The Future of Mobile Marketing: 20 Expert Predictions For 2015

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In this SlideShare, you'll find 20 predictions from business people with experience in various marketing disciplines - from search advertising and content marketing to product marketing and branding. As you flip through the pages, you'll find a common theme: today's customer journey is complex. We hope that these predictions help you get in the #mobilemindset for 2015.


  • 1. Greetings!Its that time of year - theres a chill in the air, the holidays are around the cornerand the predictions for 2015 are rolling in. What better way to get a pulse on howmarketers will be using mobile in the coming year than by tapping some of thesmartest minds in industry?In this SlideShare, youll find 20 predictions from business people with experience invarious marketing disciplines - from search advertising and content marketing toproduct marketing and branding. As you flip through the pages, youll find acommon theme: todays customer journey is complex. People are connecting withbrands across channels and devices like never before. As a result, mobile cannot bea standalone must be part of your plan to create and measure aseamless customer experience.We hope that these predictions help you get in the #mobilemindset for 2015.Looking forward to a great year ahead!All the best,The Invoca Team#mobilemindset

2. Mobile has changed the customerengagement game. Its role differs ateach stage in the buyers journey.Marketers will evolve from responsivedesign lead generation emails andbranded apps to using various mobilefeatures like SMS to establish morepersistent relationships across the fullrelationship lifecycle.Christine CrandellPresident of New Business contributorchriscrandell#mobilemindset 3. In 2015, advertisers and publishers will increasinglyturn to mobile programmatic advertising to meet theiruser acquisition and mobile monetization needs.In fact, advertiser spend on mobile programmatic willgrow significantly in 2015, reaching an estimated$8.4 billion, from an estimated $4.4 billion in 2014."#mobilemindsetDaryl ColwellSVP of Business Development, Matomydhcolwell 4. "In 2015, more advertisers will realize that theeffectiveness of mobile marketing cannot bemeasured standalone, as if its a channel.Understanding how todays interconnected customerinteracts with brands across channels, across devices,and in the physical world is a complicated business.I expect this to drive innovation in analytics."#mobilemindsetScott MitchellManager, Interactive MarketingThe Home Depotscott29x 5. "In 2015, B2B marketers will double down on theirmobile strategy. As their potential buyers shift fromresearching on their desktop to their mobile devices,its going to be vital that B2B content and lead formsare optimized for mobile with a seamless experienceacross all three screens (desktop, tablet, phone)."#mobilemindsetJason MillerSr. Manager of Content MarketingLinkedIn Marketing SolutionsjasonmillerCA 6. "The days of seeing mobile as an interestingexperiment next to the traditional web experienceare over and an integrated marketing approach tocommunication, conversion, and engagement acrossall platforms will drive future business growth."#mobilemindsetLaura GoldbergCMO, LegalZoomlegalzoom 7. #mobilemindsetIn 2015 marketers will realize that"mobile" is not just a small form factor,but the primary communication vehiclebetween a company and its customers.It will be a year of opportunity formarketers to re-imagine their digitalmarketing programs to deliver uniqueexperiences that weren't possible before.Kraig SwensrudCMO at Campaign Monitorkswensrud 8. "2015 will be the year that pay-per-call marketinggoes mainstream, as more marketers beginto realize that phone calls are a way to quicklyimpact the bottom line and create a better#mobilemindsetcustomer experience."Todd DunlopPresident and Founder, RingPartnertodddunlop 9. "Mobile is the mechanism that makesmodern marketers realize that theyneed to reach people where they are which might not be on your ownwebsite. So rather than spending timeand energy driving engagement andaction where *we* want it to takeplace, we instead embrace the realitythat we need to go where ourcustomers are."Ann HandleyChief Content Officer, MarketingProfsannhandley#mobilemindset 10. In 2015 marketers will start embracing cross-deviceretargeting. We'll be able to retarget on any screenbased on previous mobile activity - mobile visits, appusage and searches. Well also see proximity remarketingemerge - iBeacons will capture real world activity andmarketing tools will target consumers based onreal-world places theyve been. Exciting stuff!