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    128 February 2009

    Osmanhamdi Bey Gallery

    Mimar Sinan University | Istanbul, Turkey

    >> Curated by Liz Ingram

  • Synergies 2009

    Prints from the University of Alberta

    First published by the Department of Art & Design

    3-98 Fine Arts Building, University of Alberta

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2C9

    2009 Department of Art & Design

    ISBN: 978 -0 -9699898 -3- 7

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be

    reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted

    in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical,

    photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior

    permission from the copyright owner.

    Printed and bound in Canada

    > Editing Liz Ingram, Helen Gerritzen

    > Design Susan Colberg

    > Photography Steven Dixon

    > Printing McCallum Printing Group Inc., Edmonton

    > Cover image Tadeusz Warszynski (see page 55)

    This exhibition and the accompanying catalogue were

    made possible by support from the University of Alberta

    Faculty of Arts Endowment Fund for the Future (SAS), the

    University of Alberta Presidents Fund for the Performing

    and Creative Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


  • Table of Contents

    Foreword 06

    Aysegl Izer

    Introduction 07

    Liz Ingram

    Reciprocities: Istanbul and Edmonton 10

    Lianne McTavish

    Synergies 2009 Catalogue 17

    18 Sean Caulfield

    22 Steven Dixon

    26 Nick Dobson

    30 Helen Gerritzen

    34 Liz Ingram

    38 Walter Jule

    42 Michelle Lavoie

    46 Daniela Schlter

    50 Marc Siegner

    54 Tadeusz Warszynski

    Artists Curricula Vitae 58

    Exhibition List 69

  • This exhibition has been organized at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts

    University in Istanbul,Turkey in collaboration with the University

    of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. This is the second joint activi-

    ty of these two prestigious universities and specifically of our

    two departments: the Graphic Design Department of Mimar

    Sinan University of Fine Arts and the Department of Art and

    Design, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta. Art on paper and

    the printed image is the focus of this event, which brings to-

    gether a group of contemporaneous Canadian artists who are

    showing their personal collections to a new audience. It is very

    important for our students to be offered the opportunity to

    share these coeval artists experiences and their research efforts.

    I am very happy to have this important Canadian print art ex-

    hibition at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. It is a privilege for

    my university, our academics, our students and for the cultural

    life of Istanbul. I would like to extend my thanks to the sponsors

    from the University of Alberta, to the academics of the Art and

    Design Department, and a special thanks to Liz Ingram, a unique

    artist and a new friend.

    Professor Aysegl Izer

    Graphic Design Department, Fine Arts Faculty

    Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts | Istanbul, Turkey




  • Often I have asked myself the same question, why is the world

    of printmaking so interconnected and peopled with such wonderful

    characters? In 2006, while producing prints in residence at the

    Kloster Bentlage Print Workshop in Germany, Knut Willich, the

    workshop organizer, introduced me to the work of Turkish artist

    Aysegl Izer. My interest in her work resulted in an exhibition

    entitled Aysegl Izer and Emre Senan: Impressions From Turkey,

    which also brought both of them as visiting artists to Edmonton

    in 2007. Through their works and their lectures, we were intro-

    duced to the richness of Turkish printmaking and to a strong

    graphic tradition that was new to us. Their visit and the exhibition

    were a great success. This publication is the result of a subsequent

    invitation to curate an exhibition of works by teaching faculty

    from our printmaking program for the most established Fine Arts

    University in Istanbul, Mimar Sinan University. The location of the

    gallery directly on the waters edge of the Bosphorus is remark-

    able, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to exhibit our works

    in such a special historic location.

    Canada is a country of vast spaces with great distances between

    clusters of population. Edmonton is a northern city, the capital of

    Alberta, a city of one million people living in an often difficult and

    harsh climate. The arrival of Walter Jule from the USA and Lyndal

    Osborne from Australia 38 years ago (to a then much smaller city)

    began the rapid growth and development of the printmaking


    IntroductionProfessor Liz Ingram, Curator

    Department of Art & Design, Faculty of Arts

    University of Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • program at the University of Alberta. I was one of their early

    graduate students, and later joined Walter and Lyndal as part of

    a team that for many years has also included our two marvelous

    technicians, Marc Siegner and Steven Dixon. It really was a grass

    roots situation in the early days, one in which many long hours

    were spent pouring over books and catalogues, searching for

    the very best print-artists from around the world, brainstorming

    about how to attract them as visiting artists, and also about how

    to build and develop our facilities into an outstanding place for

    the research, study and production of Fine Art prints. The current

    state of the facilities and the exciting level of production that is

    evident in the following pages attests to the enduring vision and

    energy of Jule and Osborne.

    This physically isolated city proved to be an ideal location to

    develop a vibrant and progressive printmaking community. The

    mediums portability and biennial/triennial international ex-

    hibition tradition allowed us to develop an ongoing visual dia-

    logue with artists from different parts of the world, in particular

    with those from Asia and Europe. Over many years visiting artists

    have come from around the worldfrom Japan, Germany,

    Poland, Britain, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Thailand, amongst

    othersto influence and interrogate our work, leaving behind

    remarkable works and ideas to fill the University Museums Print

    Study Centre collection and our imaginations. This exhibition

    showcases selected print-based works produced by a group of

    artist/teachers who have converged in Edmonton from different

    backgrounds with diverse past experiences. We find ourselves

    working together, teaching and making in synergy, with a com-

    mon conviction that printmaking is a boundless medium

    a highly effective medium of unlimited possibilities to visually

    convey important and penetrating experiences and ideas.


  • Istanbul is the city of crossroads, the meeting place of Asia and

    Europe, a major centre of synergy, a place where a confluence of

    varied energies and ideas has produced a remarkably rich and

    unique culture. Synergies 2009 offers to this focal point of world

    cultures reflections of another confluence of energies and ideas

    taking place in a relatively remote northern Canadian city.

    I would like to offer thanks to all those who put extra effort to

    make this exhibition a possibility: Helen Gerritzen for her long

    hours of editing; Susan Colberg for her wonderful catalogue

    design; Steven Dixon for photography; Lianne McTavish for her

    insightful essay, Matthew Arrigo for assistance with the pack-

    ing and shipping; and to my other colleagues, Walter Jule, Sean

    Caulfield, Daniela Schlter, Marc Siegner, Michelle Lavoie, Tad

    Warszynski, and Nick Dobson. Above all, I offer my sincerest

    thanks to Professor Dr. Aysegl Izer, Head of Graphic Design at

    Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, for the invitation to curate

    this exhibition, and for her hard work collaborating at a distance

    to make it all happen.

    I would also like to gratefully acknowledge support from Mimar

    Sinan University of Fine Arts for the presentation of the exhibi-

    tion, and support for the catalogue and travel costs from the

    University of Alberta through the Presidents Fund for the Per-

    forming and Creative Arts and the Faculty of Arts Support for

    the Advancement of Scholarship fund.

  • Reciprocities: Istanbul and Edmonton

    Professor Lianne McTavish

    Department of Art & Design, Faculty of Arts

    University of Alberta | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


    Istanbuls greatest virtue is its peoples ability to see the city

    through both western and eastern eyes.

    Orhan Pamuk, Istanbul: Memories and the City

    Vintage International, 2006, p. 258

    Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk includes some 202 photo-

    graphs, drawings and engravings in his intimate account of

    Istanbul. The images are embedded throughout the book, not

    bunched together at the back as an afterthought. Pictures

    of ferries on the Bosphorus, narrow cobblestone streets, and

    Pamuks grandmother holding a baby illustrate the written

    content, but also provide information that words cannot convey,