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  1. 1. PPC Keyword Performance
  2. 2. Keyword Selection MatchSearchSearch termType Volume Clicks Impressions CTR Conv Conv. Ratehow to invest in goldexact 1600 1462417 6.04%24 16.44%what is demat accountphrase1900 83 2380 3.49%910.84%low brokerage trading accountphrase39051 6188.25%5 9.80%lowest brokerage charges inindiaexact58 9 1267.14%111.11%
  3. 3. Using PPC Ad CopiesCelebrate new year on beautiful beaches of Goa. Ginger Hotels offers 2N/3Dcouple stay starting @ Rs 4999 with complimentary breakfast. Pick up servicesavailable
  4. 4. Display Network
  5. 5. PPC Landing Page Vs SEO Conversion Page
  6. 6. Leverage ORM Platforms where we have full control over content Variety (Think Links)
  7. 7. Integrate Link Building with ORM The others column here is largely unexploredORM can help here
  8. 8. OthersProfilesCrunchbase, Hubpages, Squidoo3 Weebly, Tumblr, Livejournal, W3rd Party Micro Sites ordpress, Yola, Squarespace 6 (Paid), EtcSlideshare, Authorstream,PresentationScribd3
  9. 9. OthersPictures Flickr 1VideosVimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion 3 16 links from 16 different platforms
  10. 10. Potential Link Profile
  11. 11. We Segregatehttp://www.flipkart.coAwarenessLatest Mobile Phones m/mobile/0/new- releasesCompare Android Interest Phones, Comparem/mobiles/compare Galaxy Ace Galaxy Y Blackberry Bold Desire m/mobiles/blackberryPrice Buy Samsung Galaxy m/mobiles/samsung/g Action alaxy-note-n-7000-Noteitmd3ngdghh2rep8 PHASEKEYWORDSMAPPED URL
  12. 12. Structure(The SEO Part)AwarenessLatest Mobile PhonesCompare Android Interest Phones, Compare Galaxy Ace Galaxy YMapped Desire Blackberry Bold URLsPrice Buy Samsung Galaxy ActionNote PHASEKEYWORDS
  13. 13. Structure (The ORM Part) Profile Sites3rd Party BlogMapped URLsYouTube/SlideshareOther ContentA Happy SEOPartners
  14. 14. The Entire ProcessSEOORM
  15. 15. Keyword Keyword Mood Mapped URLNew Mobile Phones Awareness Mobile PhonesAwareness Selling Mobile PhonesAwareness Android PhonesInterest Mobile Phones Interest Galaxy Ace Galaxy Y Interest Bold Price Desire Samsung Galaxy Note Action itmd3ngdghh2rep8
  16. 16. The SMO Process & Where We Step In
  17. 17. How Can Social Media Analytics Help
  18. 18. Content Generation & Building Partnerships
  19. 19. The Obvious LinkSEO Link EquityReferral Traffic
  20. 20. Cache In Quicknatural caching of pages
  21. 21. Measuring the Impact
  22. 22. Formalizing a Process
  23. 23. Some Cool Tools to Try Out