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  • Robotics Growth Testing Challenges Quality Robots: Whats the Context?

  • Robotics Growth Testing Challenges Quality Robots: Whats the Context?

  • TITLE: The Man-Machine ARTIST: Kraftwerk RELEASE DATE: May 1978 TRACKS TO DOWNLOAD: The Robots

  • Gartner Group :"The Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies"

  • 1927 the Maschinenmensch ("machine-human") gynoid humanoid robot (also called "Parody", "Futura", "Robotrix", or the "Maria impersonator"), the first depiction of a robot ever to appear on film, was played by German actress Brigitte Helm in Fritz Lang's film Metropolis.

    1942 the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov formulated his

    Three Laws of Robotics. 1948 Norbert Wiener formulated the principles of

    cybernetics, the basis of practical robotics. 1961 Fully autonomous robots appear (Unimate)

    1970s Industrial Robots

    1980 -90 Increased CPU Power / Smaller, Satellites, Laser

    technology, Coding advances

    2000s GPS, Wireless, Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, Advanced Sensors, Agile


    Karel apek

    R.U.R.: Rossums Universal Robots (1920)

    A dystopian story about things going wrong at a factory populated with sentient robots

  • Example: Degree(s) of Freedom

  • Technovision

  • Robotics Growth Testing Challenges Quality Robots: Whats the Context?

  • After the Telelux, Westinghouse built several other robotsKatrina Van Televox, Rastus Robot & Willie Jr., Willie Vocalite, succeeded by the most successful Elektro the Moto-Man, built in 1937/38 at the Westinghouse's factory in Mansfield.

    Quality Management: Testing Quality Control Quality Assurance

  • Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co's first robot was Herbert Televox, built in 1927 by Roy Wensley at their East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania plant.

  • "TMap Human Driven"

  • Robot Types

    Stationary robots (including robotic arms with a global axis of movement) Cartesian/Gantry robots Cylindrical robots Spherical robots Wheeled robots Legged robots Swimming robots Flying robots Mobile spherical robots (robotic balls) Swarm robots Others

  • Elements of a Robot

    Sensors Effectors (Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Engines) Control Systems (the "brains") Pre Programmed Remote Control Supervisory Autonomous

    ERATO grant: Japan Science and Technology Corporation

  • Robotics Growth Testing Challenges Quality Robots: Whats the Context?

  • Robot Implementations (Context)

    Industrial robots Domestic or Household robots Medical robots Service robots Military robots Entertainment robots Space robots Hobby and competition robots

  • The Ds

    Dirty Dangerous Dull Depressing Demanding Daring Dynamic

  • A Step In Mankind's Ongoing Advance?

    Robotic Workforce Technological Advances Collective Intelligence Learn how to Learn Expendable Harvest Automation Robotic Surgery

  • LS3 Robotic Pack Mule Field Testing by US Military

  • A Step In Mankind's Obsolescence?

    Robotic Workforce Technological Military Superiority Lack of Common Sense Robohackers Rise of Machines Robotic Revolution

  • KUKA ( Keller und Knappich Augsburg) Agilus the worlds fastest robot was programmed into play a match against table tennis champion Timo Boll, ranked at number 5 in the world.

  • Vocabulary

    Robotics Artificial Intelligence

    Top Down: Build the brain first Bottom Up Don't bother with a brain

  • AI

    Approaches: Cybernetics and brain simulation (Neurology + Information Theory,) Symbolic (Cognitive, Logic Based, Symbolic Manipulation ) Sub-symbolic (Perception, Learning Patterns) Statistical (Sophisticated Mathematics) Tools: Logic Probabilistic methods Classifiers and statistical learning methods Neural networks Control theory Languages

  • Research Labs

    DARPA, USA Charit Surgical Navigation and Robotics Lab Cybernet Systems Corporation IU Hardware Methods Group LIRA-Lab: Laboratory for Integrated Advanced Robotics NASA Robotic, CZ Russia's Central Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (CRDI RTC) EU-IST project (Swarm Bots) University Zurich

  • Robotics Growth Testing Challenges Quality Robots: Whats the Context?



  • Agile Testing Day in Utrecht Netherlands, Utrecht March 19, 2015

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