The Production and consumption of culture

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  1. 1. Name: Gausvami Surbhi A. Sem: 2 Paper: Cultural studies Paper No: 8 Submitted to: Dr. Dilip Barad, Department of English MKBU university Enrollment No: 2069108420170008 Email id: Roll No: 24 Batch year: 2016-18
  2. 2. Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notion of time, concepts of universe, acquired by group of people. Culture is communication and communication is the culture Culture is generally considered to be the tradition of people that are transmitted from generation to generation
  3. 3. Culture is the mode of generating meanings and ideas This mode is negotiation over which meanings are valid. Meanings are governed by power relationship. Elite culture controls the meanings. Non-elite views on the life and art are rejected as testless or useless.
  4. 4. Culture is not natural thing but it is produced The production and consumption of culture is linked to: (1) Matters of class (2) Matters of economy (3) Matters of representation
  5. 5. (1) Made (2) Marketed (3) Consumed
  6. 6. Popular culture is the way of life in which and by which the dominant society lives. Ray Brown: Popular culture is the everyday culture of a group, large or small of people Popular culture is the voice of the people, their practice, likes and dislikes, the lifeblood, of their daily existence Popular culture is the culture of masses.
  7. 7. Elite culture is related to power. power is the ability to make others do what you would them to do Way of life is culture who is in power. who decide that Shakespeare must be read but not Chetan Bhagat Father of nation National song, national flag, power politics
  8. 8. Physical Force Wealth State action Social norms Ides Numbers


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