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2. Who we areSticky Skins was establishedto cater to the simplicity aswell as the eccentricities ofour customers as depictedby our CEOs hairdosthroughout the process oflaunching this company.Our main aim was to createa company that will cater tothe growing demand forindividuality and self-expression in an era whereeveryone wants to stand outand differentiate him/herself from others and thatincludes the way we dressour gadgets and not justourselves. 3. What is a sticky Skin?Sticky Skins is the perfect accessory that bothpersonalizes as well as protects any device. Withcustom cut material that uses innovativetechnology with pressure-activated adhesive andair release technology, Sticky Skins is easilyplaced but more importantly removed withoutleaving any trace of residue or damage to thedevice. 4. Sticky Skins Target AudienceSticky Skins appeal to a fairly large audiencegiven the number of devices as well as thevariety of designs and genres that are available.Interest transcends individuals to also play apivotal role in the corporate and retail worldand with our capabilities in skinning the latestdevices, we have grown our fan base anddiversied interest both in gender, age and moreimportantly geographic location. 5. What can Sticky Skins be used on?We can Skin anything & we are constantly adding devicesto the Sticky Skins line but some of our more populardevices include, but are not limited to the following: iPhone 4 & 3G Blackberry Tour 9630 Blackberry Bold 9000 Amazon Kindle 3 Apple iPad 1 & 2 Apple iPod Touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th generationsWe didnt stop at phones, ourofferings include skins for laptops,net books and gaming devices.We are also able to create a line for adevice that is specic to your regionif and when requested. 6. Sticky skins in the Brand WorldSticky Skins isnt only for individuals, our unique product can be integratedwith any promotion, customer reward program, product launch, activity orevent being planned by big, medium or small organizations. We offer brandsa unique opportunity to increase sales, drive perception and move ahead ofcompetition. Here is what you get: Customized designs Fits over 1,000 of the most popular devices Exceptional photo and digital printing technology Pressure activated-adhesive technology 110% customer driven 7. Sticky skins Brand World Case StudyWhen PepsiCo Egypt planned their biggest re-launch in 2011introducing the new Pepsi logo, they chose Sticky Skins as akey element to drive perception and awareness bothinternally and externally. The campaigns objective was toempower expression about the way forward in Egypt withproceeds from the sales going to charity and with StickySkins, the brands voice was brought closer to the customerthan ever before. 8. Sticky skins Brand World Case StudyFIBA Africa is an independent basketball association,composed of all the national federations and associationsof basketball in Africa. To commemorate their 50thAnniversary, they chose Sticky Skins to bring this celebrationto the people of Africa and to customize their gadgets withthe associations logo. 9. Sticky skins for your brandSo why consider Sticky Skins for your brand? (Marketing 101:always ask open ended questions). Like any brand youre onthe look out for the next craze, something that will create buzzand excitement around your new launch, event or giveaway.Sticky skins offers just that and more, a unique brand thatenables you to get closer to your customer than ever before bycustomizing their most sacred and the never-leave-my-sidegadgets. We literally put your brand closer to your customerthan even your own brand gets.Do we really need to say more? (this open ended question isfor you to answer and if you have questions well be happy toanswer them). 10. Sticky skins contactsTo get in touch with us all you need to do is say I wishok that wont work but you can email us and well get back in touch todiscuss your how Sticky Skins can work for your next brandlaunch, event, incentive, etc We look forward to hearingfrom you and thank you.