The Affiliate Sales Kit - Writing Killer Proposals and Selling Yourself To Merchants

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Presentation with 2 appendices. Hear two experts within the Affiliate Sphere talk about how to power up your Sales armoury. Nadeem with 10 years experience in the sector who has won pitches often against larger companies for clients including Trinity Mirror (for, Newsquest, Tesco and Virgin Holidays will be presenting on Writing and Presenting Killer Proposals and Pitches. In this must attend session Nadeem will go into detail about how to hit the right buttons to win contracts from big brand advertisers. Topics include; research, client requirements, templates, projections and financials and presentation skills. Meanwhile Grant will be presenting on how Affiliates must influence the key decision makers within the respective online teams. Hell discuss how you need to ensure you sell your business and the sales benefits to the client and that Affiliates need to promote the efficient use of budget and try to pull budget from other less efficient marketing channels to grow, develop and survive! Topics will include; Talking to the decision makers, selling your services, PPC, SEO & Twitter, Targeting, The importance of regular contact, other RTM's as competition and the risk reward model.


  • 1. The Affiliate Sales Kit - Writing Killer Proposals and Selling Yourself To Merchants
  • 2. Nadeem Azam
    client wins
  • 3. 3
    Why Sell Yourself to Advertisers
    Affiliate marketing becoming more professional
    • Premium networks, agencies and advertisers
    • 4. Hidden campaigns
    - Higher commissions
    - Lucrative RFPs
  • 5. 4
    Selling Yourself to Advertisers
  • 6. 5
  • 7. 6
    Design do something special
    Copy and SEO you will be judged
    Contact be easily contactable
  • 8. 7
    Social Media
  • 9. 8
    Social Media
    If small business, only maintain one social media presence, otherwise you will probably struggle to update them in the long term
    Syndicate via Twitterfeed,, HelloTxt
    Be professional big brands dont work with people who come across as prats on Facebook
  • 10. 9
  • 11. 10
    Business email address
    HTML email
    Correct English
    Useful resources:
  • 12. 11
  • 13. 12
    Digital and Print Literature
    Business Cards
    Presentation Folders
    Stationary (letter headed paper, compliment slips)
  • 14. 13
    Digital and Print Literature
    PDFs and Powerpoints
    Generic Overview who you are, what you do
    Case Study
    Azam Word template example
  • 15. 14
    Face-to-Face Presentation
  • 16. 15
    Face-to-Face Presentation
    If meet Affiliate Manager in person, they are more likely to work closer with you (and pay you more $$$s)
    If based outside South-East England, arrange to come to London once every month or two. Schedule a few meetings
    Arrange meetings before/after/during conferences like this one
    Print and bring relevant information
    Dress one degree smarter than person you are meeting. Shows professionalism and respect
  • 17. Any questions?
  • 18. Further information