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  • If you have yet to be pulled over by a cop, I recommend you do your best not to. On a Sunday evening in January, I was driving home from Publix going down that extended part of Edgewood, almost to the light, when I saw a cop. I started trying to slow down and I thought I was good until he started driving behind me. I turned onto Lincoln, headed home, and then I saw the lights. I felt the cold sweat start because what made this so awful was that this was not just any kind of cop car. This car was specifically one of those special drunk driving police cars. So here I am, pulled over outside of Southwest Middle School with a drunk driver-specific cop car behind me. I was embarassed beyond belief, but it got worse. I had been pulled over for speeding. Now before saying how fast I was going, let me just say I like to drive really fast. The rather annoyed officer of the law, who I had been nothing but nice to, informed me that I was going 49 miles per a 30 mph zone. He smacked me with a ticket amounting to almost $300, and I in turn, I almost cried the whole way home. After I told a lot of adults that story I got a lot of you should of been going slower speeches, but I think my situation turned out pretty great. I never denied I was speeding, cried, gave an excuse, or did anything that made it seem like I was blaming others. I took full responsibility for what I did and was going to take the consequence of it. So the price of my responsibility in this case happens to be a $254.00 ticket, $30.00 fee for driving school so I do not get points on my license and an extra $7 to have the points taken off my license. That brings me to a grand total of $271.00 to learn the value of driving at government prescribed speed limits. I have a long raod of irresponsibile decisions ahead of me in my life, but I know that I can handle the situation. I can take the crap that is thrown at me and I can take the consequences, because I understand that I have to. I hope everyone else discovers that too.

    Responsibility, the hard waybagpipeEDItOR

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  • 3Butterfly Bistro is a highly decorated, invitingly small place off of 1212 S. Florida Ave. The whole place is decorated with butterflies and insects, big and small. It features bright colors, such as yellows and oranges.

    The bistro itself has a Paris theme and is brightly lit. Butterfly Bistro is a place for those who enjoy the odd cuisines. Butterfly Bistro is only open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Thursday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Fridays and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. The Paris and butterfly theme spreads throughout the whole bistro. When you walk in, you are welcomed by the owners themselves, whether it is the main owner or the cook, and you are seated almost immediately. The waitress is the owner and she does nothing but her best to please you. There is just one little bathroom but when you walk into it, you are hit with a refreshing fragrance of violet and a hit of vanilla. The bathroom is very clean. The menu was well-organized and easy to read. They also have kidsmenus for the little ones.Outside the bistro there is a little pond and a bench. The outside area has actual butterflies flying around and they range in size and species. The first thing they do when you get seated is give you a menu and ask you what you would like to drink. The food plates are arranged neatly and look like they just came out of a food magazine. I ordered the chicken salad and it came neatly arranged with the biscuit, warm and filled with sprinkled cheese, with salad dressing on the side. The chicken salad itself was arranged right on top of the green salad leaves.The grilled ham, cheese and bacon sandwich came with salad on the side. Butterfly Bistro features a side salad with most dishes on the menu. The salad had cucumbers and tomatoes that were appetizing and everything brought out was fresh. Every day they have a special dessert, whether it be Red Velvet cupcakes to peanut butter and chocolate cookies. The menu ranged from $1.95 for just a drink $3.25 and $2.25 for a bowl or a cup of soup, respectively. The main courses, sandwiches and salads were in the $7 range, while desserts vary from $1.49-$3.25. I would recommend this bistro if you enjoy peace and quiet and would visit during the daylight hours.

    Article by Dezi Carpenter


    Ham, cheese and bacon grilled sandwich with a side salad.

    photo by Dezi Carpenter

    Chicken salad with a buttery biscuit. photo

    by Dezi Carpenter

    Butterfly Bistro features unique

    atmosphere, inexpensive food

  • 4Student Services

    If you are a junior and have not yet passed the FCAT there are new standards replacing it. In order to meet the same requirements FCAT presented, juniors will now have to acquire either a 430 on their SAT or a composite score of 19 on the ACT.

    Church Women United of Lakeland, Florida is offering a scholarship to senior girls. The application is due by March 13, and you will receive your award on April 6.

    A letter of acceptance to a college or university must accompany the application.

    For more information contact Kathy Swanson at 863-688-6847

    Polk County Retired Educators Association,Unit 1 is offering a scholarship of $500.00 to graduating seniors seeking a degree in the teaching profression.

    The applications are due by March 25 along with copies of official transcripts (Through first sememster) and Sat and ACT scores.

    For more information contact Ruth Cummings at 863-644-3882

    The Polk Education Foundation scholarship application is available. The online application closes February 26 and all materials are due March 1to guidance counselors

    For more information visit:

    4 tips to ace the testFor students who tend to get off track easily but still have the motivation and passion for being at the top of their class, here are four simple tips that will guide you in the way of achieving that goal. Take a look.

    1Do not overload. Studies have shown an increase in crammingbefore tests by 48%. Does this help get a better grade on your test? TheUniversity of Southern California recently conducted a survey involving535 students from Los Angeles high schools who kept a diary for 14 days,logging the amount of time they spent studying and how many hours ofsleep they got. They then recorded whether or not they had academicproblems the next day. The diaries showed that students who didnt getenough sleep that night not only had trouble understanding the lessons the next day, but also did poorly on their exams, tests, and quizzes. It can be concluded that cramming takes away sleep time, and sleep time is shown to be of the most importance. Dr. Paul Nussbaum, a writer for Readers Digest explains that sleep is a highly active time for brain development and brain

    function. Sleep has a major role in the process of memory and how we retain information.

    2 Take clear, precise notes. Dominic OBrien, an expert on passingexams, stated that making mind maps from key words and writing outclear notes are constructive reminders for your next test. OBrien believesthat memorizing material for weeks or months before your exam/testwithin 24 hours and repeating it is the key to concreting the knowledgenecessary. The memory palace, also called the method of loci a nameused by its roman fore fathers, is a technique that uses spatial relationships to establish the content of your memory you choose to keep. This method dates back to the early nineteenth century and also helps with philosophy, rhetoric, and logic.

    3Use legible hand writing. Qualified students of Accountancy ofAlabama University have explained that if you have more spelling errors,and less understandable work, your teacher is not going to make as much

    time to check all your work, or will be exhausted by the amount of mistakes that they will be distracte