from the expressions on the faces of the cast werent expected or planned. None the less the cast conquered any challenge that