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BusinessLinkMarch 2011

Accelerate Your Growth!

Turning a craft into a dream businessHow to Write Your Own Bankable Business Plan A Step-by Step Guide Part 2

Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

How to Start a 10 Ways to Differentiate Your Commuter Customer Service & Make Transport Business Your Clients Feel How Profitable and Actually Valued

Sustainable Is It?


ContentsInside SME BusinessLink This MonthRegulars3. Publishers Brief 5. Unleashing Your Greatness -Where is Your Dream?

Starting a Business6. How to Start a Commuter Transport Business How Profitable and sustainable is it? 8. How he did it: Cliffe Chiremba of Smart Glue and Chemicals 9. Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business 2011 10. Your Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business in Zimbabwe: How to set up a Private Limited Company 11. How to Write a Bankable Business Plan: Layout and Developing a Powerful Executive Summary

Running a Business13 . Office and Home Security Equipment 14. The SME BusinessLink Interview: Christina Nziradzemhuka How She Turned a Craft into a Dream Business

Finance17 .Seven Ways to Finance Your Business 19.Start ups on a Shoe String: How Three Entrepreneurs Started Business with less than $150 22. Good Record Keeping Which Records Must You Keep and For How Long? 23 . Cost Cutting Wont Get You ThereFEBRUARY 2011

SME BusinessLinkMarch 2011 Issue No.03

Sales & Marketing24. High Impact Low Cost Marketing Strategies Marketing Basics for the Small Business 26. Timing Your Offers to Sell 29. Ten Ways to Differentiate Your Customers Service and Make Your Clients Actually Feel ValuedSME BusinessLink is produced by Admiral Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd Admiral Business Systems is the leading provider of insights, resources and opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe Our services to entrepreneurs include this magazine, Entrepreneurial and Business Resource books, training services and the full range of business consultancy services. Phillip Chichoni Director

Leadership & People Management31. How to Deliver Really Bad News

Personal Development & Health32. How to Keep Going When Youre Out of Fuel

Innovation35. Innovation Lessons From Small Businesses

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Insights, resources and opportunities for entrepreneursPage 2 SME BusinessLink March 2011

Publishers Brief

Phillip Chichoni

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurial Achievers During International Womens MonthThe month of March celebrates International Womens Day on the 8th. This year is the 100th anniversary of IWD..

SME Businesslink wishes to celebrate with Zimbabwean women, recognizing those women who have made extraordinary achievements in entrepreneurship and small business. I invite you, our readers, to identify those women who have made some contribution to entrepreneurship, either through starting their own businesses, helping others to get into business or playing whatever role you feel has made a difference. Follow the instructions on the next page. The outlook for small business is very encouraging indeed. The signing of the Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement between the governments of Zimbabwe and Botswana marks a step forward in easing the liquidity crisis in the financial system. We hope a significant portion of the US$70 million to be loaned to local industry will go to SMEs, who have been battling to get funds for working capital as well as re-equiping their firms. Those who have been following my newsletters and website will recall that sometime last year, I forwarded an email from the Ministry of SMEs advising those interested in accessing the funds to forward their proposals directly to the Ministry. However, this time I understand that proposals should be forwarded to commercial banks, who shall be handling the applications and disbursements of the funds. We will keep you updated. The March issue of SME Businesslink magazine is once again packed with insights, resources and opportunities to help accelerate your growth. We feature stories about local entrepreneurs, which we hope will motivate you, whether you want to start or grow your business. Entrepreneurs are ordinary people, they are just not satisfied with ordinary things. We also look at the popular commutter transport business; is it worth investing in? Please help us improve by letting us know what you think about the magazine, and tell us issues that you want featured. This March issue is on CD again, but the April issue will be in print. Dont miss it in the second week of April. Or, better still, subscribe now at our special promotional prices valid until 31 March and you will be guaranteed a copy. (See page 4 for details)

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SME BusinessLink March 2011

SME BUSINESSLINK WOMEN ACHIEVERS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPETITIONJoin SME Businesslink in celebrating International Women's Day and women's month of March by recognizing women who have made extraordinary achievements in entrepreneurship and small business. Its very simple: Your nomination must include your name and email address, your nominated achievers plus brief descriptions of their achievements (why you are nominating them) in 20 words or less per nominee. Three entries stand a chance to win the following prizes: Goods Vouchers from our sponsors (Beauty products, office products, etc) A 6 months subscription to SME Businesslink Magazine A copy of the book High Impact Low Cost Marketing Strategies for SMEs A copy of either the book Business Planning Simplified or 101 Tips For Your Business in 2011. Nominations may be made in either of the following ways: 1. By email to 2. By posting on the Facebook page Example My name is XXX XXX email address Nominee 1 xxx xxx of location xxxxx. Her achievement:xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx Nominee 2 etc

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SME BusinessLink March 2011

Guest CommentUnleashing Greatness!Where is Your Dream?On 28 August 1963, Martin Luther King in his famous speech bequeathed to us this line: I have a dream today. True, everyone can have a wish but few people have real burning, inspiring dreams that they have turned into magnificent obsessions. Once you embrace a powerful dream you are unstoppable. You can be delayed but you cannot be denied. Unearth your Dreams For most people, their dreams are now buried under the debris of frustration, excuses, disappointments, delays, denial, retrenchments and a lot more. Dreams can only die if you let them. Letting dreams die is a choice, so is letting dreams live. Refuse to flash your dreams down the drain of despair. Choose to dig, refresh and pursue your dreams. Your dreams are your life and they are your prized assets. Dreams will keep you alive and they are the most powerful motivator that I know. Pursue your dreams until they are begging for mercy. Talk your Dreams Dreams can easily die if you do not verbalise them. Words are powerful and words are things. Talk about your dream and talk to your dream. Amplify your dreams with your mouth. When you share your dream with people of like-mind you strengthen the dream. When you share your dream you never know who is listening and who is willing to support it. There is more support that is available in the world than you can use. Its just that people do not know what your dream is. People cannot support what they do not know. God will never move to help you realize your dream when He does not know about your dream. Talk to Him about the dream. Crystallize and Refine Your Dreams Dreams are like gems or diamonds. When you dig them from the ground they usually look rough and unattractive. Their value increases when they are cut, and polished. When you conceive your dreams they are usually in rough form. You need to crystallise them through writing them down. You polish them through learning, information and getting other ideas to add to your dream. Parading unpolished dreams will simply make you a clown. The market for unprocessed dreams is very small. This is why so many people get frustrated when people reject their ideas and trash their dreams. Refine them. Use peoples rebuffs as shaping tools. Picturise Your Dreams Bring your dreams to earth by picturising your dreams. Get someone to draw a sketch or plan for your dream house. Instead of keeping that book in the harness of the world of dreams write an outline of the book and start writing 100 words a day. Look for a model that resembles your dream and place it on your desk. Go get the brochure for your dream. Do something that makes your dream look concrete. Act on Your Dream Nothing will change until action happens. When you do not act on your dream, it soon turns into a nightmare. Martin Luther King Jr. did not say he had a nightmare, but a dream. He took action and even the act of delivering his speeches was part of acting on his dream. Take action daily. Do not wait, do not procrastinate. There is a whole generation waiting for your dream to be realized. The worst terrorists are people who are too timid to act on their dreams, too lazy to act, and I know that that is not you! Milton Kamwendo The Motivation Comp