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  • Uniting ChUrCh in AUstrAliA synod of nsW & ACt

    January 2015

    Staff Information Booklet

    Uniting resoUrCes Uniting finAnCiAl serviCes

    And seCretAriAt

  • 2 uca january 2015

    W elcome to the Uniting Church in Australia, synod of nsW and the ACt.We are a diverse and complex organisation and want our people to be clear about what is expected of them. this booklet has been developed for all staff employed by the Board of Uniting resources (Ur), and treasury and investments (t & i, but known as Uniting financial services or Ufs), as well as ordained Minister’s working in synod based placements. Uniting Mission and education, (UMe), is covered by a tailored version of this booklet to reflect the different working environment at North Parramatta.

    the aim of this booklet is to help ensure a smooth introduction to your new workplace by providing general information and advice about policies, guidelines and expected behaviours.

    the booklet should be read in conjunction with the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) employment Manual, your letter of offer and the national employment standards (nes) from fair Work Australia. the employment Manual can be found at http:// nswact.uca.org.au/resource-centre/people-and-culture/ for Ur staff, and the Ufs reference Centre in the U drive for Ufs staff.

    the contents of this booklet may not address every possible situation in the workplace but it does provide some guiding principles. if you have any questions in regards to anything contained within this booklet in regards to your employment, you should speak with your immediate Manager or the human resources Manager, Roxanne Harris on 82674321, for clarification and assistance.

    Please read this booklet and then sign and return the acknowledgement page at the back of this booklet along with your signed letter of offer to Payroll Services for your employee file.

    We look forward to working with you and hope you enjoy your time with the Uniting Church.

    Rev. Dr. Andrew Williams

    general secretary Uniting Church in Australia synod of nsW and the ACt

    A MessAge froM our generAl secretAry

  • 3 uca january 2015

    A MessAge froM oUr generAl seCretAry 2

    1 oUr vision And vAlUes 4

    2 Uniting ChUrCh in AUstrAliA, nsW And the ACt overvieW 5

    3 dress And grooMing 8

    4 trAvel 9

    5 CoRPoRate BRaNdiNg 10

    6 emPloyee CoNduCt 11

    7 leAve 15

    8 hoUrs of Work And AttendAnCe 17

    9 BACkgroUnd And MediCAl CheCks 18

    10 emPloyee aSSiStaNCe PRogRam (eaP) 19

    11 aNti-diSCRimiNatioN & equal emPloymeNt 20

    12 emPloyee gRievaNCe PRoCeSS 21

    13 indUCtion And orientAtion 22

    14 Work heAlth And sAfety 23

    15 RemuNeRatioN aNd emPloyee BeNefitS 24

    16 uSe of faCilitieS aNd WoRkPlaCe SuRveillaNCe PoliCy 26

    17 HouSekeePiNg 27

    18 teRmiNatioN of emPloymeNt 28

    19 emeRgeNCy PRoCeduReS 29

    20 emPloyee CommuNiCatioNS, CeleBRatioN aNd WoRSHiP 30

    21 seCUrity And ACCess 31

    22 Meeting rooMs 32

    23 glossAry 33

    24 aCkNoWledgemeNt of ReCeiPt of SyNod

    stAff inforMAtion Booklet 35


  • 4 uca january 2015

    the Uniting Church in Australia is a Christian community or fellowship which confesses that Jesus Christ is lord over its own life and the whole creation, and which lives in the hope that Christ is the beginning of a new creation and a new humanity. We are called to be a fellowship of reconciliation, a body within which everyone’s gifts can be used to build up the church and serve the world, and a witness to Christ.

    the synod of nsW and the ACt, as one part of the Uniting Church in Australia, has the following vision:

    “Our Vision is that the Uniting Church will be a fellowship of reconciliation, living God’s love and acting for the common good to build a just and compassionate community”

    the mission of the synod operational areas is to inspire, empower and support the Uniting Church in all its varied expressions to live out our Christian faith.

