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Selling yourself on paper. Dave Carter UCL Careers Service. Aims of a CV. get an interview by showing what you have to offer can do the job, will do the job, will fit in evidence to back-up your claims academic, work experience, interests level of content and focus: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Aims of a CV

    get an interview by showing what you have to offercan do the job, will do the job, will fit inevidence to back-up your claims academic, work experience, interestslevel of content and focus: needs to pass: the scan test/ in-depth read tailor to the type of role you are applying forBUT..CVs are subjective: no right/ wrong way

  • CV/ Applications - preparationResearch - themrecruitment literature inc. job specification and descriptioncompany websitetrade presscurrent practitioners: employers/ alumni/ networksResearch - youself-audit: examples from education/ work experience, volunteering and leisurevary examples as far as possible shows well-rounded focus on aspects of the role and competencies required

  • CVs - basics

    Generally 2 sides of A4 to cover (order in terms of relevance):personal detailscareer/ personal profile (optional)educationemployment historyskills profile (optional)extra-curricular activities / interestsreferences

  • CVs - basicspersonal details Name not CV at topprofessional email addressNationality optional (consider work permits)career/ personal profile (optional)targeted and concise/ evidence-basedIs this?A polished, articulate individual who is committed to a career in management consultancy. I am motivated and possess excellent time-management, teamworking and presentation skills.

  • CVs - basicsTraditionalTo develop a career in IT consultancy based on my strong academic background, ability to construct and use databases and experience of managing staff in an online environment. Film trailer:UCL Geography undergraduate taking relevant IT modules with award-winning academics in mathsbroad and advanced database experience and programming ability including C++ and JavaTeam working and leadership skills gained managing up to 3 staff in local online community volunteering projectpresentational and negotiation skills gained as member of UCL Geography department staff/ student committee

  • CVs - education and qualifications

    give detailsreverse chronological order institutions/ courses/ dates/ context/ grades/ modules/ projects if relevant/ academic prizesrelevance/ pitchgive prominence and detail where relevantpitch language/ technical content appropriatelyskills you have gainedsummarise your schooling

  • Where your degree is in some way relevant to the job you are applying for

    University College London2002-2005BA GeographyExpected Grade 2.1

    My degree has dealt with the impact of human beings on the environment especially in relation to consumer behaviour and how it can be influenced.relevant final year options: Quantitative research techniques; Project management; Impact IT on post industrial economies; UK economic development. final year project: researched attitudes of East End residents to growth of refugee numbers within local community. Activities included compiling a questionnaire and analysing around 200 responses using complex computing and statistical techniques incorporating the supporting results into a 40 page report.

  • Where your degree has no direct relevance to the job you are applying forSchool of Oriental & African Studies 2002-2005BA GeographyExpected Grade 2.1Skills gained:communication: delivered presentations to audiences of up to 20 on my research and project findings including handling questions. Presented key issues affecting students on the staff/ student committee (3rd year). Achievements include the negotiation of a complete overhauling of lecture/ seminar timetabling; numerical: the ability to problem-solve and manage analysis and interpretation of complex experimental data;organisational and time-management: ability to manage final year project with academic exams, part-time and voluntary work.

  • CVs - work experienceconsider everything youve donethink about most appropriate formatreverse chronological/ grouped in terms of relevance/ summarisedgive details name/ position/ dates/ contextresponsibilities and achievementsskills you have gained

  • Work Experience exampleUniversity of London union (UoL) bar2003-datePart-time bar worker (approx 9 hrs/ week term time) The union bar is open to students from the diverse colleges of UoL providing live entertainment, food and drinks to over 5000 customers per week.My responsibilities include:taking orders and payments, co-ordinating with kitchen staff and restocking supplies;liaising with the union events team to ensure live entertainment bookings run smoothly.Skills gained:teamwork: working with up to 8 bar staff under pressure especially during periods when the bar is under-resourced;persuasion: dealing tactfully but firmly with difficult customers especially at closing time;stamina: working on physically demanding shifts of up to 8 hours.

