the renaissance “the rebirth of europe” 1300-1600

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  • The RenaissanceThe Rebirth of Europe 1300-1600

  • Middle Ages 500 1200 CE Collapse of Roman Empire marks start of Middle Ages

    Key Outcomes of Middle Ages: Leads to eventual formation of 47 new countries Roman Catholic Church gains extreme power Begins a period of cultural decline (arts, literature, etc) Judeo-Christian thought spreads in Europe

  • Social Hierarchy (of Middle Ages)Peasant-Noble-PriestFeudalism

  • Life in the Middle AgesMedieval Man had 3 primary concerns

    Eternal salvation

    Protection from enemies

    Food and shelter

  • Black Death 1347-1352Bubonic plague killed 1/3rd of Europes population 25 million people died in 5 years!

    Medieval Society never recovered from the effect black plague:Labor shortages developed => Workers demanded higher wages => Peasant revolts occurred throughout EuropePeople openly questioned the church: Why did God let this happen?

    people ate lunch with their friendsand dinner with their ancestors

  • Renaissance BeginsWhen:1300 - 1600Meaning: rebirth (in terms of art & learning)

    Began in ITALY & spread north throughout Europe

    Why Italy:Thriving cities meant more tradeFrance and England locked in the 100-years war. (1337-1453)Classical heritage of Greece and Rome

  • Italy ChangesTrade expandsmost of Europe was ruralItaly had more cities due to tradeBanking system rapidly developed

    Wealthy merchant class developedMany became patron of the arts (example: Medici)

    Growth of cities meant new ideas spread quickly

  • 3 Themes of RenaissanceIndividualism Secularism Humanism

  • Never again would western men be so occupied with the nature of the next world that they would be unattentive to the nature of this oneSociety developed a:1) Interest in classical culture2) Curiosity about the world

    3) Belief in Human Potential

  • The Middle Ages Trade ExpandsMerchants gain wealth/powerCity-States developIndividualism Secularism HumanismNew modern societyDevelopment of the Renaissance 1300-1600

  • The Northern RenaissanceLate 1400s Northern Europe recovered from plague & Hundred Years War

    Italy was ruled by city-states England & France ruled by strong monarchs

    Renaissance ideas began to spread north to England, France, Germany & Flanders

  • Monarchs & the RenaissanceNorthern Kings supported artists during Renaissance

    War in Italy caused artists & writers to flee to northern Europe

    Northern Renaissance developed its own unique style

  • The Printing Press Changes the WorldGutenberg invented the printing press 1440The Bible was the first book printed [1455]By 1500 presses in 250 cities printed 9-10 million books

    End result: New ideas spread more quickly than ever beforeWriting in vernacular languages increase

  • Analyze this Cartoon

  • Renaissance Italy

    Social:Economic:Cultural: Religious:Political:

    Increased city living Increased Trade & BankingNew focus on art & literatureLess focus on afterlifeMerchant class gained powerKey Historical changes:


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