#mobilemindsetSusan WaldesSVP of Client ServicesFive Mill Marketingsuzyvirtual 11. The main obstacle for mobile advertising growthis not only the lack of mobile sites and landingpages, but also the lack of proper mobile websitestrategies, including A/B and multivariatetesting plans. That's the theme for 2015.#mobilemindsetMarc PoirierCo-Founder and EVP Business DevelopmentAcquisiomarcpoirier 12. "Mobile technology has changedthe rules of engagement. Next year,marketers will start seriously takingadvantage of multi-screen,multichannel connectivity. Theyllget over their digital tunnel visionand start creating - and measuring -customer experiences that take placeboth online and offline."Eric HomlenPresident, Invocaeholmen#mobilemindset 13. As we see consumers increase their use of mobiledevices in the buying process; next year advertiserswill need to strive to understand the importance oftheir customer behavior across multiple devices andchannels while evolving their campaigns to boostreach, cut waste and increase conversions with themost optimal marketing spend.#mobilemindsetNalini ChaterpaulMarketing ManagerDigital Marketing Group, DirecTV 14. "We are in the midst of an apprevolution. Customers can easilycompare products and services onlinefor price and quality from any device.Moving into next year, it will be moreimportant than ever for marketers todifferentiate themselves by creatingan unequaled customer experience."#mobilemindsetDan DarcySVP, Product Experience, Salesforcedandarcy 15. "Content personalization will be the coming trendin 2015, especially for the mobile device. Data willflow more freely as marketing and technologybusiness units become more involved with each other.This will bring a new era of personalization andbehavior-based content that will drive increasedrevenue and engagement."#mobilemindsetKyle LacyDirector, Global Content Marketing & ResearchSalesforce Marketing Cloudkyleplacy 16. "The average mobile user checks a device morethan 150 times a day, creating a massive reachopportunity and an equally enormous challenge.In 2015, increased acknowledgment of thelimitations of cookie-based technology willamplify the importance of linking all visitorinteractions across an individuals devices."#mobilemindsetJay FamicoPractice Director, Marketing & Sales TechnologySiriusDecisionsjayfamico 17. "This year, time spent in mobile apps surpassed timespent on desktops. Sessions that used to start withweb searches are now starting directly within apps.Thus, marketers will need to embrace new mobilenative ad networks and ad formats (e.g. FacebookAtlas) in order to get their marketing messages towhere people are actually spending their online time."#mobilemindsetLarry KimFounder and CTO, Wordstreamlarrykim 18. #mobilemindset"Several studies have shown that brands are stillfailing to deliver optimized mobile experiences toconsumers. In 2015, more brands will finally realizethey can't keep losing sales to competitors andcontinue hurting their brand with bad mobileuser experiences.Danny GoodwinManaging Editor at LinkdexDannyNMIGoodwin 19. "With mobile search expected to continue its meteoricrise, 2015 will be the year that marketers look beyondthe click and begin to incorporate calls into their paidsearch strategy. Getting a clear picture of mobile ROI online and offline will be critical for determiningthe success of these efforts."#mobilemindsetAbid ChaudhrySenior Director of Industry Strategy and InsightBIA/Kelseyabidc 20. "Unfortunately, I expect B2B marketers will remainfar behind their B2C counterparts in activelyleveraging mobile to drive attention, engagement#mobilemindsetand conversion among their prospects.Lets change that!"Matt HeinzPresident, Heinz Marketing Inc.heinzmarketing 21. "Nearly 60 percent of B2Bcompanieshave some experience with mobilemarketing. However, the benefits arefrequently limited, since mobilemarketing tactics are usually notintegrated into all marketingprograms. In 2015, we expect thelaggards to move beyond the pilotor "mobile veneer" stage of theirmobile efforts to develop a consistentlong-term strategy."Gil CanareResearch Director, Demand Creation StrategiesSirius Decisions#mobilemindsetgcanare