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At 48 pages, our biggest edition yet, the March issue focuses on Guildford - in particular the upcoming Heritage Festival as part of a ten page special on Guildford, including features on Guildford Pantry and the Guildford Hotel. There are several articles on food; the CWA monthly cooking class, a review of the Stirling Arms, Chef-Explorer Brendan Murphy's story about the oldest Pub in England, a review of the House of Honey's new Meadery and much, much more.


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    Dear Sir, As a volunteer servant of this government and following the recent controversy of increased crime statistics and the investigation as to how to further prevent or lessen criminal behaviour, I believe we only need to look at the root cause of much of our maligned society. Not to be blaming one another or blaming the Police and their Departments. We can only do what we can with the resources we have, ultimately the responsibility is of the consumer and the general public. The blame also can be squarely placed upon the proliferation of alcohol outlets and the ease to which a juvenile could obtain this product, and yes, this will eventually develop into the use of drugs, but let us start from the beginning of why. Parental supervision and mentor direction, of the consumption of Alcohol and the subsequent abuse. I have undertaken a study of this problem within our society and it has taken me into the void of population to discover the number of children of Perth's suburbs and the proximity of alcohol sales outlets, of the many schools within

    our suburbs, many are within 1km radius of alcohol sales outlets. A recent study undertaken in the Public Interest Assessment for Liquorland in a particular suburb listed its primary object, as to regulate the sale and consumption of liquor; and then contrary to this it stated its objects were to minimise harm or ill-health due to the cause of the use of liquor. In my view then, this would be easy by not having any alcohol available in the first instance. But then further into this submission is was noted that there were no indications of alcohol related problems within this particular suburb; well naturally, as there is not yet a liquor outlet, of course there is no problem. My logic tells me that if we establish an outlet available for the purchase and consumption of liquor, we will have an anti-social behaviour and an increase in crime, it goes hand in hand. But unfortunately the profits of many corporate organisations do not take into consideration the impact of their sales upon the community, not the least the children of our future, they are only concerned for their shareholders, not the people of the streets. This is one and possibly the first step in preventing crime develop beyond our control, before leading into the harder and synthetic drug use, instead of blaming the Police and their administration. I thank you for your time and support.

    Terrance WesTon JPsecreT Harbour

    PERCEPTION AND REALITYMy little Scots granny used to say It doesnt matter how things are to most people, it only matters how they appear to be. I have been thinking about this quite a lot over the past month or so with the current hysteria about Cardinal Pell, Peta Credlin, Maria Sharapova and Malcolm Turnbull. Now these may not seem to have anything obviously in common, but in each case their actual persons are far removed from their public image and personas. Id like to talk about this for a bit because I think its important to distinguish between the two and look past the media coverage and howling pack of he/shes a witch, burn her/him Or in Turnbulls case Hes a saviour, anoint him. Maria Sharapova was recently the best female tennis player in the world and is still the seventh best, her earning run into millions. She has been an inspiration and an ideal for women for years. Now shes been suspended from tennis for two years and branded a drug cheat and some of her sponsors have made leaving noises. But what has actually happened? Firstly let us disabuse ourselves of the idea that shes a female Lance Armstrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. She failed a test for the drug meldonium, which is a medication used in the treatment of angina. She has been taking the drug under medical advice for ten years. It was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency from the 1st of January this year, which means it was permissible to take it up until the 31st December, 2015 - eight weeks ago. There is absolutely no evidence that it enhances performance. The reason it was banned was because some athletes think it improves their performance for which belief there is no empirical evidence. Unlike caffeine, for example, which actually does improve performance but is not banned. Just think about that for a moment. The WADA has banned a drug which doesnt enhance performance but because it may have a placebo effect. Are these the people we want running sport? Should she have read the list of updated banned drugs more carefully? Probably. Is a two-year suspension a massive over-reaction to a very minor transgression? Most assuredly. And as a final note, who will suffer more, Maria - who can now retire to count her money, or tennis as a sport which has lost one of its brightest and most inspiring stars? By stark contrast the ground swell of adoration surrounding Mr Turnbull after the leadership coup was always illusory - past bitter experience of Turnbull as leader in opposition should have warned the Liberal party, but, caught up in the general panic and low opinion polls Turnbull seemed the saviour to all those desperate to hang on to power at any cost. His persona, widely trumpeted by his supporters to anyone who would listen, was that of a genuine leader who would consult and confer while being in touch and supporting a republic,

    a Carbon Tax and fast internet for all. It wasnt suggested that he could walk on water, but it was hinted that was only because hed never tried. Now that the honeymoon between he and the press is coming to an end, as it was inevitably going to do, and his much-vaunted communication skills laid bare for all to see in its waffling, digressive, meandering, interspersed with asides, caveats and digressions shallowness it would seem he may have another record to break. The only Australian Prime Minister to lead a one term government before being defeated. Malcolm was given the opportunity of a lifetime and in five to six months it appears he has blown it. - Jeff Kennett, former Premier of Victoria. Given the dubious charms of Mr Shorten, this is a massive come-down for Mr Turnbull, who sacrificed every belief he had, every political tenet to gain power, only to have it crumble under his hand. He may scrape through, although my prediction is that the National Party will see massive gains in seats and the ALA, a completely unknown quantity, draw a lot of Conservative votes into the Senate and he will require a shaky alliance, possibly even another minority government to govern. Cardinal Pell is another case where he has been made the visible and obvious face of the

    Catholic Churchs many failings to those children surrendered into its uncaring care. He has been accused of being a paedophile himself on no evidence whatsoever, accused of covering up the crimes of paedophile priests when the exact opposite is true. He was vilified for not testifying at the Royal Commission and facing justice when he had in fact appeared twice before this latest, February hearing. He has also been accused of faking the illness that prevented him flying from Italy to testify when his heart disease has been well documented since 2010 when he was hospitalised. And in any case his evidence to the Commission would be the same if he were in the room or on video link - and no one who saw the Cardinal can say he was less than painfully honest. As for Peta Credlin, the unsubstantiated gossip being peddled under the guise of journalism is so vile and so obviously a revenge attack that it doesnt bear repeating save to say that the book has been written by a woman who has boasted of her ability to lie and to harbour grudges against those she does like: As a journalist I lied often, usually about my sources, but about other things, too. - Niki Savva

    It doesnt matter how things are to most people, it only matters how they appear to be. Smart woman, my granny.

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