Marginalized Audiences and Popular Culture Consumption

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my report for Media 331: Media and Popular Culture at the College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman - PhD Media Studies program


  • 1. Marginalized Audiences and Popular Culture Consumption Cindy Cruz 86-16518 PhD Media Studies Media 331 Dr . Roland Tolentino
  • 2. TEDTalks Diliman: Art Art Ka Diyan
  • 3. Marginalized Audiences (class, gender, race) Women Bakla / gay in diaspora The Philippine masses postcolonial psyche Popular Culture Consumption Creation of meaning based on experience and outlooks Interpretation Negotiation Assertion Validity of Consumption, Meaning-making Theodor Adorno vs. John Fiske Continuously contested and negotiated meanings, anomalous categories (nature/culture)
  • 4. From Darna to Zsazsa Zaturna: Desire and Fantasy by Soledad Reyes Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora by Martin Manalansan Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader edited and introduced by John Storey Dallas and the Ideology of Mass Culture by Ien Ang Feminist Desire and Female Pleasure by Ien Ang Reading Reading the Romance by Janice Radway Feminism and Popular Culture by Morag Shiach
  • 5. Dallas and the Ideology of Mass Culture by Ien Ang
  • 6. Analysis: I wanted... to understand this pleasure without having to pass judgment on whether Dallas is good or bad. Ideology of Mass Culture: popular cultural products and practices as bad mass culture Identity as a person of taste or (selfappointed) cultural expert distinguishes one from others who dont recognize bad mass culture Dismissive of mass culture and those who are taken by it
  • 7. Popular culture and ideology of mass culture: ways people talk about culture vs. peoples cultural practices Populist position: refusal to let preferences be determined by the ideology of mass culture Dialectic between the intellectual dominance of the ideology of mass culture and the spontaneous, practical attraction of the populist ideology
  • 8. Bourgeois aesthetic: an art object is judged according to extremely formal, universalized criteria devoid of subjective passions and pleasures Popular aesthetic: significance of a cultural object can differ from person to person and from situation to situation Based on affirmation of continuity of cultural forms and daily life, a deep-rooted desire for participation, and emotional involvement the recognition of pleasure, and that pleasure is a personal thing
  • 9. From Darna to Zsazsa Zaturna: Desire and Fantasy by Soledad Reyes
  • 10. Of Borders and Margins: Some Perspectives on Philippine Popular Texts The bakya crowd: term for popular taste that captured elitist contempt for products produced for and consumed and positively lapped up by the lower class Arbiters of taste: authority figures (educated elite, literati, culturati, intelligensia) prescribed how texts must be written and analyzed
  • 11. Public: incapable of doing anything but uncritically accept fare served to them Can interpret and produce their own meanings, shaped by their own experience and understanding of life Text as site of complex contestations, prolonged negotiations colonial discourse, values inversion and rejection Native vs. Foreign (the quintessential secondrate, trying-hard copycat)
  • 12. Fernando Poe, Jr.: The Making of a Legend FPJ films: deeply immersed codes and conventions of popular literature FPJ acted in and directed films which remained traditional and conformed to conventional patterns in plot structure, character delineation, point of view, language development, and utilization of a recurring and universal theme. The rich and the intelligent are powerless to regulate popular perceptions.
  • 13. Readers and Viewers and the League of Extraordinary Creators Television series resonate with the viewers needs that go beyond the wish to occupy their time, to be offered entertaining fare. There is something more to discover in these popular forms that labels such as bad art that provides instant gratification can ever approximate. Because these texts have been products of specific sociohistorical conditions... they deserve to be treated with more respect, especially in the academe that still subscribes to the Great Western Tradition.
  • 14. Feminism and Popular Culture by Morag Shiach
  • 15. Culture is a space of meaning, creativity and humanism It is ordinary and the way of life as a whole of any particular social or national group Popular culture as a site of resistance The working-class people participated in history, struggling to shape it, rather than being subjected to it (not helpless victims of historical change) Cultural forms exclude or marginalize women, describing them as representative of the typical working-class condition
  • 16. The production of popular texts assumed masculinity in models of collective and public cultural consumption. The attempt to develop a feminist critique has driven women increasingly towards questions of pleasure and consumption, and away from those of history and production. Examination of isolated economic and cultural role of housewife, relations of reproduction, and ideology of romance fiction Consumption of soap operas and romance fiction is a transgressive act, if not progressive Transgressive relations with cultural commodities
  • 17. Reading Reading the Romance by Janice Radway Feminist Desire and Female Pleasure by Ien Ang
  • 18. Reading Reading The Romance Romance fiction: the differences between popular and elite literature Even an ethnographic description of a natives point of view must be an interpretation... my own construction of my informants construction of what they were up to in reading romances. Romance reading is a profoundly conflicted activity centered upon a profoundly conflicted form ( constituted a rebellion against the patriarchal role they subscribed to) The hero is constructed androgynously: spectacular masculine phallic power and capacity for tenderness and attentive concern.
  • 19. Feminist Desire and Female Pleasure The pleasureableness of the pleasure of romance reading is missing from Radways interpretive framework The intrusion of Radways politicizing agenda in the ethnography is suspect The judgment on romance reading and their social practice: An illusion of pleasure while it leaves their real situation unchanged The repetitious reading of romantic fictions offers... the opportunity to continue to enjoy the excitement of romance and romantic scenes without being intereupted by the dark side of sexual relationships.
  • 20. Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora by Martin Manalansan
  • 21. Bakla vs. Gay Byuti and Drama Philippine vs. American cultural icons and representations (Philippine badings language and accompanying body language vs. the disco-dancing Oscar Wilde-reading Streisand ticket-holding friend of Dorothys) Body image and codes of dressing Places and spaces: homes, gay establishments Fear of Tita Aida (AIDS) and Tita Imee (Immigration)
  • 22.