    We affirm that this means supporting the goals of:

    1. Bringing people to gods love

    2. responding to human need and strengthening community

    3. transforming unjust social structures

    4. Continuing to learn and grow

    5. Protecting and renewing creation

    Our behaviours will be:

    1. generous and inclusive

    2. honest and Accountable

    3. diligent and Professional

    4. Just and Compassionate

    5. hopeful and Courageous

    1 our Vision And VAlues

  • 5 uca january 2015

    Brief history of the church

    the uniting Church was the first church to be created in and of australia. our Congregations reflect the multicultural face of our country – they’re inviting and embrace people from all corners of the globe.

    three denominations came together in 1977 to form the Uniting Church in Australia: the Congregational Union in Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia, and the Presbyterian Church of australia.

    We’re the third largest Christian denomination in australia. you’ll find us in Australia’s largest cities and most remote towns. We’re also the largest non- government provider of community services in Australia through our community services arm, UnitingCare.

    the UCA operates through a series of inter-related councils — local church Congregations, regional Presbyteries, state Synods, and the national assembly. each council has its distinct tasks, and each council recognises the limits of its responsibilities in relation to other councils.

    The Meaning of our Emblem

    “the cross of Jesus Christ, in its light and love stands over the darkened world redeeming it through grace and truth.

    the Holy Spirit symbolised by the dove with wings of flame empowers and guides us to be witnesses to Jesus Christ.

    By that cross, his people in heaven and earth are bound to him and to each other.

    the wide U at the bottom of the emblem points to the fact that we are uniting. As a semicircle it reminds us also that the renewing of both church and world is yet incomplete.”

    the emblem symbolises the vision and hopes we hold for the future. it reminds us of the centrality of the gospel message in all we seek to do, of the need for constant reform and renewal, of the commitment of us all to worship, witness and serve the world.

    Frequently Used Terminology


    A synod is the state council of the Uniting Church. the word ‘synod’ also describes the regular meeting of representatives of the state-wide Uniting Church.

    there are six synods of the Uniting Church in Australia, each responsible for supporting the Church in their geographical area.

    these cover:

    • community services

    • mission planning

    • theological and other education services

    • secretariat (administration relating to ministers), Property, finance, insurance, hr, Whs, legal, it and Marketing.

    2 uniting church in AustrAliA, nsW And the Act oVerVieW

  • 6 uca january 2015

    the elected head of each synod is called the Moderator, and a general secretary is usually appointed as the chief executive officer equivalent. these roles can be held by ordained or lay persons. the head office of the Synod of NSW and the aCt is located at 222 Pitt Street, Sydney.

    in NSW and the aCt the moderator is the Rev. myung Hwa Park and the general secretary is the rev dr. Andrew Williams.

    the synod of nsW and the ACt is comprised of a number of Boards; Uniting resources, Uniting Mission and education, treasury and investment services (Uniting financial services) and UnitingCare. All staff of Uniting resources, Uniting financial services and the administrative staff from secretariat are employed by Uniting resources. ordained roles within secretariat are employed by synod standing Committee. the Board of Uniting Mission and education employ their own staff.

    Uniting Financial Services provides treasury and investment services to the broader church.

    Uniting Mission and Education’s role is to assist the Church to provide education, theological insight, strategy, research and resources for leadership, discipleship, ministry and mission. it also manages Uniting venues operations.

    Uniting Resources and Secretariat can be thought of as the ‘shared services’ group for the synod covering:

    • it

    • finance and insurance

    • Payroll

    • hr

    • Communications and Marketing

    • Property

    • employee relations

    • legal

    • Whs

    • offices of the general Secretary and moderator


    a Presbytery is a council of the uniting Church. each Presbytery is responsible for overseeing the Church’s life and work in their region. this includes:

    • settling ministers

    • establishing, amalgamating and disbanding Congregations

    • developing mission strategy

    • supporting congregational life.

    ministers of the Word and deacons are responsible to each Presbytery to ensure their work is carried out faithfully. Presbytery meetings include ordained ministers, lay pastors and elected lay persons from every Congregation.

    there are 14 Presbyteries in the Synod of New South Wales and the aCt.

    2 uniting church in AustrAliA, nsW And the Act oVerVieW

  • 7 uca january 2015

    2 un


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