the renaissance (rebirth) and reformation 1447-1600

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  • The Renaissance(Rebirth) and Reformation1447-1600

  • Preview and ProcessingWho do you think the painting is of and why?What unique features can you see in the painting that you would not have seen in art prior to the Renaissance?What makes Renaissance Art revolutionary?

  • Ideal ManCharming, Polite, WittyWell educated in Greek and LatinHe should be able to dance, write poetry, sing and play musicHe should be physically graceful and strong a skilled rider wrestler and swordsmanSEEK FAME

  • Ideal WomanWell educated in Greek and LatinWrite well, paint, make music , danceBe charmingExpected to inspire poetry and art but rarely to create itDOES NOT SEEK FAME

  • The Sexiest Man AliveLouis XIV of FranceThe Sun King

  • Characteristics of Renaissance ArtAlways takes you to another room (indoor or out)Often of a religious natureReflect common lifeApples = Gods dominionOne Candle = Gods presence

  • Shoes off = respect for godDogs = loyaltyFruit = wealthThere are always tons of sexual under tones.Paintings emphasis the dominance of man (patriarch v. matriarch)

  • Arena Chapel


  • Divine Comedy

    Dante 1308-1321

  • Petrarchs Love Sonnet to Laura It was the day the sun's ray had turned pale with pity for the suffering of his Maker when I was caught, and I put up no fight, my lady, for your lovely eyes had bound me.

  • The Medici FamilyPolitical rulers; Funded much of the RenaissanceOften depicted in religious context; demonstrates their believed superiority

  • Donatello

  • The Healing of the Cripple & Resurrection of TabithaMasaccio

  • Niccolo MachiavelliThe Prince 1513Most people were selfish, fickle & corruptRulers may need to trick there enemies & their own people for the good of the stateNot concerned w/ morally rt. but w/ politically effectiveThe end justifies the means.

  • The Sistine ChapelMichelangelo

  • Pieta


    A Pieta is Mary holding the crucified body of Jesus.

  • Madonna and ChildSassoferrato Making the ConnectionA Madonna is Mary and the Baby JesusThis is the most common image used on the postal stamp.

  • School of Athens Raphael, 1510

  • 1:Zeno of Citium 2:Epicurus 3:Federico II of Mantua 4:Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius 5:Averroes 6:Pythagoras 7:Alexander the Great 8:Antisthenes 9:Hypatia 10:Aeschines 11:Parmenides 12:Socrates 13: Michelangelo 14:Plato, (Leonardo da Vinci) 15:Aristotle 16:Diogenes of Sinope 17:Plotinus 18:Euclid or Archimedes with students 19:Zoroaster 20:Ptolemy (Raphael) 21:Protogenes

  • Henry VIIIHans Holbein1537The Royal Painter

  • The Wedding Portrait Jan Van Eyck, 1431

    Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife

  • Making the ConnectionCompare and contrast the class divisions seen in the paintings of peasant and noble dances / parties.What conclusions can you draw?

  • The Peasant WeddingPieter Bruegel 1568

  • The Peasant DancePieter Bruegel 1568

  • Mona Lisa

    Leonardo da Vinci1503-1506The true Renaissance man

  • Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci 1495-98 15.09 x 28.87 ft.

  • The Money Lender and His WifeQuentin Massys1514

  • The ReformationPreview and ProcessingWhy did many people believe that the RCC needed reforming?How did the Reformation affect the development of the RCC in terms of its power and influence?

  • Fearful childLightening=monkOctober 31, 1517John Tetzel; Indulgences95 ThesesPrinting press ReformationEdict of WormsMartin LutherA Heretic!

  • Catholics v. Protestants

    Salvation through worksPope is the authority for Christian lifeOnly the Priest or RCC can offer forgiveness; prayer must be through a secondary partySalvation by faith aloneBible only authority for Christian lifePriesthood of all believers; direct line to God

  • Henry VIIIDefender of the Faith

  • John CalvinPredestinationHuguenots

  • John KnoxPresbyterPresbyterians

  • Ignatius and the JesuitsFounded schoolsConvert non Christian to CatholicStop spread of Protestantism

  • The Counter ReformationCouncil of TrentPopes interpretation of the Bible was finalSalvation through faith & worksBible & church w/ = authority for guiding a Christian's lifeIndulgences, pilgrimages & veneration of holy relics were allowedCreated an Index of Forbidden Books

  • Making the Connection HWWho was Thomas More?Where was he from?What book did he write? Year?What was his connection to Henry VIII?What ultimately happened to him and why?Who was Erasmus?What country was he from?What book did he write? Year?What do he and More have in common?Did he and More ever meet?

  • The Scientific RevolutionGeocentric (Ptolemy) v. Heliocentric (Copernicus)Galileo: TelescopeForced to recant his findings or be burned @ the stake

  • Keplers Laws of Planetary MotionPlanets revolve around the sun in elliptical orbitsPlanets move faster as they approach the sunTime it take planets to orbit depends on how close they are to the sun

  • Meanwhile back in EnglandHenry VIII used the Protestant Reformation to justify his divorce from his wife Catherine of Aragon.He is desperate for a male heir.So much for Defender of the Faith.

  • The Tudors

  • War of the RosesYork (white) v. Lancaster (red)

  • Catherine of AragonMary I (27)

  • Elizabeth IAnne Boleyn

  • Jane SeymourEdward VI Came to power in 1542 @ age 9. Died in 1553 @ age 15.

  • Anne of ClevesDivorced

  • Katherine HowardBeheaded for adultery

  • Catherine ParrOutlived Henry who died on January 28, 1547