  • CVs -basicsKey skills:languages/ computing & keyboard/ driving/ otherInterests and Activities:think about clubs/ societies/ travel/ hobbiesuse to further demonstrate skills & qualitiesthink how it reflects on youReferences:full details or available on request1academic/ 1employergive referee copy of job description

  • Cvs - skills profile (optional)positioned after work experienceprovide evidence (facts) of 4/5 key skills required for the roletry to use different examples to illustrate different skillsbe specific, give supporting evidence, outcome-orientatedPersuasion: Responsible for on-campus publicity for charity fund raising event. Involved negotiating sponsorship and advertising with local companies, arranging poster displays and collecting student donations. Attended by over 800 students and raised over 1,000.widen profile as part of a skills-based CV

  • CVs - making the right impression

    2 sides A4 unless specified separate sheets. Some Investment banks (especially US) prefer 1 photosuse appropriate formatting/ highlightingdistinct sections, use headings, keep sections togetheromit pronouns and articles, use active verbs (achieved, controlled)keep to the point, use bullets, keep paras to 4 lines or lessensure most relevant is most prominent

  • CVs checklisttargeted & relevantlogical structureevidence-basedpositivecorrect spelling/grammar

    well presentedappropriate writing style and language eg active verbsappropriate length

  • Powerful covering letters

    Formal business letter: 500 words to fit on 1 page order is subjectivetry and address to a named individualheadingintroduction : who you are, what you are applying for, where you saw the job (para 1)why you want the job: interest and research carried out (para 2)what you have to offer: highlight skills and experience relevant to the job and evidenced by the CV (para 3)why that company: distinguishing features (para 4)conclusion positive close and goodbye (para 5)

  • Your Application form

    Why do employers use them?deters unsuitable applicantscreates focus on areas relevant to jobcomparable information - who stands out?

  • Applications - types of questionbiographical:What work experience have you got the most out of? (50 words)career choice and motivation:Why do you want to work for this organisation? (100 words)Tell us what steps you have taken to clarify your career choice. (100 words)Competency:Please give a recent example of a team in which you have been involved. What was your role? What challenges did you face? (100 words)Describe a recent situation where you have demonstrated motivation and initiative. (75 words)

  • Application forms clinic.Motivation examplesWhy do you want to work as an account manager for our marketing agency?(150 words)Your organisation is a leader in its field. It has an international reputation and is also one of the most respected agencies in the UK. It is important for me to work for a successful organisation and I would welcome all the different opportunities available to me. I would also like to work abroad at some point and so the global nature of your organisation appeals to me. Finally, Id like to work for the organisation because the role matches my skills. I am interested in developing new skills and believe that your graduate account management scheme would help me to achieve my goals. (100 words)

  • Question Strategy

    Prepare a draft then ask yourself does itanswer the question by providing the relevant information/ deal with the qualities the employer is looking for?provide a personal perspective with specific examples rather than regurgitating readily available information

  • Better.Why do you want to work as an account manager for our marketing agency? (150 words)

    Firstly, I am familiar with the products of your client-base including Riva and Viva, and having spent an internship period with Diva, I am excited by the thought of working alongside these prestigious organisations. Im also attracted to the creative hot-house reputation of the agency as described in a recent Campaign magazine agency profile. I have been involved with the innovative re-branding strategy of the student union through a diverse range of media channels including online and outdoor. After examining your website and attending your 2007 SOAS presentation, I understand the value of good organisational skills in order to successfully manage client campaigns. This appeals since I have worked on simultaneous research projects whilst balancing union commitments and a part-time job (15 hours/week). I have also been impressed by the honesty and enthusiasm of recently recruited trainees of the organisation I met at this years Careers Group LGRF (150 words)

  • Application forms clinic..Competency examplesDescribe a time when you instigated change to solve a problem. (75 words)During my Masters, I discovered that lab times didnt suit everyone as many of my